Self-Service Patient Appointment Scheduling – Is Self-Service The Way Forward

September 10th, 2011

For some the old saying, two steps forward and three steps backward epitomizes the concept of self-service patient appointment scheduling: Often feeling that automated appointment scheduling is ´impersonal´and so has a negative impact on patient – doctor relations and communication. However, for many of those who have utilized self-service patient appointment scheduling it has been been like taking five steps forward with regards to improving patient services and care: For these doctors and medical practitioners self service has certainly proven to be the way forward.

Times Change
Today the modern generation is accustomed to technology: Indeed, the youth of today positively demand it! Automation, computers, the internet – This technology has become apart of everyday life. While traditionalists may have a point in that technology is impersonal to a degree the fact is that times are moving on – As they have always done: From the horse and cart to the automobile for example. People expect more for less and the primary way to achieve that in any business is to streamlined, efficient and so provide services cost effectively. For those organizations and businesses that do not keep up, the future could become very bleak. Indeed they could most certainly find they are taking five steps back.

Automated appointment scheduling has proven to be a capable and reliable service option for some of the largest health organizations in the US and Canada: As well as smaller medical practices and independent medical practitioners. Efficient patient appointment scheduling is essential and fundamental to productive medical practice management.

No Sacrifice
Self-service patient appointment scheduling has helped medical practitioners and practices up and down the country improve services efficiently and effectively by freeing up staff from this the time consuming task. Without the need to deal with appointment scheduling and patient appointment reminders staff have more time to deliver immediate patient care and attend to more demanding administration tasks. While booking a patient appointment may not be as ´personal´as it used to be the improvements in patient services overall have proven to be well worth the “sacrifice” for many – Indeed, for a majority it has proven to be no sacrifice at all.

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