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Psychiatrists depend on automated phone reminder

December 2nd, 2008

Operating a psychiatric practice can be stressful. Psychiatrists often work with patients that struggle with tough mental and emotional issues. The ability to work effectively with patients can be very rewarding to professionals, though, which is why providers select psychiatry as a profession.

Psychiatry is also a business. Like any other service provider, psychiatric practices must generate revenue and manage costs. This part of the industry can also contribute to the stress level of a provider and managing office staff can certainly be a strain on the real focus of the psychiatric professional.

Turnover is notoriously high in medical practice front desk positions. In many psychiatric clinics, one or two receptionists are relied upon to manage the office. This includes patient attentiveness, answering phone calls, filing, errands, delivering reminder calls, and completing insurance paperwork. This can be a massive undertaking for any human being and the stress has proved too much for many a receptionist. Fortunately, an automated appointment reminder program can be a problem solver and help in many facets of operating a practice.

Appointment reminder software offers solution for managing one of the more tedious tasks that office staff must complete. Daily reminder calls are necessary in any industry that relies on appointments for revenue. Patients, especially those burdened with other mental and emotional challenges can be forgetful. They can also forget to call and cancel appointments when something else comes up.

Appointment no-shows are a huge financial strain on a psychiatric practice as providers rely on consistent appointment bookings for ongoing revenue generation. Staff and resource expenses are still necessary even when appointment times are missed.

Why is appointment reminder software better than a live agent phone reminder? There are several reasons. First, as mentioned, receptionists are overwhelmed and delivering tedious telephone reminders every day can be exhausting. This may cause the live agent to be irritable in making the calls and potentially cause them to neglect effective performance of other important tasks. Since people deal with stress and fatigue and an automated appointment reminder software does not, there is much less ongoing management and maintenance of the virtual phone reminder.

Appointment reminder software operates efficiently and accurately. It delivers reminder calls precisely as it is programmed and in a quick fashion. This frees up the live agent to handle the other personalized care and paperwork needs. A good phone reminder program can be acquired for a modest up front investment, which is certainly repaid in the reduction of patient no-shows. The phone reminder enables the patient to either confirm or cancel their appointment. The confirmation serves as a friendly reminder and the cancellation lets the office know to reschedule that time slot. Either scenario helps protect the important revenue that might otherwise have been lost.

The phone reminder can also be programmed to include notes about the visit to ensure there are no issues or delays when the patient arrives at the office. Small features like this have prove to be big help to medical practice, making the service ever pupular among physicians.

Reminder call program keeps patients coming back for eye care

December 2nd, 2008

Eye care clinics are recognizing increased competition and the need to drive consistent revenue and maintain patient relationships. As is the case with other medical providers, optometrists depend on consistently utilized appointment times to collect revenue from patients. Patient no-shows or missed follow up business can harm the long-term viability of any practice. A virtual reminder call program has become the answer for many of the top optometrists. An automated reminder call service is the most efficient, cost-effective, and accurate way to deliver telephone reminders to patients, thus reducing the number of no-shows and last minute appointment cancellations.

Historically, receptionists have been responsible for making reminder calls in optometry clinics. However, turnover has been fairly high in many healthcare offices because receptionists are stressed, overwhelmed and fatigued. Many practices operate with one or two receptionists who are responsible for managing in-clinic patients, telephone calls, office communications, and insurance paperwork. The burden of doing all of these things, plus taking the time to making daily reminder phone calls can wear any person out. Even though good receptionists may try to accomplish all of these things effectively, at some point their stress causes them to lose effectiveness in handling personalized concerns of patients and accurately completing tasks.

The automated appointment reminder solution does not struggle with stress or fatigue. More importantly, it potentially relieves some of the stress and fatigue of the other members of an office staff. An optometrist relies on patient relationships for long-term success. An automated reminder helps reduce the number of forgotten appointments and helps increase revenue collection. Additionally, the reminder call enables the patient to either confirm or cancel. An early cancel allows the practice to schedule another patient during that time slot and not miss out on the revenue earning opportunity. The appointment reminder is also a good way to deliver important notes on what to bring or other instructions to patients based on their particular needs.

Automated reminder call program can perform these daily phone reminders efficiently and accurately without the possible irritability that accompanies some calls from receptionists. Top reminder call software programs also offer multilingual call capabilities to help serve a diverse population. The good news is that an automated reminder program does not have to cost too much. Solutions can be purchased for a moderate up front cost and typically require little to no ongoing maintenance. For many eye care practices, the use of an automated appointment reminder program can potentially mean the elimination of the need for a backup receptionist or part time receptionist to help with managing office tasks.

Additionally, the reminder call program not only performs its duties without fail, it also frees up the receptionist to complete his or her more important tasks efficiently and with less stress. The overall morale of the office is improved, patient care is more personable, and the practice benefits through a reduced number of patient no-shows and better long-term relationships with its patients.