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Good telephone answering service a chiropractor’s must-have

December 2nd, 2008

Chiropractic clinics come in all shapes and sizes. There are large practices that operate with several professionals and a few office staff members. Others may have one provider and one receptionist. Some smaller practices may just have a solo provider who operates as his own receptionist, multi-tasking between providing care and answering calls. Regardless of the setup, all chiropractic clinics can benefit from the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of a high quality telephone answering service.

A virtual answering service is an automated response system that quickly and accurately handles patient phone calls ranging from appointment scheduling to transfer of emergency calls. Why would a bigger practice need a virtual answering service if they have staff people? The telephone answering service acts as a perfect backup receptionist in the even live agents are busy with a patient, on another line, completing daily reminder calls, or engrossed in other office tasks. Whereas a live receptionist can only handle one call at a time, sometimes not very efficiently, a virtual answering service could potentially book several appointments at once in a matter of moments. This frees up office staff to fulfill patient needs, complete other important tasks, and process insurance claims paperwork.

A backup receptionist is especially important in those smaller practices where one receptionist or even no receptionist is on hand. Multi-tasking in a busy small practice can be stressful for someone flying solo. Plus, taking restroom breaks, lunch breaks, and others create a need for an answering service solution. Some small town chiropractors may even opt to operate without a full time receptionist with the ability to use a virtual answering service to manage basic calls for scheduling appointments and other needs.

Another excellent reason for any chiropractic clinic to use a call answering service is for the need to offer an after-hours answering service. Again, many practices cannot afford to pay someone to answer phones 24/7. However, the moderate up front cost for a call answering service program is even more worth it if the solution can be used as the after-hours answering service. After-hours call support is important as many people attempt to schedule appointments, or may have urgent needs after business hours.

The reality is that the virtual answering service just makes sense for chiropractors concerned with driving revenue and making profit. It is much more affordable to buy a virtual answering service than it is to pay someone ongoing to perform call answering duties. The virtual answering service also does not suffer from human limitations. Stress and fatigue are common place in many medical offices as receptionists are overwhelmed and overworked.

A quality technology solution quickly manages patient calls, something that patients appreciate, does not get irritable or short with callers, and never needs a rest. Maintenance of a solution is very minimal. All of these great benefits of the call answering service should impress any chiropractor who wants to focus his or her time on patient care and not on managing stressed receptionists and dealing with poor office morale.


December 2nd, 2008

It is now official that the US is in a recession. It started almost a year ago and the effects have been felt far and wide. Big companies continue to downsize while the not so big ones are looking for ways of remaining afloat in these treacherous economic times. The medical profession has not been spared either and practitioners are desperate for ways of retaining their clients as they endeavor to attract new ones. With the profession growing every new day the competition keeps on increasing. It takes experience, professionalism and apt customer care skills to maintain a loyal client base. Things like a good phone answering service may seem minor but if poorly handled its effects may be disastrous.

During peak hours clients may try to call and fail to get through because the line is busy. To avert the negative effects that this brings to your business, invest in a reliable physician answering service. A good physician answering service will handle all the incoming calls with outstanding efficiency. It can handle many calls at the same time thus reducing the inconveniences of clients having to wait on the line.

In addition, good physician answering service can prioritize calls and have the urgent ones get to you without delay. This makes your services very reliable and patients will trust you to always deliver especially when they need you most. A 24/7 doctor answering service guarantees your clients attention any time of day or night at an affordable cost.

With the prevailing economic times, investing in a virtual answering machine will save your business in terms of operating costs because the service does not require any maintenance. As far as productivity is concerned, a physician answering service performs way better than a human answering service because it does not get tired. The service does not ‘sleep on the job’ and there is no need to supervise how it is working unlike with humans. This will free and save you a lot of time.

An automated doctor answering service relieves your staff of tiresome and boring tasks and enables them to engage in other more important activities. By investing in this service you will offer more personalized attention to your clients and thus building their loyalty. The clients will feel appreciated and will find no need of looking for alternative services. Well, you may ask, ‘but, I can get the same from a human answering service by hiring more staff?’

A live answering service can do but at a higher cost. Human beings cannot handle many tasks at once. Thus, your clients will have to hold on the line in case there are many incoming calls at the same time. Human beings can also be unpredictable and their reactions are influenced by the external factors around them. As much as they may try mistakes are inevitable and with the ongoing credit crunch some mistakes can prove to be very costly both now and in the distant future.

So, try out something new this time round. Find for yourself how an automated answering service can completely turn around your medical profession. As other businesses count their losses be smart and see your clientele grow. That’s one sure way of beating the credit crisis!

