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Using Technology to Improve the Quality of Your Medical Practice

November 21st, 2010

Technology help simplify many aspects of our lives. One technology that you can use to enhance and improve the performance of your medical practice is the online appointment scheduler. Using the scheduler means providing your office with the necessary ammo to put you ahead of the competition. Read on to learn the many features of an online appointment scheduler and how it can help improve your bottom line.

Self-service booking

When you have an online doctor appointment scheduler in place, it allows patients to log in to the system and book the appointments themselves. They can simply choose a booking slot that is available and is the most convenient for them. In addition, they can also make changes to their appointments as easily as making them. Giving the patients the ability to do these things helps you avoid the dreaded patient no-shows.

Customizable question form

Doctors can create forms that the patients must answer when they book their appointments. The questions can range from essential patient information, such as their insurance detail, to specific question about the nature of their visit. The best thing about the feature is that it is highly customizable, which means different doctor can ask different questions.The finished form will be sent to both the patient and doctor. By asking these questions in advanced, doctors will be able to provide better medical advice.

Remind patients about their appointments

An online scheduler also comes with a feature that reminds patients about their appointments. The system can be set to remind patients by calling them — on their landline or mobile numbers, or send e-mail and text messages. This is a great feature that, again, can cut down patient no-shows significantly.

Streamline your medical office

By having the system in place, it allows you to streamline your medical office. Since everything is done electronically by the system, it means no longer must your receptionist write appointments down manually. Every appointment that is made on the system will be recorded and placed on a secured database that is HIPAA compliant. Things will run more effectively and efficiently.

To conclude, an online appointment scheduling system is one investment that you will not regret making.

Top Reasons to Use an Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

October 1st, 2010

Effective and efficient – these are some characteristics that a medical practice should have in order for it to succeed in today’s  fierce competitive world. If you don’t feel that your medical office possess the two traits yet, it’s high time you invest in an online patient appointment scheduler. If you need more convincing, these are some reasons that should help you decide better.

1. Time and Cost-effective

Using an online patient appointment scheduler means providing ample time for your staff to focus on their core tasks. Understandably, it goes without saying that every phone call should be answered. But if it means distracting them from doing other important jobs, such as tending for the patients, then you should definitely have them do the former. The online scheduler is an effective backup that can replace most things that your receptionist can do. This includes taking phone calls from patients, as well as allowing patients to make appointments. You are saving both you and your patients’ time.

The fee for using an online appointment scheduler service is affordable and it can be renewed on a monthly basis. If you feel that it is helping your medical practice, which no doubt it will, then you can use it for the long run – as recommended.

2. Turn your office into a paperless one

Using an online appointment scheduler means turning your office into a paperless one. The use of paper can be reduced significantly, which in the end will boost productivity and save money. Since everything is done automatically by the computer and is stored electronically, you can easily get a patient’s file by a click of a button. No longer will you have to scour thousands of hard copy documents when a patient comes in.

3. Comes with a reliable patient reminder feature

An online appointment scheduling system also comes with a built-in patient reminder. This means you can significantly cut down on patient no-shows in your medical practice. Patients can set how they’d like to be contacted – either by phone call or text and e-mail messages. When you can reduce or eliminate patient no-shows, no doubt it will increase your bottom line.

Embrace Technology by Using An Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling System

August 23rd, 2010

If you are still running your medical office the medieval way, in other words, doing things manually; you may need some reminding that the year is now 2010. It is about time that you embrace technology to manage your medical office run more efficiently! If you are still on the fence about making that leap to the 21st century, understand that when you move to an automated system; it will definitely affect your bottom line positively — among other things. One such technology that has been used by thousands of those in the health-care industry is the online doctor appointment scheduling system.

The online doctor appointment scheduling system has all it takes to transform your good medical management into a flawless one. Basically, the system will allow patients to make their appointments at a time they feel most convenient. Your patients can log on to the appointment scheduling system easily and choose a time that they are free. Since everything is done automatically, you will not have to deal with errors and mistakes usually associated with manual management. There won’t be any overlapping of appointments, so both patients and doctors will truly benefit from the system.

