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September 1st, 2012

Many of the world´s largest health organisations have used automated patient appointment scheduling systems for many years. According to research carried out by the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) around ten percent of family doctors in the US were using online medical appointment scheduling software systems in 2005. By 2009 that number had risen to sixteen percent. Today, the number of doctors utilising online systems continues to rise consistently. That would indicate all is good in the world of online scheduling would it not? According to the president of the AAFP – “Any tools that make an office practice more efficient to take care of a large number of patients will be welcome.” And without doubt, the research does seem to indicate these systems are most certainy welcomed by medical practitioners, staff and patients. In addition, younger patient´s, accustomed to using the internet to purchase products and pay for services, would usually expect online scheduling to be available.

Making Life Easier
When making a doctors appointment becomes stressful there is real risk that patients will look elsewhere. Today, the world is not a patient place! Advanced systems are extremely easy to use: Little room for confusion, which you could not say the same for the old pen and paper days. Online medical appointment scheduling gives patients freedom as well as efficiency. With an online scheduling system in place they can make a patient appointment 24/7: No waiting – Definitely one surfire way to make life easier for your patienst!

Improved Productivity & More
Patients can review their appointments at any time. Appointment reminders can be made automatically and patients can reschedule, cancel or confirm. This has proven to reduce no-shows significantly for many medical practioners and practices worldwide. No-shows cost, and without doubt in a contemporary world time is money. These systems can help to improve productivity, efficiency and so overall medical practice management. Without the chore of patient appointment scheduling staff have more time to deal with patients, and so customer services can be improved.

Test Drive
Not all online medical appointment scheduling systems are the same: Although basic features tend to be fairly run of the mill. The right system for you will depend upon your medical practice needs. It is usually a good idea to test drive any system you might be considering first. There are a lot of features available; customisations might also be required. Does the system give you what you need? If it does, what are you waiting for?

Online Medical Appointment Scheduler – Time to Make the Change?

September 1st, 2012

With an online medical appointment scheduler in place your patients can make a doctor appointment 24/7. Very convenient for patients as well as medical practitioners. If a patient cannot make an appointment easily there is always a chance they will go elsewhere: And that means lost revenue for that medical practice. Another very convenient feature is, future appointments can be automatically scheduled for certain patients who need repeat visits for regular check-ups, therapeutic treatments or illnesses such as diabetes for example. An online medical appointment scheduler can keep the whole process simple and so easy for patients. With little room for human error, medical practitioners can also feel sure their schedules are accurate. Less errors means less time lost, which effectively means improved revenue for the most.

A Cost Effective Solution

Not only are online medical appointment scheduling systems accurate and effective, they are also extremely cost effective. Automated scheduling can take the pressure off the front desk. They are (effectively) an extra pair of hands. However, even an advanced system would generally be less expensive than hiring extra staff to deal with this necessary, albeit time consuming task. Plus, many systems can also deal with patient appointment reminder calls. You can schedule reminder calls to be made at a specific time to patients with an up-and-coming appointment. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. Nevertheless, in a busy medical practice staff do not always have time to deal with them. Automating reminder calls ensures they are made at the right time, to the right patients.

User Friendly
An online system does not usually require special hardware or need to be maintained: Certainly less hassle than in-house appointment scheduling software, which often requires both. Opting for something that is ultra cutting-edge also might not go down well with your staff. Ideally, it should be user friendly. Problem is, how can you tell if it´s right for your medical practice unless you use it? Look out for free trials and demos. They can provide all the interaction you need to assess what features are necessary as ell as ho user friendly the system is. Some of the largest medical organizations in America use automated appointment scheduling. Automated appointment scheduling has proven to be just as viable for sole practitioners as it is for family practices and large medical organizations. For a relatively nominal amount even a sole practitioner can afford to improve patient services by providing 24/7 appointment scheduling – It is easy to understand why so many practitioners and organizations are making the change.

