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The Benefits of Using an Automated Patient Appointment Reminder

July 24th, 2010

When you are using an automated appointment reminder system, the task of reminding your patients about the appointments that they made in your medical practice can be done automatically by the system. This will be done effectively and efficiently at a fraction of the cost of manual system. If you are still unconvinced about making the move to automated system, knowing what benefits the system can provide you with should remove all your doubts.

When your medical staff makes those reminder calls during office hours, there’s a good probability that they can not reach anyone on the other end of the phone. An automated reminder system, on the other hand, can make that reminder calls beyond the typical working hours. The calls can be made in the evening and even on weekends, when there’s a better possibility that your patients will be home.

An automated reminder system is also reliable. If you leave it to your staff to make phone calls after phone calls to remind the patients, there’s a good chance that they’d be bored by the 15th calls – which could negatively affect the tone of voice of the caller. On the other hand, an automated system will have a consistent tone and manner – since the message is pre-recorded using professionally trained voice actors. The recipient of the calls can repeat the message easily if need be.

When you rely on your medical staff to make reminder calls – you will only cut into their efficiency. Either they would be too engrossed in other tasks to be able to complete making all the phone calls – or they would run out of time to do so. This is where an automated reminder system excels.

The system can also compile a report of all the appointments made during a given period of time. What’s even better, you will be access the report even when you are outside the office – since it will be available online as well.

Having learned of all the benefits that an automated reminder system can provide you with, it would be foolish not to invest in one.