The online appointment scheduling system can also be used as a medical answering service. This is especially useful if your medical office is bombarded with patients. Instead of burdening your medical staff to answer phone calls — when they should be focusing more on giving care to the patients — you can let the system answers every phone call with no hassle. What’s even better, the system can take more than one call at a time. So your patients will never experience any busy tone ever again while calling your medical office. The system can communicate in multiple languages, which include French, Chinese and English — the latter is the default language setting.

Another useful feature that the online scheduling system has is the patient reminding feature. This is very useful to cut down patient no-shows, because patients will be automatically reminded by the system about their appointments. They can choose to be contacted through different means at a time they feel most convenient.

To conclude, it is up to you to whether or not you want to embrace technology so that you don’t get left behind by your competitors. But we believe that you will make the right decision and choose to embrace it.

Online scheduler more than just technology for chiropractors

February 5th, 2009

Are you a chiropractor that has ever struggled with patients not showing for appointments? Maybe they forget to call and cancel or maybe they simply forget – PERIOD! Is your office staff overwhelmed with the burden of keeping up with day-to-day demands of helping patients that come in for visits, managing phone calls, scheduling appointments, completing insurance paperwork, and performing other office tasks?

If you want to modernized a medical practice for better business efficiency, then Online appointment is a very important part of that modernization.

An online scheduler is much more than just an advanced technology that eliminates pen and paper scheduling. It is an extremely important business resource that is part of a complete customer relationship program that will help ensure your business operates profitably, with little waste, and with efficient customer service.

Customer service has taken on a whole new meaning in today’s hyper speed, internet-driven society. Consumers are out for information, quick delivery and response to issues, and a hassle free experience. Sure, friendly office staff is important to the overall maintenance of client relationships, but a chiropractor needs to offer patients an efficient and effective tool for self-service online appointment scheduling. Perhaps it is because you operate a fast-paced high traffic office, or maybe your patients are too busy to call and schedule during the hours your office is open. Regardless of the reason, chiropractic patients appreciate the ability to go online at their convenience, any time of the day or night, and use an automated scheduler for quick scheduling of their next visit.

Along with providing a great service instrument for your patients, and online appointment scheduler also makes your business operation more efficient. Your stressed staff is freed to give better in-clinic assistance. They can also work on other important tasks they may get neglected, such as the important paperwork and other office upkeep. By funneling the simple process of appointment scheduling to the web, your office staff is more available.

The online scheduler is also effective for maintaining patient relationships. It appointment scheduling software allows you to gather patient data, including contact information, and send out appointment reminders through e-mail or other mobile technology applications. This helps reduce the new shows that drain your business. The reminders allow the patient to cancel or confirm an appointment, reschedule, and ultimately helps you avoid an empty appointment time in your day. The consistent contact with your patients helps them remember to visit their chiropractor regularly, to schedule follow up visits, and to call when there is a need to cancel.

Do no make the mistake of believing an automated scheduler is an unneeded technology product. A best in class automated scheduler is a business resource that can help you save your patients’ time, improve your overall service, and keep existing clients coming back for care and loyal to your clinic. All of these are not just preferences to consider. In today’s competitive environment, your practice competes with others who are beginning to see the benefits of combining advanced technology with a customer service approach to healthcare. Do not be the one left behind!

Psychiatrist New Year’s Resolution: Get an online scheduler

December 5th, 2008

As psychiatrists contemplate what changes to make in their practices, an online scheduler should be at the top of the list for consideration. This resolution is not just one that would help them personally and professionally, it would also be an outstanding service opportunity for patients and employees. An automated scheduling software tool allows the psychiatrist to offer prospects and patients the ability to schedule appointments through the web, and it also presents an automated way to send important email reminders.

Web-based business transactions are growing. After remaining stagnant for a while, internet business has doubled as a portion of total business sales since 2006. In 2006, the internet accounted for about three percent of all sales. As of late 2008, the internet generated six percent of sales. Internet sales are also growing at a 20-25 percent annual rate, a trend that most analysts expect to continue. Why is this happening? Many credit the strong growth in internet business to more creative internet marketing from non-internet based businesses.