Call answering service preferred by dental patients

December 2nd, 2008

For many people, dealing with irritable receptionists, being left on hold, or wasting time trying to schedule a dental appointment is more stressful and painful than anything that could happen in a dental chair. Dental care, though obviously important and necessary, is something that many people do not often look forward to. In order to make the overall experience more inviting and less overwhelming, dental providers need to make the process of scheduling appointments and getting assistance less of a burden. The virtual answering service is a big help in making this happen.

A virtual call answering service can help dental providers, their staffs, and patients alike. Personalized customer service is still important to most people. In an ideal scenario, a person calling a dentist office would have his or her call immediately picked up, answered, and the issue resolved. Unfortunately, humans are managing the front desk process and are therefore prone to human limitations and emotions. Good receptionists can still become overwhelmed with in-clinic patients, phone calls, and completing laborious insurance paperwork. Plus, a human can typically only handle one telephone call at a time. This means that if one receptionist is running a front desk, one caller is going to be responded to at a time.

So, what do dental patients prefer understanding the ideal scenario described above is not always feasible. Most people would suggest that an efficient response to their needs is a close substitute to personalized attention in certain circumstances. A large number of calls to a dental practice relate to appointment scheduling or questions. A virtual call answering service can respond better in many cases to the need for efficiency. Whereas humans have limitations, a top call answering service is an excellent multi-tasker. It can typically handle multiple phone calls at once and assist callers with routine tasks such as scheduling appointments.

A 24/7 medical answering service also supports the need of many dental providers to offer an after-hours answering service. For many, paying a live agent to respond to after-hours phone calls is not cost-effective. However, a virtual answering service that requires a moderate up front cost and little to no ongoing maintenance makes perfect sense as a solution to help schedule appointments and meet other needs in an after-hours dental office scenario.

Surprisingly to some patients, a virtual answering service is also more often the more efficient method for getting immediate transfer to a provider in an emergency. Dental practices may not often deal with emergencies, but tooth pains and urgent dental care does happen after hours at times. Sometimes, people simply cannot wait until the next day or next appointment time to get their problems resolved. Whereas people can be tires or irritable in assisting with emergency care calls, a virtual answering service is… well… a machine. The 24/7 medical answering service is a great support for patients of any dental practice as it helps as a backup receptionist by day, and as an after-hours answering service by night.

Psychiatrists need after-hours call answering service

November 30th, 2008

It is not just a practical issue, in some places; it is a legal requirement that psychiatrists who operate a licensed practice offer an after-hours call answering service. Given the unstable nature of the minds and emotions of some psychiatric patients, medical providers need to enable those that are on the edge to have access to emergency care through an after-hours call answering service. Psychiatry has been known as a stressful occupation. Some practitioners can become overwhelmed with taking on the emotional and mental burden of their patients. However, the cost-effective and high-performing support offered by an excellent call answering service can be a tremendous relief and allows the provider to focus on vital patient care.

Mental and emotional problems do not always build in patients at ideal times. Some suffer with trouble after hours and need immediate help. Though a psychiatrists may not immediately be available to assist, and realistically cannot always be expected to, the virtual answering service can direct a caller to the appropriate medical provider in an emergency. In fact, a virtual answering service is typically more accurate and efficient and emergency call processing than live receptionists. Many patients of medical offices can share stories about calling for urgent care or emergency needs and having their message forgotten or delayed. Mental emergencies do not have time for delays and the immediate processing of an emergency call is vital.

Truthfully, for many psychiatrists, a 24/7 medical answering service is an important business requirement as well. Many psychiatry clinics cannot afford to pay the expense of hiring someone to answer phone calls when the practice is closed. Plus, an after-hours employee would likely be working without supervision, and must deal with stress and fatigue that can come from working late nights or overnight shifts. The call answering service does not suffer from the human limitations people face and its cost is modest compared to a live receptionist. A virtual answering service can be purchased with a moderate up front cost and a good one typically requires little to no ongoing maintenance. This means the practice gets to use the advantages of the call answering service without dealing with the disadvantages of an after-hours employee.

Patient relationships are important to psychiatrists. Patients of psychiatry clinics need to feel that they are valued by the practice. This means that whenever a need arises, the patient knows he or she can count on the psychiatrist or the call answering service to help resolve the issue that has come up. The after-hours answering service is not just there to provide help in emergency needs. Many patients simply appreciate the ability to schedule appointments after hours when there is no concern about a busy signal, being left on hold, or dealing with an irritated receptionist. A good virtual answering service can take on multiple phone calls at once, assist callers with appointment scheduling, and even deal in multiple languages. Whether it is for legal or practical reasons, a virtual answering service is a necessary investment for any psychiatry practice.

