Self-Service Patient Appointment Scheduling – Time Management at its Best

March 17th, 2012

Today a growing proportion of health organizations have automated their medical appointment scheduling tasks using a reliable and reputable online doctor appointment scheduling system. Providing self-service patient appointment scheduling frees up staff enabling them to dedicate more time to patients and more demanding tasks such as billing. In this way, incorporating automated appointment scheduling systems can help overall medical practice management by streamlining workflows and so lead to an improvement in the standard of care provided. When comparing the advantages and improvements v cost, a majority will find automated appointment scheduling a cost effective option.

No Time to Waste…
In this day and age who has time to waste? Time management is just as important for sole medical practitioners as it is for large health organizations: In some ways, even more so. Online doctor appointment scheduling is far superior to the old pen and paper scheduling – Overbooking and double bookings will become a thing of the past. No-shows are another problem for many medical practices: Costing health organizations millions every year in lost revenue. Many of the online doctor appointment scheduling systems available will carry out reminder calls routinely. Patients are able to re-schedule, confirm or cancel their doctor appointment with ease. Patient appointment reminder calls have proven to reduce no-shows: To which, the recuperation of lost revenue can be offset against the cost of the system. In this way, automated appointment scheduling can be very cost-effective.

HIPPA Compliant?
HIPAA Regulations allow healthcare practitioners across the US to communicate with patients at their home with matters concerning personal health. Reminder calls can be made by telephone call, SMS or email and the guidelines are adhered to. In relation to HIPAA´s Entity Definition Online doctor appointment scheduling systems are not required to comply with HIPAA regulations BY LAW. Nevertheless, respecting the privacy of patients should be paramount to every medical physician – Opting for an online self-service patient appointment scheduling provider committed to respecting HIPAA guidelines is surely the most responsible way forward.

Is This a Cost effective Solution for Your Practice?
Large and small healthcare organizations can benefit from the advantages of using an online, self-service patient appointment scheduling system that is HIPPA compliant. More advanced systems can provide more advanced features; which can include multi-lingual scheduling and reminder calls, medical billing, recurring medical appointments and much (much) more. Giving the system a trial run before making any commitment gives you the chance to assess which features are most crucial and most beneficial for you: Therefore the most cost-effective.

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