Online scheduler more than just technology for chiropractors

February 5th, 2009

Are you a chiropractor that has ever struggled with patients not showing for appointments? Maybe they forget to call and cancel or maybe they simply forget – PERIOD! Is your office staff overwhelmed with the burden of keeping up with day-to-day demands of helping patients that come in for visits, managing phone calls, scheduling appointments, completing insurance paperwork, and performing other office tasks?

If you want to modernized a medical practice for better business efficiency, then Online appointment is a very important part of that modernization.

An online scheduler is much more than just an advanced technology that eliminates pen and paper scheduling. It is an extremely important business resource that is part of a complete customer relationship program that will help ensure your business operates profitably, with little waste, and with efficient customer service.

Customer service has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s hyper speed, internet-driven society. Consumers are out for information, quick delivery and response to issues, and a hassle free experience. Sure, friendly office staff is important to the overall maintenance of client relationships, but a chiropractor needs to offer patients an efficient and effective tool for self-service online appointment scheduling. Perhaps it is because you operate a fast-paced high traffic office, or maybe your patients are too busy to call and schedule during the hours your office is open. Regardless of the reason, chiropractic patients appreciate the ability to go online at their convenience, any time of the day or night, and use an automated scheduler for quick scheduling of their next visit.

Along with providing a great service instrument for your patients, and online appointment scheduler also makes your business operation more efficient. Your stressed staff is freed to give better in-clinic assistance. They can also work on other important tasks they may get neglected, such as the important paperwork and other office upkeep. By funneling the simple process of appointment scheduling to the web, your office staff is more available.

The online scheduler is also effective for maintaining patient relationships. It appointment scheduling software allows you to gather patient data, including contact information, and send out appointment reminders through e-mail or other mobile technology applications. This helps reduce the new shows that drain your business. The reminders allow the patient to cancel or confirm an appointment, reschedule, and ultimately helps you avoid an empty appointment time in your day. The consistent contact with your patients helps them remember to visit their chiropractor regularly, to schedule follow up visits, and to call when there is a need to cancel.

Do no make the mistake of believing an automated scheduler is an unneeded technology product. A best in class automated scheduler is a business resource that can help you save your patients’ time, improve your overall service, and keep existing clients coming back for care and loyal to your clinic. All of these are not just preferences to consider. In today’s competitive environment, your practice competes with others who are beginning to see the benefits of combining advanced technology with a customer service approach to healthcare. Do not be the one left behind!

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