Optometrists rely on after-hours answering service

November 30th, 2008

Like many other medical providers, optometrists cannot afford to miss out on opportunities for scheduled appointments or follow up visits. Unfortunately, many clinics can also not afford the costs to employ someone to answer phone calls 24/7. The amount of demand and emergency needs that might come up are rarely enough to justify another employee who requires labor and benefits expenses and management. There is another great option now for many providers to meet the practical, and sometimes legal, needs for an after-hours answering service. The 24/7 medical answering service is a virtual answering service designed to fit the gaps that optometrists have in service when there is no other practical option.

Though most optometry clinics are not open after hours, many patients in today’s busy environment want to schedule appointments efficiently without the hassle of dealing with a busy and overwhelmed receptionist. One of the main benefits of a top class virtual answering service is that it is able to manage multiple phone calls at once. Callers can typically complete appointment scheduling more quickly and accurately than they could with a receptionist.

A call answering service can do more than just help with appointment scheduling. Though emergency phone calls to an optometrist are not always common, it is important that the provider be equipped to handle any urgent eye care needs that may come up. Some patients may have trouble with recent treatments or care. Others may have other situations that arise at odd hours. The after-hours answering service can be neatly programmed to transfer emergency care calls to the appropriate provider as necessary. This is often more efficient than a live receptionist can handle an urgent care call in the midst of a busy day with patients and paperwork.

For budget-conscious optometry practices, a good virtual answering service can also be obtained with a modest up front cost and little to no ongoing maintenance. There are very little hardware and software demands and the service is easy to customize and use. The same can not always be said about employees. Medical receptionists are notoriously overwhelmed with multitasking. They become stressed and tired and can become irritable during important patient interaction. This is not good in the competitive eye care industry where patients have choices on where to go for care. The virtual answering service does not become stressed or tired. It is accurate and cost-effective.

A good after-hours answering service helps with many important business processes that can make or break an optometry practice. Even good optometrists must be fiscally responsible. An after-hours answering service helps with acquisition of new patients who may opt to call for assistance or appointment scheduling after work or when the office is closed. It is also vital for maintaining patient relationships. Clinic patients may not last long if they must deal with busy or stressed receptionists to make appointments. As is the case in any competitive arena, if one practice does not offer an after-hours call answering service, another does.

Automated Answering Service is Medical Office’s Best Helper for the Holidays

November 30th, 2008

The holidays are a wonderful time for brightly colored lights, office parties and goodwill. It is also the time that your medical office receptionist and other staff members will want to take a big chunk of their vacation days off. They have worked hard for you all year round dealing with often chaotic office conditions. They need time off to rejuvenate and it’s the holiday season.

Holidays or no holidays, patients get sick and need to see you. You still need a medical office front desk receptionist, as well as other valued staff. Patients command attention. Appointments need to be made and tracked. Emergencies never seem to understand holidays. As the crunch comes, you have to juggle factors like who has seniority and who worked extra hours throughout the year to decide who gets what days off. All you really ever signed up for was to treat patients. This business management stuff is probably not your strong suit. I know it was new to me.

I would suggest moving to an automated medical receptionist as your answering service. This automated answering service will make appointments, answer phones, and coordinate many medical front desk issues. There are reliable remote receptionist services that can do reliably handle routine, but very important parts of your medical office operations.

Automated answering service will be any medical office’s best Helper, brought to you by modern technology!

No matter what you need to do in order to manage your office holiday vacation requests, a 24/7 back up receptionist can handle the appointment scheduling and keep your office running smoothly. You will have a virtual answering service, online appointment scheduler, automated reminder service and web-based backup technology to assist in those short staffed times. The right virtual medical office receptionist will give you the room to let your real receptionist take time. The programs work so efficiently and do so many office tasks that you may have to be reminded to schedule your medical receptionist for work after the new year!

A web-based doctor appointment scheduling service not only takes the hassle out of holiday vacation musical chairs, but it can be used all year round. Medical staff turnover is high in medical offices, especially the medical receptionist position. While you are trying to make everyone happy during the holidays, certain programs can lessen the load all year long. With mundane responsibilities taken off your medical staff’s shoulders, they are freed up to provide better patient care. Unhappy staff members project their displeasure onto patients; patients that may already be apprehensive about their care. When your staff is happy, they are better able to make patients feel welcome and important. Whether you realize it or not, patients that feel good about their care in turn, perceive you as a good doctor. While you may be the best doctor this side of Galen, patients must realize that you are a good doctor for it to matter. Happy patients mean healthier patients (and fewer lawsuits!).

