Problem: Staff Overwhelmed? Solution: Automated Appointment Scheduling

October 22nd, 2012

Automated online medical appointment scheduling can streamline workflows and so help your medical practice improve services: And when services improve your patients will remain happy patients – This can only be good for revenue. Front desk staff can often become overwhelmed because they have too many patients to deal with: And sometimes it is simply due to poor work ethics surmounting to bad organisation. Either way, it will invariably result in lost revenue for the medical practice.

A Simple Solution

When patients are consistently left hanging on the end of a phone to make a doctor appointment, they do have a tendency to start looking elsewhere. Additionally, if they are left in the waiting room due to mistakes in schedules, things can get very irate all around – If this happens too many times chances are they will also be changing their medical practice. An online medical appointment scheduling system can deal with all patient appointment scheduling tasks, including reminder calls. Your staff will have more to deal with patients and other tasks – By doing the relatively simple, inexpensive thing of becoming automated, you can improve your patient services.

Self-Service Patient Appointment Scheduling

Research surveys do indicate that patients want online doctor appointment scheduling. Why wouldn’t they? Today more and more people are hiring the services they need and buying products online. Indeed, in the twenty-first century it hard to imagine life without the internet. An online, self-service appointment scheduling system allows them to take control. Your patients can schedule, reschedule or cancel their doctor appointment online 24/7. Advance systems are very easy to use, for both staff and patients. There are free trials available and they are very good for test-driving exactly how user friendly a system is: As well as how efficient.

Multiple Uses

Advanced online appointment scheduling software and systems can support multiple doctors and even multiple medical practices. Great communication generally means excellent organisation. Medical practitioners on the move can be updated in real time: No crossover in communication, no time wasting.


Not all patient appointment scheduling software and online systems are the same. Basic systems are usually sufficient for a small medical practice and sole practitioners. However, larger medical practices with multiple doctors and specialist clinics would benefit greatly from being able to customise forms and functions. Some systems are also multi-lingual, which is very useful for practitioners working in more cosmopolitan environments – Online patient appointment scheduling is an effective as well as cost effective solution. Why let the siege on your staff continue?

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