Professional Medical Appointment Scheduling Software – It IS Different

August 18th, 2012

Many of the world´s leading health organizations are using medical appointment scheduling software to deal with appointment scheduling as well as patient reminders and emergency calls. Medical appointment scheduling software comes in all “shapes and sizes”, so to speak! From free downloads, to paid online systems and in-house software: There is indeed a wide and varied selection available. However, you will find the features of professional software are far more advanced than free versions; although of course, even the professional software differs. Even so, one of the most notable differences between free and “run of the mill” appointment scheduling software, compared to paid for professional systems, is the ability to customize.

A Patient Friendly Solution
Medical practitioners have a responsibility to their patients, to provide a service that is efficient as well as accurate: After all, when it comes to health matters there is little room for error. In a busy office, assisting to patient´s needs as well as overall office management can be a demanding task for front desk staff. Medical appointment scheduling software can take the pressure off: And when the pressure is eased, errors are far less likely to occur. In addition, when you staff are not stressed and pushed to the max they have the time to be more courteous and accommodating to patients needs. In the same way, scheduling software that can be customized is much more patient friendly. The terminology, language, patient records and other data can be customized to make it recognizable and so familiar to your patients.

Automated Patient Reminder Calls
Patient reminders do help to reduce no-shows. That´s a fact! Even so, in a busy office front desk staff simply do not have the time to make those calls or to send reminder cards. Professional medical appointment scheduling software can send customized reminders via email and sms. They can also make automated reminder calls on time every time. Patients are then able to confirm, cancel or reschedule their doctor appointment. No-shows cost health practitioners millions of dollars every year. Regardless of whether you are a sole medical practitioner or part of a larger organizations, no-shows equal lost revenue. Automated patient reminder calls offer up a cost-effective way to reduce them.

Professional Appointment Scheduling Software
Professional medical appointment scheduling software and systems are HIPAA compliant, customisable and maintenance free. They do not share your patient´s information with third parties, as many of the free software do. You might be extremely surprised as to how cost-effective professional software is – For millions of medical practitioners worldwide, professional medical appointment scheduling software has proven to be more efficient than free versions as well as cost-effective.

Online automated doctor appointment scheduling software – Everything to Gain

August 13th, 2012

Automated doctor appointment scheduling software can help you to provide a faster, more accurate and cost effective way for your patients to make their doctor appointment. An advanced automated scheduling system is not subject to the “human condition”: Automated software does not take holidays, need lunch breaks or have “off days”. Free of “human error” the service provided to your patients is consistent, efficient and available 24/7 – In an increasingly competitive environment customer service matters more than ever: Office automated can help you keep up, cost effectively.

Not All Software is Equal
Throughout the US and Canada more and more medical practitioners and health organizations are successfully utilizing patient appointment scheduling software. Not all software is created equal. Basic features include the management of patient appointments and reminder calls. Other features include, language options, as well as handling pre-paid appointments, new patient sign-ups, emergency calls and online scheduling.

Scheduling software is used by medical as well as non-medical professionals; beauticians, personal trainers, chiropodists for example. While it is not necessary for non-medical professionals to comply with HIPAA regulations, health care providers are required to comply. Automated appointment scheduling software that is not HIPAA compliant should therefore, be approached with caution. Free software invariably comes with a “price”: And that price will be your patient´s data – As they say, no such thing as a free lunch. Therefore, paid for HIPAA compliant software created with medical practitioners specifically in mind is generally the most appropriate (responsible) choice.

Everything to Gain
There are many online appointment scheduling systems available. Usually, they require no special in-house hardware and are maintenance free. Some companies offer free trials, which allows practitioners to try out the features and services they offer risk free. If you have never used automated scheduling before it is not a good idea to sign any long-term contract until you are sure the company you are considering is actually able to provide the features you need and the quality of service you expect (as said, not all software is equal). Costs tend to vary dependent upon the features you require. Nevertheless, even the most advanced system will generally work out more cost-effective (as well as effective) than hiring extra staff to deal with patient appointments and reminder calls. Take advantage of the free trials available – Unquestionably, with no contract to sign and no money required you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.

