Optimize Your Medical Practice with a Virtual Medical Receptionist

November 12th, 2008

What do most people do when they can’t get through to their doctor’s office to schedule an appointment? Or when they need to speak to the doctor right away but they’re put on eternal hold?

They hang up and call another doctor.

Sometimes getting through to the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment, or speak to a staff member can be very frustrating. The staff is backed up with work trying to file, process insurance claims, schedule appointments, and check patients in and out. It can be frustrating for the patient, and even a nightmare, if the patient’s call is urgent.

Many medical receptionists will tell you that they leave the office at the end of the day feeling mentally and physically exhausted. The front office staff can easily get pulled in many different directions throughout the day, and the demands of the field can leave them feeling overwhelmed, cranky, and unappreciated.

It is often said that the medical receptionist is the glue that binds a physician’s practice together. They are the ones that are responsible for keeping the office flowing and working like clockwork. But if the attitude of the receptionist fails due to being overworked, or understaffed, it can have a variety of affects on the practice, including the office coming to a stand-still.

There are a number of reasons for a breakdown in an office:

(1) The office is understaffed and the receptionist is overworked.

(2) There is a sudden overflow of workload. i.e. everything happens at the same time.

(3) Too many responsibilities put on one person.

If the workload is dispersed evenly, the medical receptionist will be more apt to get the things done she needs to, to keep the office functioning at its optimum level where patients will get the attention they need and deserve, and the doctor will be able to dedicate his time to patient care. That is where a virtual medical receptionist comes in. An automated receptionist can do what most receptionist do: She can take calls and make appointments, and give appointment reminder calls. For the patient, they always are able to get hold of someone. Even if the office staff is busy, the virtual receptionist will answer the call and either take your appointment or connect you to the right person.

For a busy medical practice, a virtual receptionist will keep the office running smoothly, stepping in when everyone else’s hands are tied. Furthermore; she is never rude, curt, or in a rush. She will handle the situation with efficiency and will make running a medical practice of any sorts, easier, and with less stress for everyone.

Physician will soon see a virtual receptionist the best employee they ever hired; A virtual receptionist works 24/7, cost a fraction of minimal wages, will never take sick leave, requires no on the job training.

A medical assistant will find benefits from her help too; virtual medical receptionist means no more interruptions for non-emergency calls. She will get the calls to the right person all while the medical assistant is able to keep up with her responsibilities in patient care.

The virtual medical secretary is a cost effective way to enhance your office and give it the efficiency of having more staff, without having the extra staffing costs. With its easy set-up, and low set-up fees, can your practice afford not to have one?

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