Self Service Patient Appointment Scheduling – Easy Does It..

February 25th, 2012

Today some of the largest health organizations in the US and Canada have turned to appointment scheduling software to improve efficiency – Very successfully too. Self-service patient appointment scheduling can be made available to your patients 24/7. The sheer convenience of this alone helping to improve the services provided. For staff working in a busy medical practice ensuring a consistent level of efficiency can be extremely difficult. Juggling their time between answering patient appointment calls as well patients at the front desk can be a precarious balancing act. Being courteous and most of all friendly to patients at all times is extremely important. When staff are over-stretched mistakes can be made and nerves can become frayed; which can be extremely detrimental to patient – practice relations.

24/7 Patient Scheduling
Providing patients with 24/7 appointment scheduling can help to ease the pressure on the front desk. As any experienced receptionist or medical practitioner understands, there is little room for error when dealing with people´s health. Automated appointment scheduling gives staff the helping hand they need, allowing them to focus upon other tasks and of course, most important of all, your patients. 24/7 patient scheduling makes this possible.

Change is Coming…
Automated appointment scheduling is replacing the old pen and paper “calendar” scheduling in medical practices across the U.S and Canada. Online doctor appointment scheduling can do much more than schedule patient appointments. It can deal with reminder calls, helping to reduce no-shows and it can also gather vital statistics which can help doctors and staff improve productivity. Recurring appointments can be scheduled automatically and double bookings can become a thing of the past – Just like the pen and paper method!

Requirements & Training
Advanced online doctor appointment scheduling services are maintenance free and generally do not require any specific “in-house” hardware to be installed. Generally, self-service patient appointment scheduling is designed to be easy to use. Even so, a free trial period allows staff to investigate and familiarize with the software´s features. Using any demo available is an excellent way to get a feel for a particular software: In this way they can also be used to train staff. Most software companies do provide support as part of the user agreement. In addition, certain web tools can also provide staff and doctors with the support needed to better utilize the software.

Self Service Patient Appointment Scheduling can make life a lot easier for staff, patients and doctors – And when life is easier you can be sure that everyone is a lot happier….

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