Professional Medical Appointment Scheduling Software – It IS Different

August 18th, 2012

Many of the world´s leading health organizations are using medical appointment scheduling software to deal with appointment scheduling as well as patient reminders and emergency calls. Medical appointment scheduling software comes in all “shapes and sizes”, so to speak! From free downloads, to paid online systems and in-house software: There is indeed a wide and varied selection available. However, you will find the features of professional software are far more advanced than free versions; although of course, even the professional software differs. Even so, one of the most notable differences between free and “run of the mill” appointment scheduling software, compared to paid for professional systems, is the ability to customize.

A Patient Friendly Solution
Medical practitioners have a responsibility to their patients, to provide a service that is efficient as well as accurate: After all, when it comes to health matters there is little room for error. In a busy office, assisting to patient´s needs as well as overall office management can be a demanding task for front desk staff. Medical appointment scheduling software can take the pressure off: And when the pressure is eased, errors are far less likely to occur. In addition, when you staff are not stressed and pushed to the max they have the time to be more courteous and accommodating to patients needs. In the same way, scheduling software that can be customized is much more patient friendly. The terminology, language, patient records and other data can be customized to make it recognizable and so familiar to your patients.

Automated Patient Reminder Calls
Patient reminders do help to reduce no-shows. That´s a fact! Even so, in a busy office front desk staff simply do not have the time to make those calls or to send reminder cards. Professional medical appointment scheduling software can send customized reminders via email and sms. They can also make automated reminder calls on time every time. Patients are then able to confirm, cancel or reschedule their doctor appointment. No-shows cost health practitioners millions of dollars every year. Regardless of whether you are a sole medical practitioner or part of a larger organizations, no-shows equal lost revenue. Automated patient reminder calls offer up a cost-effective way to reduce them.

Professional Appointment Scheduling Software
Professional medical appointment scheduling software and systems are HIPAA compliant, customisable and maintenance free. They do not share your patient´s information with third parties, as many of the free software do. You might be extremely surprised as to how cost-effective professional software is – For millions of medical practitioners worldwide, professional medical appointment scheduling software has proven to be more efficient than free versions as well as cost-effective.

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