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Online scheduler allows psychiatrists to focus on patient care

November 26th, 2008

It is well documented with research that psychiatrists are among the more stressed and emotionally burdened professional groups. They work with clients that range in mental and emotional needs and sometimes find it difficult to not get caught up on the burden they bear in managing patients with such challenges.

Often though, it is the overwhelming process of managing the business side of the clinic that makes patient care stressful for providers. Many practices operate with one or a few receptionists. This means that the receptionist is responsible for appointment scheduling, answering calls, greeting patients and walk-ins, keeping files, and completing paperwork, along with any other office tasks. Turnover is high in medical receptionist positions because of the stress of multitasking. Similarly, providers must cope with constant hiring, training and managing of employees.

The online scheduler has been a great relief for both receptionists and psychiatrists, not to mention patients.

An online scheduler is an scheduling program that enables patients self-service appointments. This frees up the receptionist from having to manage this entire process and allows him or her to focus on more personal care or paperwork requirements.

Additionally, many patients prefer the ability to use web-based scheduling program if it means avoiding busy signals, being left on hold, or dealing with stressed-out receptionists who are sometimes helpful and sometimes not.

Automated appointment scheduling is extremely efficient and the best 24/7 appointment scheduling solution can be customized to fit the schedule and appointment parameters of each given psychiatry clinic. Online appointment scheduling also fits well with improved internet technology. Many patients may have Blackberry devices or other handheld devices that enable them to quickly and easily schedule an appointment, even on the go.

Efficiency is not the only advantage with an online scheduler. Patient relationships are important to the long-term business success of a psychiatry practice. With an appointment reminder software program, the patient’s data and email can be easily collected at the point of scheduling. This enables the provider to track patients and maintain a backup database with all patient details. Thus, patients that have not been in for a while can be contacted. Additionally, automated email reminders or phone reminders can be used to remind patients of pending appointments to reduce no-shows.

Web-based scheduling program is only going to grow in interest from consumers. Any psychiatrist can benefit from the value created by an online scheduler. Doctors today can chose scheduling program with great features such as new patient registration, automated telephone reminder and email reminder.

Modern scheduling program is not only excellent with regard to scheduling and maintenance of patients. It is also very affordable. A 24/7 appointment scheduling solution can be purchased with a moderate up front cost and requires little to no ongoing maintenance. Additionally, a good online scheduler comes with a database backup and advanced privacy features to protect the personal data share by your patients. Patients benefit from the efficiency attained in appointment scheduling. Receptionists are able to focus on important tasks. The psychiatrist is less overwhelmed with managing the practice and can focus more on patient care. Everyone wins with the online scheduler.

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling Gives Bottom Line A Shot In The Arm!

November 21st, 2008

Self-service scheduling system is wonderful for patients because of the convenience it provides. It also gives the medical staff in the office more time to spend with patients in the office. Who may need assistance with any number of things from arranging specialist visits, blood test documentation, insurance information etc.

Modernized scheduling system will benefit everyone in a medical practice. In addition to reducing the workload and the stress from the medical receptionist by reducing the patients calls, there are other more tangible benefits. Notebly, the online scheduler is a relatively inexpensive service that can deliver major improvement on the business bottom line of a medical practice.

One health care professional I am personally familiar with would trade evening shifts with another clinician so the clinic can always have someone available to treat patients. The clinic opens from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm, five days a week. In addition to two fulltime office staff, they have two part time receptionists to split the evening hours weekly.

At $12.50/hour rate, 22.5 hours a week, the clinic is paying $1125.00/month to their part-time receptionists to answer phones and greet patients.

As comparaison, the prices for Automated virtual medical receptionist range from $50.00/month for a basic service package, to a full function 24/7 virtual receptionist that is capable of handling front-desk business calls, setting-up appointement for your patients, and making reminder calls to your patients everyday, for less that $400.00/month.

The premium services will provide your medical practice with a more consistent front desk receptionist for a much better cost then a live receptionist. It is a 24/7 backup to your live staff that will never need any sick-leave or lunch break.

