Realize The Potential of An Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

February 21st, 2011

If you are considering automating your patient appointment scheduling processes and have been doing the research you are probably aware of the primary functions these systems can provide already – Most obviously, they allow patients to schedule an appointment and a few can carry out patient appointment reminder calls at a scheduled time. Both of these tasks are primary concerns for most although in a busy office reminder calls are not made on time every time – Not because of neglect but because front desk staff simply do not have the time to make the calls.

Realizing Potential

An automated appointment scheduler ensures reminder calls are made and take the pressure of the front desk – Giving staff time to deal with more pressing and demanding matters. These systems have proven to be efficient and cost-effective for sole medical practitioners as well as major medical centers and can notably reduce the percentage of no-shows: However, an automated appointment scheduler has far more potential with regards to lightening the load such as:

  • Prepaid Appointments
  • Customizable Forms
  • Google Calendar Synchronization
  • Multi Lingual

Keeping The Balance

Prepaid appointments avoid incurring losses should a patient not show up for their appointment. This feature can save a medical practice money: However, some practitioners are wary of utilizing it for a variety of reasons. Even so, regardless they do avoid losses being incurred and if you have ensured that patients receive reminder calls for their appointment it is surely a balanced resolution. This feature is by no means obligatory but for those who have chosen to utilize it, it has proven to be efficient and cost-effective.

Get Synchronized

Advanced online scheduling systems can be synchronized with Google’s online calendar. For medical practitioners who spend a lot of time on the move working from different locations this feature can make life so much easier. The patient appointment schedule can be accessed via a Google Calendar account with one of the latest SmartPhones such as the iPhone or Blackberry.

Multi Lingual

We live in a cosmopolitan society: Nevertheless, only a minority speak more than their mother tongue fluently. Advanced patient appointment scheduling systems can ‘speak’ several languages which can be a welcome bonus for patients: Being able to communicate in their mother tongue at a time when they may well be under stress and/or unwell and in need to urgent attention – an emergency for instance. Indeed, there is much more to automated scheduling than just making an appointment!

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