Prepaid Appointment –Good business and Good Patient Relationship

November 26th, 2009

How do you collect fee from patient when they miss or no-show for an appointment? How do you enforce your own appointement cancellation policy without damage the good relationship you had with them?

A true relationship is very important in running the business and your socio-economical status! Any bitterness in relationship may bring unwanted damage that may tarnish your service or personal image. Especially, in the field of health care, where doctors are seen with a great respect by rest of the executives, maintaining the relationship with patients and other customers becomes mandatory that otherwise would bring down the sales (revenue) and will defame the health care providers.

Latest technology in medical management has not only made things easier to perform but it has also come up with the solution that would save the doctor-patient-doctor relationship. Software that comes for a smooth medical management allows the health care provider to tailor it for a pre-paid appointment service.

Pre-paid appointment system –saving your relationship

The survey reveals that a lot of health care providers suffer from financial loss when they fix up appointments and do not find patients reaching them. The business situation turns from bad to worse when fixed appointment gets wasted as the time allotted to that cannot be spared to other genuine customers. On the other hand, the health care providers find it very difficult to cope up the financial loss as they cannot charge the patients about this. Recovering the loss of money from the patients who booked appointments but did not come is the biggest task doctors find. They get into catch-22 situation escaping from which is a backbreaking matter.

There is a go! Prepaid appointment software allows doctor to set the system that enables the patients to book their appointment paying fees in advance. The trick comes when they do not turn at clinic or health care center. When they book their appointment in advance, they have to choose the option of paying partial or full amount for the consultation. They are allotted with time only when they have paid an amount as per system requirement.

When patients, anyhow, do not turn as per their allotted time, the doctors or health care centers face no financial loss as they have already gotten the amount into their account. This way, the relationship is saved and not spoiled. The health care providers have fair reason for getting the money and not returning it as per the Prepaid Appointment Medical Management System. On the other hand, patients also cannot ask for the return of their money paid as consultation fees.

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