Reducing No-Shows the Easy Way

September 22nd, 2012

Medical practices (from the largest health organisations in the world, to the sole practitioner and family practice) employ a myriad of strategies to deal with no-shows. Postal reminders, SMS text, emails and reminder calls are the most commonplace and indeed, they have all proven to reduce no-shows to a degree. However, these are time-consuming tasks and when staff is already pushed to the max, reminder calls are often omitted: That’s the way of the world!

24/7 Patient Scheduling
Of course, hiring an extra pair of hands to deal with such tasks is an option. However, in comparison to utilising an online automated patient appointment scheduling system it is a comparatively expensive solution. An automated scheduler can deal with patient appointment reminders as well as scheduling: And it can do it 24/7. Unlike your staff the software does not need to eat, sleep or take a vacation. Your patients can schedule an appointment anytime, and reminder calls can be scheduled anytime too. This means those all important reminder calls can be made at times most suitable to reach patients; not the time most convenient for staff.

Giving Patients What They Want
Research has indicated that a notable majority of adults would welcome the opportunity to schedule their doctor appointment online. With an online appointment scheduling system in place they can do exactly that any day, any time. We live in a world of “convenience”. The health industry is a business: And like any business sector or industry today, it is competitive. The paying public are free to choose. Leaving patients waiting for something as fundamental and basic as a doctor appointment is not good for business. With an online system they can schedule their appointment anytime and the system can deal with many patients concurrently. No waiting, no fuss, no problem.

A Sound Investment
If no-shows are getting you down get automated. You won’t regret it. Automated patient appointment scheduling systems can help to reduce no-shows as well as streamline workflows. Your staff will have more time to deal with more pressing tasks. In this way, patient services can be improved. Hiring staff can be an expensive business. Comparatively, utilising an automated online system is generally the most cost effective solution. Features vary as do costs. Free trials provide the ideal opportunity to assess which features are the most essential for your practice. You will discover some online schedulers are more customisable than others. Take the time to look around and get to know the features available: It will be worth it…

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