Your medical receptionist may want to have her hours reduced for any number of reasons or perhaps you find there are times when a three or four day week would be sufficient for the full time front esk receptionist. Modern scheduling system is so advanced that cutting back on receptionist staff hours, and perhaps beefing up in other more skilled staffing requirements will seem more plausible with a virtual medical receptionist professionally taking care of your phones.

With self-service scheduling system you now have options in place that you can turn to if your staff lets you down, [and no matter when this happens the timing is lousy] as often happens. You can also have the freedom to make staffing changes of your own because you have the most advanced technology on the market as a back up for your current staff. They will be motivated to work harder for you because you are showing your concern for their well-being or maybe because you have their potential replacement working diligently yet silently beyond the phone line.

How Does Automated Appointment Scheduling Software Work?

November 13th, 2008

Appointment scheduling software by modern technology introduces automation to physicians and healthcare providers . Todat automated appointment scheduling software can perform the tasks usually assigned to the doctor’s medical receptionist during off hours and when they are unavailable. It has the ability to give patients the option of scheduling their appointments twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

The high-tech innovative systems use voice recognition software and user friendly interfaces. Some appointment scheduling software can engage in natural language dialog with a telephone caller (or patient). The caller answers question which the appointment scheduling software interprets. The caller is then taken through various steps to arrive at an appointment time which suits the patient. By having this type of flexibility a person can call anytime day or night to schedule an appointment.

Most reliable appointment scheduling software are customizable to fit the needs of the particular medical or health professional. Automated appointment scheduling is not just practical for traditional physicians. Other healthcare providers who use appointments to see their clients can benefit from this type of system. This includes dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists and all types of massage therapy and any type of spa treatments. These are flexible and customizable solutions which are cost effective ways to automate some of the services in medical offices and healthcare services.

Online medical scheduling is designed to allow physicians and healthcare provider to set access restrictions for each of it patients. For instance, the online scheduler could be set up to only allow patients to make routine offices visits including annual checkups and preventive medicine type visits. If the person wanted to set an appointment for something like a surgery procedure or extensive testing the medical appointment scheduler would tell them that they would have to call during office hours for these types of requests.

Sophisticated self-service patient appointment scheduling systems include back-up solutions. This assures that even if the web-based medical scheduling software should encounter a problem a hard copy backup of the days appointments would be available.

The reputable online medical appointment scheduler applications also have the ability to track statistics. This aspect is vital for tracking such things as no-show appointments and cancellations to see where there may be problems. If a physician or healthcare provider can pinpoint problem areas they can improve these areas and make their practice more efficient.

Most of the advanced types of online medical appointment schedulers also have features which include automated appointment reminders. This feature can be used to send out email and telephone automated appointment reminders to patients and other healthcare professionals. These features allow a physician or healthcare provider to spend more time with patients and less time doing tedious routine tasks. The use of appointment reminders can also be used to minimize the numbers of no-show appointments.

Automated appointment scheduling software which uses high-tech voice recognition technology is a cost effective solution to physicians and healthcare providers. These types of solutions can decrease overhead expenses, increase patient satisfaction, thus increasing the bottom-line of your business.

Let Automated Appointment Scheduling Work for You

November 13th, 2008

Is your doctor scheduling software too old?

The medical profession adheres to a hectic pace of life. A well planned day has a way of going hay-wire in a second. When this happens panic often hits the office. Chaos ensues and all chances of a productive day are lost. Everyone is sent scrambling in two different directions at once trying to fix what went wrong and protect what is going right.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra hand standing by to help? Of course the answer is a resounding ‘Yes’. Now think about this. What if that helping hand is a fully modernized doctor scheduling software that could save the day?

Take a look and see just how a 24/7 appointment scheduling program can work for you and your office.


