Phone Answering Services Virtually Tend to Callers Needs

November 12th, 2008

Have you ever been placed on hold and forced to endure that horrible elevator music that is too loud and out of sheer frustration, you hang up or worse press ANY extension number just to avoid the dreaded silence of being forgotten on hold? Imagine needing an appointment with your doctor or medical practitioner and the medical receptionist places you on hold and accidently hangs up on you.

A virtual answering service can be the right choice for many business offices and particularly medical offices where appointment scheduling is the lifeblood of the practice. An answering service can relieve the stress of an overtaxed human staff and give them the peace of mind to look after the in office patients with the professionalism they deserve.

Many businesses insist that their employees always answer the phone regardless of the number of clients waiting in queue for assistance, never leaving a potential client waiting on his or her phone. Others practice the opposite theory of letting the calls go unanswered while they tend to clients/patients already in the office. Someone will always pay the price for not having a better call answering service policy in a professional office environment.

In the past, answering service technology was less than practical and full of bugs making it more frustrating for callers than anything else. Convenience over professionalism was acceptable to the public and the professional practice, however poor it was. Today the call answering tech expertise is without a doubt a vast improvement over what it once was and there are so many added features because of the internet and advances in telecommunications.

Answering services or an answering message service can now send out appointment reminders with a professional yet casual voice message that does not sound robotic but is natural. The human voice recognition software used is improving all the time, far more advanced from earlier versions. Appointment schedulers are automated so you will never lose an important call or infuriate callers.

A virtual answering service will save your business money and your current front office employees’ valuable time. Your professionalism will be enhanced by virtue of your efficient and respectful handling of all callers’ time. When you close your doors at night, you can feel good about your virtual answering service taking care of after hours callers and routing them to where they need to be. Your patient and client care needs well looked after by your answering service.

From an outside callers perspective you want to be sure your message is heard and acted on. You would like to think your call IS important to them just as the messages say they are. Your time is just as valuable to you as the professionals time is to them so you want to be treated with respect. An answering service that is quite functional, quick and concise, that continually proves its value to return callers is significant.

It would be business-savvy for any professional office to try out a demo of the automated answering services available as many offer free trials. You will always need a full time human employee to perform inner office needs, but in time, one can envision the entire reception-front desk staff being completely virtual.

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