When you have a medical assistant online all year, office staff can focus on patient care, the job detail that attracted them to medicine in the first place. Then by next holiday season, you will not be juggling so many schedules and maybe, just maybe, your remaining staff may not be so anxious to take time off!

Psychiatrists find virtual answering service responds better in emergencies than live answering service

November 26th, 2008

Today many medical professionals are required by law to offer after-hours physician answering service. This is especially important in psychiatry given the sometimes unstable nature of the patient. A good doctor answering service must be able to efficiently and accurately manage emergency calls in a pinch.

A 24/7 virtual answering service is not only a cost-effective alternative for practices that do not want to pay expensive live agent in call center to answer phones after hours, it tends to perform better than live answering service with regard to processing emergency phone calls.

Often, patients that make calls to a psychiatrist are looking for immediate help. Some of the most extreme cases of mental and emotional instability require that the patient have the ability to contact a professional in quick order. Unfortunately, agents with live answering service are themselves stressed and burdened at times with high call volum and tasks. This causes delays in responding to emergency needs, or a lack of empathy for a patient who may be dealing with emotional struggles.

A top virtual answering service does not bring the same human struggles and limitations that come with a live agent. A 24/7 automated medical receptionist performs consistently and reliably day or night, without irritation, stress, or fatigue. Instead of being placed on hold, left to wait, or forgotten about, a patient is efficiently and accurately transferred to the appropriate emergency care provider when a call is processed by the medical answering service.

What makes the virtual receptionist even more valuable is that it is much less expensive than a live answering service to employ and maintain. People are paid, receive benefits, and sometimes require, coaching, incentives, and other motivation. The virtual receptionist simply performs as it is trained to do with no questions, complaints, or inappropriate behaviors. A good virtual phone answering service can be acquired by a psychiatrist for a moderate up front cost with very little ongoing maintenance time and expense. It can be customized to meet the needs of the individual practice.

Emergency situations are not the only occasion in which the virtual answering service performs either. Live agents can only receive and handle one phone call at a time. A virtual receptionist can process multiple phone calls at once, separate emergency from non-emergency calls, and ensures that patients do not leave your psychiatry practice because they are ignored or inconvenienced.

A top of class virtual medical receptionist can assist patients with scheduling appointments as well. This is obviously a big plus for any medical practice where appointment booking is a major resource cost on front desk. Ultimately when we add up all advantages and benifts a virtual receptionist can deliver (lower cost, reliable consistant performance, appointment booking), it should be clear that it is a much better business solution against conventional call center live agent.

Psychiatrists love virtual answering service

November 25th, 2008

Many small to medium sized psychiatrist practices struggle with balancing fiscal responsibility with legal and ethical obligations. Though some providers in some areas are legally required to offer an after-hours answering service, many professionals cannot afford to pay someone to cover phones after hours. The labor and benefits expense is likely too much given the fact that no revenue is generated while the office is closed. The challenge then is for psychiatrists to meet the need of offering an after-hours call service without bearing the expense of paying someone to deliver it. What is the “answer”? A top of the line virtual answering service is the best solution to efficiently answer calls with only an up front cost and little to no ongoing maintenance.

A virtual medical answering service is a technology that is able to handle multiple phone calls at one time, while working with callers to set up new appointments and transferring them to providers in cases of emergency. Given the unstable nature of some of the patients that psychiatrists work with, the ability to be efficiently contacted when a patients is in dire situations is vital. Obviously, the provider does not want to sit by the phone all day. A virtual call answering service is typically more efficient than even a live receptionist at transferring emergency calls as it skips delays and interruptions.

Along with the fact that a virtual answering service requires little ongoing investment, it also does not struggle with human limitations. Psychiatrist clinics can sometimes be stressful places. Receptionists often deal with patients, phone calls, office tasks, and insurance paperwork. Juggling all of these can be stressful and exhausting. People may become irritable and inefficient when stressed or tired. The medical answering service does not face these limitations. It performs endlessly and tirelessly despite being able to take on multiple calls at once and never getting a break. Additionally, many virtual answering service solutions come equipped with a multilingual answering service capability in order to effectively respond to calls from a population that is become more and more diverse in culture and in language.

The business advantages offered by a best in class virtual call answering service are many. It is not only a good tool for use as an after-hours answering service, it can also function well as a backup receptionist. If the live receptionist is away from the desk, working with a patient, or on another line, the virtual answering service steps in to take the call. Although most people would prefer to talk to a live agent if one is readily available, they also prefer to work through a virtual answering service if it is immediate, effective, and hassle-free. It is better to let a great virtual answering service help your patients set up appointments than to make them wait on hold or face a repeated busy signal every time they call your clinic. The virtual medical answering service can improve appointment scheduling and reduce the stress for your live receptionist.

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