Running a Medical, Dental or other health Professional Office? – A Business Perspective

October 23rd, 2008

Do you run a small dentist office? Or own a massage practice? Maybe you’re involved in a growing chiropractor or psychologist practice. All these kinds of offices, both small and larger, need to keep costs down while providing their needed services. Your office is more than just your medical or dental practice. The public visits your office and sees your front desk and employees first, and it can sometimes be difficult to have the right number of people manning the desk. You want to always have help available, but you also can’t afford too many employees either.

So have you looked into a back up, or virtual, assistant? Imagine an online program that can answer your phones, provide an appointment reminder service and schedule appointments, or even forward emergency calls to the doctor. If your front desk receptionist is busy, this service will answer multiple phone calls at once and sort calls so real people can handle more urgent calls. This is open to patients 24/7 so they are not restricted by your office business hours.

I’m a small business owner and many aspects of running a business interest me, plus I know about keeping costs down. To run your business successfully, you have to weigh the cost and benefit of each service or product you invest in. Sometimes, though, spending a little money on a monthly service that’s a big help will actually save money and time. There are some tasks that I, as the owner, don’t want to spend a lot of time on. I want to handle the issues that really need my attention.

That’s why an automated backup receptionist is a great investment. It’ll save time while you don’t have to go through the hiring process to find another employee that needs medical insurance, lunch breaks or vacation time.

Having an online virtual medical or dental assistant doesn’t require you to install expensive equipment at your office. Because such service is often packaged and connected with online appointment scheduler, it offers another self-service option to your patients and saving even more time.

Some medical practices suffer under staffing only during busy times. Hiring more receptionists or nurses is not a good business solution for their short-term temporary problem. i.e. When your office is flooded during cold season, a slow front desk poses serious business problem. Imagine your patient at front desk is a toddler with a fever of 105, and your receptionist can not attend his need as she is busy on the phone making an appointment. As a provider, you can avoid that situation and save time for yourself, your staff, and your patients with a virtual assistant.

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