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Customized Pre-paid Appointment –business guaranteed

November 15th, 2009

This is the world of uncertainty and there, everybody wants surety! Whether it is a business or a personal commitment, assurance is what has become mandatory. Without guarantee, even the business worth millions seems gloomy and is not considered fruitful. On the other hand, the business worth thousands but with surety is appreciated. Let us talk the same about your clinic management. If you are a health care provider and do not want to get any un-paid appointment (no-show or un-collected bill), there is a way! You can simply install a pre-paid appointment system that allows patients to book their appointment by making the payment, in whole or partial, in advance!

The whole concept is new and it is very beneficial for the doctors and health care providers. Prepaid appointment comes with many benefits, guarantee of the patient coming and consulting the health care provider being the most important and fruitful one. The system requires no hi-fi gadgets and advanced software to install.

The prepaid appointment system is easy to access as what all it requires is getting on to the homepage of the health care center and clicking on the prepaid appointment option. The visitor (patient) is then redirected toward online money paying option –PayPal where they can pay in advance and book the appointment.

Make payment before service is rendered encourage commitement to the service visit. Also, pre-paid business is always considered safe and secure as there are no chances of losing the money. On the other hand, prepaying customer will also have the feeling of dealing with serious business. Thye are more likely to show up for the appointment on time.

The system that allows pre-paid appointment also has the facility to pay partially. Partial pay option has its own benefits such as…

  1. Filter out your potential financial risk; i.e. patient who do not have sufficient funds to pay for service is unlikely to book a pre-paid appointment.
  2. Reduce appointment No-shows.
  3. In some unlikely cases, if patients do not turn after a partially paid appointment schedule, the loss for a health care provider is minimal.

Prepaid appointment is beneficial for the patients and also for the health care providers and doctors. It not only improve your business bottom line but also the quality of services and your relationship with your customers or patients.