Online Appointment Scheduling Software – You Should Try It!

August 5th, 2012

In the twenty first century patient appointment scheduling has taken on a new turn. Today sheduling software has never been more advanced or affordable. There are many advantages to using this softare. Without doubt, most users would agree that it is so much easier to schedule patient appointments using software than pen & paper. Handwritten scheduling is comparatively hazardous: Eraser marks, scribbled notes and such. Plus it takes up valuable time: Time that could be better spent dealing with more demanding tasks. Patient appointment scheduling softare can deal with calls to the front desk as well as patient reminder calls 24/7. Online systems allow patients to make their appointment online, which can be advantageous for staff as well as patients. For disabled and hard of hearing patient´s this is a particularly advantageous service – They do not have to rely on anyone else to make the call. Automated scheduling frees up the front desk and because it can deal with several calls at once patients are accommodated faster: No hanging on the end of the phone OR waiting around at the desk.

Reminder Calls
Patient reminder calls can reduce no-shows: That´s a proven fact. However, in a busy office staff do not always have the time to make those calls, or to get the reminder cards posted. More advanced systems can carry out reminder calls at a scheduled time. Reminders can be made by phone call, sms text as well as email. Patients have the opportunity to confirm, cancel or re-schedule their doctor appointment. Automated reminder calls have helped many medical practitioners reduce no-shos and so improve revenue. In this way, automated appointment scheduling can prove to be VERY cost effective.

Secure Scheduling
hile the old pen & paper method might seem the easiest option, it is a little risky: All too easy for it to be destroyed, damaged. With appointment scheduling software your data is backed up as well as easily accessible. Online systems can be accessed via any internet connection, which makes them a great option for medical practitioners on the move. Appointments are updated in real time too, which keeps things organised no matter where they are. There are many advantages to using online appointment scheduling. The best way to realise those advantages is to try it. Some company´s offer free trials which allows you to try out the features and assess which ones are the most useful to you and your practice.

Free Online Medical Appointment Scheduling – A Good Choice?

July 28th, 2012

One of the first questions many medical practitioners have concerning automated appointment scheduling is; what is the difference between free and paid online services? At first glance one might think very little, as many of the basic features are offered by both. However, there is often a huge difference when you read between the lines – The contract lines that is! They say nothing in life is free: And this is often true with regards to online appointment scheduling software.

The Cost of Free Software
Generally free software has it´s own price, and that is data. Often the company providing the free service will require access to certain data – Perhaps for research, perhaps to pass on to third parties for example. While it is not a legal requirement for medical appointment scheduling software to be HIPAA compliant, medical practitioners are bound by HIPAA regulations. Aside from this, one must ask oneself if allowing patient details (even the simplest information such as name, age and email) is ethical. Surely, safeguarding their information is something patient should expect. Using HIPAA compliant “paid” online appointment scheduling systems, patient information remains safe and secure.

The Benefits
Single medical practitioners as well as large health corporations can benefit from using an automated appointment scheduling system. Paid for scheduling software can ease the workload of staff cost-effectively. Patient appointment scheduling is essential. However, it can (somewhat un-neccesarily)consume much of your staff´s time. Automated systems can deal with patient appointments 24/7 as well as reminder calls. No-shows cost medical establishments millions of dollars a year. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows and yet they are often omitted: Staff simply do not have time to make them. An automated system can be scheduled to make patient reminder calls on time every time.

Medical appointment scheduling software can ease the workload on the front desk cost-effectively. Because staff have more time to deal with patients, customer services can be improved overall. For hard of hearing patients being able to go on line gives them independence: They do not have to rely on anyone else to make their patient appointment. The internet is becoming an integral part of modern life. Providing an online 24/7 service gives patient´s what they want: Convenience! In a modern world people do not want to be left hanging on the end of a line. In a modern world people expect more – So give them more with 24/7 online appointment scheduling services.