One of the greatest benefits of a 24/7 appointment scheduling program is customization. The program can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your practice. Customization is simple. At start up simply program in your service hours and any other relevant information you would like to system to record. The program has the capacity to be set up for a variety of different practice areas. All health and well being practice areas will greatly benefit from utilizing this program in everyday business.

Doctor-Patient Privacy

At the heart of your practice is protecting your patients. You strive to protect their privacy as well. Rest assured that an automated appointment scheduling program will take the same protective stand where patients are concerned. For an extra piece of mind, make sure that the program complies with HIPPA guidelines. Once in place, the appointment scheduling software can be customized for individual patient accounts. This added feature enhances the security and functionality of the program.


Give yourself and your hard working staff a well deserved break. As the business day comes to a close, your staff lights up the telephone lines. Courtesy reminder calls are made to patients with appointments for the next business day. This is where the automated appointment scheduling program really starts to work for you. Set a time within the program for reminders to begin. The program then gets busy sending out reminder emails and telephone messages to the necessary patients. This feature lets your staff relax and unwind at the end of the day.

Backup Capable

You are aware of how technology plays a major role in your practice each day. It stands to reason then that you understand that technology has the slight chance of malfunctioning or failing to function properly on any given day. This factor is covered with an automated appointment scheduling program. Within the program you have the option to print out a hard copy of appointments for the next business day. Make a practice to print out the appoint schedule at the end of each day and the program will undoubtedly become your best friend.

Record Keeping

A large part of your practice revolves around the practice of record keeping. You must keep track of patient visits, ailments, surgeries and other related factors. Without these records you would be unable to chart a patient’s progress or follow a medical setback successfully. The automated appointment scheduling program works in much the same way. It allows you to record important factors such as canceled appointment or patient no-shows. This valuable information helps you isolate potential problems and start working on a solution.

This is just a small sampling of how 24/7 appointment scheduling program software can enhance your medical practice. It is a completely online based automated scheduling program that frees up your staff for more important tasks. It also allows you to see the bottom line more clearly knowing other tasks are capably being handled at the touch of a button.

Take Your Medical Appointment Scheduling Online

November 13th, 2008

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest tech guru. I got a degree in medicine, not in information technology. However, I do know a good program when I see one and I have been telling every colleague that will listen.

I was looking for a way to automate appointment management. My front desk receptionist seemed to either overbook or underbook (mostly overbook) my appointments every day. Also, for some reason, she could not accommodate urgent or walk-in appointments.

Poor appointment management would mean my days never ended and patients became increasingly frustrated as delays increased. It turned into a mess. One problem was the old paper method of medical appointment scheduling that I used. The boxes were small and information in them was not easily erased. They left no room for additional appointments and did not allow any flexibility during the day.

I decided that I needed to move to an online appointment scheduler. In researching my options, I found that a few appointment management programs are extremely sophisticated. For example, the online appointment scheduling system that I went with offers so many features that my practice feels streamlined. This program allows patients to call my office or log on to the web and directly access my patient appointment schedule. Patients love this, by the way. It allows them to set a time to see me of their own choosing. Even though my patients could have accomplished the same thing by calling my medical receptionist, many patients have told me they now feel that they have better access to me. I suppose they do because the software never sleeps, never calls in sick, and never “goes home.” It operates as a 24/7 patient scheduling system that allows me to offer self-service patient appointment scheduling.

The phone voice system is particularly useful in that it uses a natural language dialogue that is a vast improvement over traditional voice mail messaging. Plus it has the added advantage over a live answering service since calls are triaged. That means if a patient calls in with an emergency, they are connected to an appropriate emergency contact immediately. I have experienced unacceptable delays in getting urgent or emergent messages in the past. Before I implemented automated appointment scheduling, some of my patients felt inhibited when they needed to call. Feedback that I get now has allayed my fear that patients would feel that automated appointment scheduling was too impersonal. On the contrary, almost all of them prefer it.

I will say that that people did ask about the safety of their personal information. The program that I use is fully HIPAA compliant. Patients were concerned (rightfully so!) about their privacy and I was able to tell them that their demographic and medical information was secure.

