Psychiatrists and psychologists see great benefits with 24/7 medical reception

October 26th, 2008

Most psychiatrists or psychologists would like to manage the needs of their clients on a 24/7 basis. However, their ability to do this practically is limited for a variety of reasons. First, mental healthcare is often stressful to begin with. Psychiatrists or psychologists need to have some down time without patient. Still, psychiatrists or psychologists could benefit by scheduling appointments or responding to emergency care needs after hours. How is this possible though? The cost of maintaining a 24/7 front desk receptionist is simply not cost effective for many of the small and medium sized clinics and providers that deliver care. That is, it was not cost effective, until now. Thanks to the advanced technology and capabilities of a virtual medical office receptionist, a psychiatrist can now manage many client needs through 24/7 medical reception, with the ongoing cost and maintenance of an employee.

A best in class virtual medical office receptionist has revolutionized patient care in many industries, but it is especially valuable in a healthcare sector that deals with patients who sometimes have immediate needs. Psychiatric patients come in all shapes in sizes. Some simply need consistent ongoing care through regular office appointments. Others have needs that are less consistent and stable. Some patients are more fragile or have irregular flare ups that require immediate attention. For many of these patients, options have been limited after hours because a call to a psychiatrist would likely be met with a basic answer machine where the patient’s only option is to leave a message that might not be listened to for some time.

The virtual psychiatric receptionist can respond to many of the basic or emergent needs that a person might have. The virtual receptionist can assist with appointment scheduling. This alone is a tremendous advantage in a service sector that is often self-operated. Many psychiatrists do not use a full time live receptionist in smaller practices. Others rely on one receptionist to answer all daily calls, give reminder calls, greet patients, and complete paperwork and appointment scheduling. The 24/7 medical reception service can assist with the appointment scheduling process and relieve much of the pressure on the receptionist. Additionally, it can give some peace to the after hours caller who does not want to wait until the next day to have their appointment scheduled.

Additionally, some psychiatric patients need emergency care or have more serious issues that develop after regular office hours or when a live receptionist is not present or is busy. The top virtual psychiatry receptionist can connect patients with the appropriate person, provider, or clinic in emergency situations. This is a great advantage to a psychiatrist looking to maintain relationships with patients. Losing patients can be stressful for a psychiatrist since constantly coping with new patients can be difficult. Having a consistent group of ongoing patient relationships is generally more manageable for psychiatrists since they are more aware of the situations faced by clients. Any psychiatrist should consider these great service and business benefits offered by a virtual receptionist and add this cost-effective “employee” to their teams.

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