Industries, like transportation, hospitality, and yes, healthcare, have recognized the growing trend and the opportunity to generate traffic and sales through a new channel. Though psychiatrists deliver their services in an office, they can reach out to new prospects and book appointments through a web-based doctor appointment scheduling solution. There are definitely advantages to using the solution, and the benefits affect the psychiatrist, his staff, and patients.

Patients are the ones using the web who should be targeted with the efficient ability to schedule appointments online. With an online scheduler, busy people can make appointments on the web 24/7 and avoid the hassle of calling and getting a busy signal, being left no hold, or dealing with a stressed and overworked receptionist. With an automated appointment scheduler, the patient is able to quickly setup an appointment using the customized scheduler available to providers to use. Using the advanced security measures delivered by a top solution, the patient also shares a bit of personal data, including an email address when scheduling. This provides the psychiatrist with patient data that can be backed up, used for follow up and appointment reminder emails, and used other marketing and operational needs.

Receptionists appreciate the online scheduler as well. Patients schedule via the web allows receptionists to focus on personalized care, complex phone calls, insurance paperwork, and other important office management tasks. The reduction in stress and burden makes receptionists more satisfied and effective.

Finally, the psychiatric practices benefits from the business benefits of the online scheduler. The technology offers an efficient connection to a large audience. A good online scheduler comes with a moderate up front investment and requires little to no ongoing maintenance. The modest cost and maintenance combined with the enhanced customer service and employee morale create a great value. Plus, the ability to deliver email reminders helps reduce patient no-shows and improves revenue generation. This is more effective than a receptionist half-heartedly or while exhausted, making reminder phone calls.

Dentists save time and money with online scheduler

December 1st, 2008

Like many other traditionally off-line business providers, dental practices are starting to look to the internet as a way to connect with and transact with patients. Consumers are more and more using the web to book, transact, and schedule events.

Thanks to advances in technology, healthcare providers now have online appointment scheduler to offer to prospective patients and existing clients. An online appointment scheduler enables busy people the opportunity to schedule appointments and avoid the busy receptionist or schedule the appointment at odd hours.

While convenience for the patient is probably the main benefit to the dentist for using a web-based appointment scheduling solution, there are others. Stressed and fatigued receptionists are common in healthcare, part of the reason there is high turnover in most dental practices. The online scheduler is a great opportunity to free up the receptionist to focus on personalized care and paperwork. The process of receiving calls and scheduling appointments is more time consuming and tedious for a receptionist than an automated appointment scheduler that the patient can use on their own.

An online scheduler also offers an efficient method for maintaining patient relationships. The appointment scheduling software can be customized to deliver appointment reminder emails or phone calls. Missed appointments are a revenue drain on any dental practice. Patients either forget an appointment time or neglect to call and cancel, which leads to a lost revenue opportunity. Reducing patient no-shows has major business effects. An automated appointment reminder helps the customer remember the appointment, or elect to confirm or cancel, leaving the clinic the option of scheduling another appointment during that cancelled time slot.

Cost-effectiveness is another important reason that many dental offices are turning to an automated appointment scheduling solution. The best online scheduler programs are usually available for a moderate up front cost and require little to no ongoing maintenance. Customers are happy to have an efficient way to self-service appointment scheduling, and employees are less burdened and better equipped to perform the other parts of their job effectively. Plus, the online scheduler should come with back up protection to collect and maintain customer data and optimum online security to protect consumers from identity theft and other online privacy concerns.

The decision to use an automated appointment scheduler is quickly become a no-brainer for many dental practices. Many currently view it as a customer service and business operations tool. However, as internet transactions continue to grow, an online scheduler is soon to be a necessity for the dental provider. According current trends, internet use for booking and scheduling of events is on the rise. Internet sales have grown about 20-25 percent in the last few years and are likely to continue at a similar rate. Internet sales as a percentage of the total business transactions have doubled from about three percent to about six percent since 2006. Consumers expect and desire the convenience of using the web to self-service as needed and to efficiently transact business with providers.