Online Scheduler – Putting Patients in Control

January 16th, 2011

Unquestionably, in a modern world people need (nay demand) flexibility – The days of 9-5 long gone for the part. Giving your patients access to an online scheduler gives them exactly that – Flexibility. Of course, not all your patients will prefer to go online and make an appointment. Nevertheless, giving them the option has to be a positive step in the right direction – For now and in the future; as more and more people utilise the internet to find the products and services they need. Indeed, there are people who rely heavily upon web-based facilities to organise their lives: Banking: Utilities: Communication: As well as Doctors – Noted by the introduction of Google’s Calendar for Doctors.

Reminder Calls

Web based appointment scheduling can take the pressure off the front desk. Not only can appointment scheduling software allow your patients to make a doctor appointment with ease 24/7, they can also make reminder calls to patients: Some more comprehensive systems can also remind patients of an up and coming doctor appointment via SMS and email. While no system can entirely eliminate no-shows, reminder calls have certainly proven to notably reduce the percentage. This not only improves revenues but can also improve patient care overall – Those ‘lost’ appointments being an opportunity for another patient to receive care more promptly.


Not only does an online scheduler give your patients control it is cost-effective. Medical practice management can be improved overall: Your front desk staff free to deal with other matters such as billing. Time management is crucial in a modern business world. Doctor appointment scheduling and reminder calls can be carried out with ease through these systems with far less costs involved than employing staff: Indeed, appointment scheduling software never sleeps and can multi-task much faster than any human receptionist. The simple fact is, there ARE certain tasks which are best left to automation!

Gain Control

While your receptionist and medical office management staff may be entirely dedicated and competent when the pressure is on they are only human: Mistakes can and are made – Particularly when a Doctor works in several locations. Web-based appointment scheduling software can eliminate many problems by providing a cost-effective solution. Leaving both Doctors and patients in control.

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