What sold me on my current package is that the software has an appointment reminder feature and it can be set to make appointment reminder phone calls. Best of all, I was able to quit my medical answering service and use this program exclusively. It really is fantastic.

If you are trying to find ways to make your practice more efficient, you really do need to investigate appointment scheduling software. When you do make that jump, make sure that you choose one program that can do many tasks, and perform them securely and reliably. My package functions as an online appointment scheduler, 24/7 physician answering service, automated appointment reminder and virtual receptionist. Because of this switch, I now have reduced my overhead costs considerably. My personnel costs are much lower and I avoid some the hassle of personnel management since I use a fully automated system for so many things. My friends and colleagues think I sound like a broken record when it comes to appointment scheduling software, but I have gotten several of them to switch!

Online Scheduler A Must Have Technology for Medical Practice

November 12th, 2008

Some people in business can be heard lamenting the fact that they must work with technology, more specifically computerized office operations. They say it is a waste of time and the old ways are still the best ways of doing business. This is absolute nonsense and an excuse for these folks never having to learn how to become literate with some impressive innovations in office support software.

Many successful medical practices are already using online schedulers to convert patient calls into appointments in an entirely automated environment. They realize the value in never missing an appointment and the convenience to the patient calling to arrange a time for their next visit. Appointment scheduling may seem like a simple task for the front desk but spend a little time waiting in line while a receptionist is on the phone with an indecisive person scheduling their next appointment and you will understand the effectiveness of an online scheduler.

Growing a medical practice is a priority for many doctors and medical professionals and the optimal way of doing this is keeping your existing patients happy and well looked after. Customer service is just as important in a medical environment as it is at any large insurance company dealing with their clients. The best way to ensure professional service is to make it easy for patients to interact with your office. Happy patients will mean referrals to family and friends. Overtime your practice will thrive because of your decision to utilize virtual medical receptionist software.

Front desk staffing issues such as maternity leave, vacations, sick days or even simple intolerance when dealing with patients, (great transcriptionist, poor public demeanor) all can make for a hectic and annoying time, especially if any of these situations catch you by surprise. Think of the anxiety you could avoid by always having a PLAN B in place with an automated online scheduler and other medical software applications at your disposal.

Multiple call answer features include online scheduler, appointment reminder, cancellation, or even emergency paging for urgent care needs. Medical front desk receptionist software will show your patients how significant they are to you and how you value their time. Each feature in the medical office software is programmable for incoming calls and outgoing messages in a number of different languages.

Online schedulers are customizable so your patients can choose an appointment date, change that date or time and have only pertinent and precise questions asked of them in a timely manner asking confirmation from the caller so everyone knows the correct time. If a doctor needs to clear his calendar for any reason it can be achieved in a timely manner and patient callbacks can be made for rescheduling. Online scheduler options are many and installation of the technology is straightforward.

Of course, this online scheduler and other medical reception software applications are an effective cost saving measure. Try hiring a temporary receptionist to cover for a sick leave or emergency staffing situation. Not only is this option expensive but the learning/training curve is wide. Prudent medical offices will include medical reception software in their next budget.

The online scheduler that medical providers value

November 12th, 2008

The movement of consumer activity to the Web as a trend that has been on the upswing and is expected to continue. Some analysts predict online sales will continue to grow at a 20-25% clip over the next few years. Currently, internet sales account for six percent of all business transactions, up from just 2-3 percent in 2006.

In a true sign of the times, it is no longer just online companies that are leveraging the increase in internet-based consumerism. Medical providers are finding the web can be a great connection point to gain new patients and to efficiently manage relationships with existing clients. The web-based patient scheduling software is growing in use as an efficient and self-service opportunity for busy consumers.

