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Using Online Scheduler with BlackBerry, Iphone or Smart Phone

August 20th, 2009

If you thought the online appointment scheduler was good, it just got better. Now you can synchronize your online appointment scheduler with Google calendar and access it from anywhere. You need not have a computer with you always. You can now check and update your appointment book from your BlackBerry, Iphone or Smart Phone.

The first step to this life of freedom is to have a free Google account. You may choose to use your current account if you have one, but it is always best to have a separate account for business and personal items. Ensure that the time zone settings you use for your Google account are the same as those you used when setting up your online appointment scheduler. Your appointments will be reset to Google time zone if you use different time zones for your online scheduler and your Google account.

Now that you have set up your account open your online appointment scheduler and visit the SyncData Page. Activate the sync to Google Calendar option. You are now ready for synchronization.

The online appointment scheduler will automatically update your Google calendar. All appointments made within the two weeks prior to activating the Google sync option will be transferred to your accounts’ Google Calendar. The Google sync data function will be automatically activated several times everyday to ensure that the Google calendar stays up to date with all due appointments.

The addition of Google calendar sync function to the online appointment scheduler is a real asset to any medical practice. You can access Google calendar from anywhere. All you need is a BlackBerry, Smart Phone or iPhone. You can now conveniently check your appointments and send messages to your patients right from your phone. You no longer have to find a computer when you are away from your office.

The Google calendar data sync function not only allows you to have a portable appointment scheduler, but also helps you to avoid double booking. You can use your Blackberry, iPhone or Smartphone to set up business and private appointments. Google Calendar will be able to access your appointment book and synchronize these appointments with those transferred from the online appointment scheduler. You will therefore be able to know when business and patients’ appointments coincide. The Google Calendar sync function can also help you stop patients from booking appointments on dates or time blocks that you have set aside for business or personal appointments.

If you haven’t been able to attract business with the traditional methods of advertising, your online appointment scheduler can help you attract more traffic to your reception. Your patient will appreciate the convenience of booking appointments at their own convenience online. The addition of Google Calendar again will ensure that patients are not double booked. With Google calendar there is also no danger of their appointments clashing with your business or personal appointments. Your patient will be assured that the appointments they have made will be met, building their confidence in your practice.

Why online appointment scheduler serve your better with Google Calendar Sync?

June 17th, 2009

How many times have you said to yourself – I wish I had internet access right now? We all do it. We are all tied to the internet in many important ways. If you’re a doctor – or any other small business person (hair salon employees and therapists come to mind) you need to have access to your schedule 24/7 whether or not you have internet access. You need to know when you’re clients are coming in, when you can take a break, and when you can fit someone in at the last moment.

Well, you’re in luck. 24/7 online appointment scheduler is the way to go for you and your patients and customers. They can log onto the internet at anytime of the day or night and make appointments. They can also send you notes, provide insurance information and do any number of things to improve the patients or clients’ experience.

As for you, you can now – through google calendar sync – sync up your appointment and calendar book with any handheld device you have (BlackBerry, IPhone or any smart phone) Wow, you can have access to everything you need within a moment, simply by looking at your handheld device!

Fill in your Gmail login information insider your scheduler account, all of your contacts, and appointment information can be synced up with your Google Calendar and can be then viewed on your blackberry, iPhone – or any other smart-phone device. And – get this – you won’t even need internet access to view your calendar at any hour of the day. You will be able to view all of the information – 24/7- regardless of whether or not you can get online.

Sometimes you’re so busy you can’t get onto the internet. Or, you may not have internet access in your office. Or, you may be traveling. Or, you may simply not want to log onto the computer! Well, there is no reason to fear. There is still a way to see all of your appointments at a glance. The reason: with 24/7 online appointment scheduler with google calendar sync- once you sync all of the information onto your handheld, fear not! You will be able to see all of your appointments and contacts regardless of whether you have internet access at the time! This is an invaluable resource because no matter where you are you will be able to check your appointments and see your calendar at a glance on your handheld device! Imagine when you’re traveling and can’t get internet access – or if you’re just too busy to log on. All of the information will be at your fingertips – on your handheld.

And, as an added bonus, google calendar sync will also synchronize all of your contacts. You will be able to access this information anytime and from anywhere in case of an emergency or the need for a change. This is a wonderful resource for doctors, small business owners, and patients!

Online Appointment Scheduler for Your Blackberry, iPhone, or SmartPhone

February 12th, 2009

Busy medical practitioners and business people who are using the modern online appointment software already appreciate the benefits of the service automation. They should be pleased that the online appointment scheduler just became much more efficient.

A new feature will allow the client to access their online appointment software via their handheld devices such as blackberries, iPhones, SmartPhone’s etc. from anywhere. When you are out of your office, you can now be sure you will never miss an appointment. Your online appointment software will display appointments to your mobile devices when you need it.

Your appointments will be synced to your handheld device utilizing tools available through Google Calendar and Goo Sync to provide either one-way appointment access or two ways. You can literally push or pull your appointments to or from your online appointment scheduler from anywhere once you register for this new and exciting service.
The following services can now be synced to your portable phone or handheld device:

• Business Contacts with addresses
• Scheduled agenda events
• Event particulars and your notations
• Regularly scheduled events
• Various calendars
• Shared and public Google calendars
• Audible alerts reminders from your mobile device
• Tasks from your Outlook mail program

Your online appointment scheduler working in conjunction with Goo Sync and Google Calendar will offer you many new services and capabilities. As mentioned, you can choose a one or two-way synchronization between your online calendar or desktop calendar or just a basic upload from your online appointment scheduler. You can set a timer so your calendar will sync automatically with your iPhone, Blackberry, SmartPhone or one of many different handheld or mobile devices.

As with all Google applications, your personal data is well protected but you may want to take further precautions by excluding your personal data from your new mobile appointment calendar. In particular, if there is confidential patient information in your online appointment scheduler these details could be excluded from the syncing process. Common sense should prevail when storing personal information online and when doing so via wireless mobile devices.

Support is available for handhelds including BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, Apple iPhone & iPod Touch through your Outlook and iTunes, Google Android and so many more. A complete list of compatible devices is available upon sign up and the list is impressive. Software applications are available to expand the number of personal information management software and desktop applications with which you can sync. These include Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Palm Desktop, ACT!, GoldMine, Microsoft Outlook with Business Contact Manager and Novell GroupWise.

There is no charge to access Google Calendar or any of the Google products from your phone or handheld device but your mobile device operator may charge you extra for certain added services.

As mentioned above there are various plug ins available on the market to improve your compatibility between mobile devices and software calendars/ personal data programs.
For the busy physician or businessperson who is required to be out of the office and away from their online appointment scheduler software, the advantages of syncing your online appointment scheduler with your SmartPhone, iPhone or Blackberry device are many. Your busy schedule just became a little more tolerable and a lot more organized.