Online Medical Appointment Scheduling – Five Good Reasons

July 14th, 2012

With some of America´s leading health organisations leading the way, online medical appointment scheduling has become increasingly popular: Not just with medical practitioners and practices, but also with patients. As people become more accustomed to using the internet they are embracing the opportunity to make their doctor appointment online. Indeed, recent surveys by leading figures such as the Wall Street Journal and Medical Economics reveal that a majority of adults actually prefer online scheduling. There are many advantages to using an online appointment scheduling service. Here´s five of the best!

Improved Customer Service – Automated scheduling gives staff and doctors more quality time for patients. Front desk staff can spend a lot of their day simply answering calls and scheduing appointments. Patients can be left waiting at the front desk, or waiting on the end of a line during busy periods – Not something they enjoy! Tempers can become frayed and conflicts ensue. Automated appointment scheduling helps to reduce the pressure and so avoid conflicts and prolonged waiting.

Convenience – Patients can schedule their doctor appointment after hours. Online appointment scheduling is available 24/7. Patients can quickly and easily book an appointment, which means they are less likely to go elsewhere: Which is a possibility if they are consistently left waiting on the end of a telephone line. In a modern world people do not like waiting. Some online systems can deal with new patients too, which can only be good for business.

Disabled Patients – Patients who are hearing impared often rely on others to make their doctor appointment. Online scheduling puts them in control – and easy and convenient way to schedule an appointment.

Reduce No-Shows – Patient appointment reminders can be generated automatically. Automated reminder calls are much less labor intensive than any of the alternatives. Some systems can send SMS and email reminders to patients. Patients can reschedule, cancel or confirm their appointment with ease. Patient reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. However, staff do not always have the time to make them. With an online, automated system they are made on time every time for a fraction of the cost.

Cost Effective – Automated online systems are generally less expensive than live answering services. Because they are able to deal with patient reminders and so help to reduce no-shows they are extremely cost effective. For a relatively nominal monthly fee you can improve customer services by saving time…and so money.

Office Automation – How to Reduce No-Shows Cost Effectively

July 14th, 2012

Appointment scheduling software can automate the way your patients book an appointment, saving staff´s precious time for more stringent asks. Dealing with the public can be particularly demanding; dealing with the public when they are unwell, even more-so. Office automation of routine tasks is saving businesses millions. While appointment scheduling is essential for medical practitioners (as it is for many professionals such as dentists, hairdressers and personal trainers for example), it is a routine task that requires few skills. Even so, that´s not to say mistakes cannot be made. In a busy medical practice front desk staff can spend much of their day simply answering the phone and scheduling appointments. Mistakes happen simply because too many demands are being made upon the front desk. After all, they are only human! However, automated appointment scheduling is not, which means it is not prone to ´human error´. Not only can machines multi-task beyond any human being, machines do not become stressed, nor do they need a break. Automated appointment scheduling softare can deal ith multiple calls 24/7, 365 days of the year: And it can do it with ease….

How To Reduce No-Shows

Research indicates that reminding patients of an up and coming doctor appointment helps to reduce no-shows. Traditionally, reminder calls are made by front-desk staff or cards are posted: Both are extremely time consuming – Hence, in a busy medical practice reminder calls are often omitted: Staff simply do not have time. Employing staff to deal with patient appointment scheduing is an expensive option compared to utilising automated software. Modern appointment scheduling software can make reminder calls on time everytime, and it can make them cost-effectively. Features vary. However, more advanced online systems can also send patient appointment reminders via email and SMS. In addition, with an online system in place, patients are able to go online and reschedule or cancel their appointment. Making things easy and convenient for both patients (as well as staff ) is a step in the right direction with regards to reducing stress as well as reducing no-shows.

Paid or Free?
As they say, there is no such thing in life as a “free lunch”! Many free appointment scheduling systems do pass on users information to third parties… at a price. Passing on certain patient information may not be appropriate, nor welcomed by those patients and indeed, may not be HIPPA complaint. Paid for services that are HIPPA compliant are more secure as well as more private.

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