Modern patient scheduling software has grown by leaps and bounds in capabilities. Web-based patient scheduling software is intended to offer a quick and easy way for people to schedule appointments and avoid dealing with busy signals, being left on hold, or hassling with overwhelmed live agents. Additionally, online patient scheduling software offers tremendous upside in customer relationship management. Top of the line appointment scheduling software also comes with an automated telephone reminder solution. This enables the virtual online scheduler to not only maintain a provider’s schedule, but also removes the burden of completing reminder phone calls from live agents, freeing them up to deal with personalized care and insurance paperwork.

Based on its director interface with patients, automated appointment scheduling software also allows the provider to collect data about patients. It also enables automated setup email contact information for automated email reminders as well. This potentially multiple-reminder process lessens the potential of costly no-shows that drive medical providers crazy. Missed appointment times are big revenue drains on medical practices and any ability to lower the amount of no-shows has excellent effects of revenue and profit.

Top self-service patient appointment scheduling solutions should have other benefits as well. In today’s high-tech internet environment, security and privacy with data is a must. Daily database backup protects collected data and details about patients. Most important, though, is the interaction that builds between the web-based doctor appointment scheduling user and provider. A good online scheduler should come complete with 24/7 online support to make sure the provider is always experiencing the benefits of the software solution and that customers never lose out.

Customer service comes in several shapes and sizes now. Personalized attention is still in demand. Live agents must help consumers deal with immediate and complex needs. However, many consumers now demand efficient and accurate service when prompt personalization is not an option. The automated appointment scheduling option enables busy people to schedule appointments on their own time. Because of the moderate cost and little to no ongoing maintenance requirements, the online scheduler also gives great cost advantages to the practice. It may alleviate the need for some live agent staff, or it may enable the live agents to perform better at the more demanding parts of their jobs.

Many dentists prefer the online appointment scheduler

November 12th, 2008

Dentists generally like patients who help themselves, patient who floss, eat their apple a day, brush regularly, and come in for routine checkups. There is another new trend that many dentists also seem to agree on – the benefits of a top online appointment scheduling software program. Many dentists like their patients being allowed to schedule appointments by self-service and then show up for those appointments on time.

The online scheduler is part of a new trend in many industries that once seemed to have little to do with the vast growth in the online marketplace. Transportation and healthcare are two industries that have found a renewed sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the potential offered via web connectivity to consumers. Though dental care is still provide in the dentist chair, many busy consumers are taking advantage of the opportunity to connect with dental providers via the web and like the option of web-based dental appointment scheduling.

The online scheduler solution is a fairly simple concept. As some practices are busy and receptionists are overwhelmed with patients and phone calls, not to mention time consuming insurance paperwork, fielding calls to schedule appointments and making calls to follow up can be cumbersome. Now, patients who are concerned with efficiency and want to avoid busy signals and elevator music can take advantage of the 24/7 appointment scheduling solutions offered by many dental providers. This is not only a great customer service advantage but it also frees up staff at the dental clinic to deal with more personalized care needs and other important tasks.

There are several other great patient relationships and business advantages offered by top dental appointment scheduling software solutions. A self-service appointment scheduling program allows the practice to potentially collect good contact data about its consumers. The provider can collect email information and this can be used for automated appointment reminder programs and other care based email messages. Advanced technology online doctor appointment scheduling also features security and privacy, as well as a daily database backup for storage of important patient information. Most online doctor appointment programs are also HIPPA compliant and replace inefficient paper forms used in offices. Dentists can also keep track of patient no-shows and cancellation logs to potentially address any trends and issues that affect business.

There are many excellent business benefits achieved through the use of an appointment scheduling software solution. Customer service and customer loyalty can be greatly improved. Reminders prevent costly no-shows. Stress and overwhelmed live agents may feel less of a burden and may offer more helpful service to needy patients and callers. They can also quickly and accurately complete revenue-driving insurance paperwork. There is a moderate upfront cost and little to no ongoing maintenance and expense to operate an automated appointment scheduling solution. This is a contrast to the sometimes inaccurate and costly employees that book appointments. Tech-savvy and internet literate consumers appreciate the opportunity to connect with service providers through a forum they are comfortable and that they know can get the job done.

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