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October 13th, 2012

Without question, if you are a medical practitioner then patient appointment scheduling is normally an essential part of the process. Improving workflows invariably leads to better patient service, as overall medical practice management is enhanced. Streamlining the way your patient appointment scheduling is handled can help your medical practice perform more efficiently overall, which is important for any practice that would like to improve revenues.

Minimise Errors

Medical appointment scheduling software can help to minimise errors, and so the time usually wasted from dealing with appointments manually. Unquestionably, in a busy medical practice keeping up with patient appointment scheduling and reminder calls can be a challenging task; even for experienced staff – And when staff are overwhelmed mistakes will invariably happen.

Good for Staff & Patients

Automated appointment scheduling software can help to take the pressure off the front desk. This is not only an advantageous solution for staff it is also extremely beneficial for patients. When it is consistently difficult to schedule a doctor appointment a percentage of patients will decide to switch their medical practice – With an automated scheduling system in place they are never left hanging on the end of the phone: Good for patients and so good for your medical practice.

Online Medical Scheduling

One of the greatest advantages of an online medical scheduling system is that patients can schedule, reschedule or cancel a doctor appointment anytime online: Indeed, research indicates that a notable majority of adults would ‘gratefully receive’ the opportunity. Therefore this would give most medical practices the edge, in what is an increasingly competitive environment – Today, one could certainly argue that the health industry is as cut-throat as any other. Real time, online scheduling is also extremely advantageous for medical practitioners who are on the move. They can access the system from any internet connection, which means they are always informed and updated.

A Cost Effective Solution

Automating patient appointment scheduling can help your medical practice stay competitive by improving services: And it can do this remarkably cost- effectively. The features of the online medical scheduling systems available do of course vary. Free trials allow you to test run the system and the features available: Not every medical practices’ needs are the same. However, automated patient appointment scheduling and reminder calls as well as online scheduling are probably the three most fundamental of all for most. Reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows. Automated reminder calls offer up a cost effective way to reduce no-shows and so improve your medical practices’ bottom line – All in all, the advantages of office automation are very (very) clear….

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