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Telephone reminder vital to chiropractice success

December 4th, 2008

Chiropractic care is still very much a controversial medical practice. Though popular opinion seems to be moving more and more toward acceptance of muscle and bone manipulation as a medical treatment, there is still a large segment of people who are opposed to the use of chiropractic care. While chiropractors are certainly investing time and resources into educating the public on the benefits of treatment, they should also be focused on maintain relationships with people who have already demonstrated a willingness to receive care. A simple patient appointment reminder goes along way toward keeping patients coming.

There is now a large enough population of people that are comfortable with chiropractic care to satisfy the business needs of many providers. The challenge for providers is to make an immediate connection with patients and establish ongoing relationships. For some people, chiropractic treatment is used as part of rehabilitation from injury or as a one-time use. Others, however, are turning to the industry to assist with ongoing physical ailments. People with chronic back pain, muscle soreness, and other aches and pains recognize the long-term effects that consistent treatment can give them.

It sounds simple enough – deliver a patient appointment reminder to people about upcoming appointments or to schedule follow up appointments, and they will come. This is true. Reminder calls can help reduce patient no shows which are a revenue drain and can help with getting repeat visits from patients after initial care. The challenge lies in having a receptionist who has the time, ability, and inclination to consistently and effectively deliver phone reminder calls every day to confirm appointments or schedule follow ups. In many chiropractic care facilities, one receptionist is relied on to manage the office. This includes in-clinic patient assistance, answering phone calls, filing, completing insurance paperwork, billing, running errands, and more. There is not always time for an accurate and thorough deliver of an appointment reminder call.

Enter the automated reminder program. An automated appointment reminder software program is a tool that can be customized to deliver efficient and effective appointment reminder calls every day, without fail, and a cost-effective manner. Reminder calls are delivered through an automated system that enables the patient to confirm or cancel an appointment. This helps ensure the appointment time is filled by that patient or another. Notes can also be included with the call based on particular needs or direction for the given patient. Additionally, reminder calls can be used to follow up with patients to encourage them to schedule their next appointment.

The best news about the great benefits provided by a patient appointment reminder solution is that it been be obtained with a moderate investment. Top systems typically come with an up front cost and little to no ongoing expense and maintenance. Given the significant business advantages addressed, especially the one about the importance of maintaining patient relationships, an investment in an automated appointment reminder solution seems like one sure to pay off for most chiropractic offices.