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Protect Yourself by Using Pre-Paid Appointment Program

November 22nd, 2009

Every medical practice needs a good appointment scheduling program in order to make it easy to get in touch with the patients. Whenever you make an appointment with a patient, you set some time apart for this service. Now, think of the situation where the patient fails to come for the scheduled appointment. It is not only frustrating and a waste of time, but also costs you money. This is just one of the many reasons why you should consider a pre-paid appointment scheduling program.

When a patient misses the scheduled medical appointment for whatever reason, you may have a system whereby you charge some fee, which may be a percentage of what the patient should have paid. While this is not a bad way of protecting yourself, it has a number of limitations. Let me ask you, how do you track and collect the fee? Is it easy? You will certainly spend time hunting down the debtors, who will not be prepared to pay for a service they did not get, according to their perspectives.

This hide-and-seek situation has serious consequences, as it damages the relationship between you and your patients. It also results in invisible costs, since you will fail to receive revenue that would have been yours. A pre-paid appointment program will easily avoid this unfortunate situation.

Here is an overview of how a pre-paid appointment scheduling program functions. When a patient makes a medical appointment, he or she will be required to deposit a small fee during the booking process. This is something that the patient does willingly as a show of good faith.

The pre-paid appointment scheduler has a number of benefits, examples of which are:

• Protecting you against financial loss:

In case the patient fails to come for the scheduled appointment, you will already have some fee to protect you from what could have been wasted time. As we have mentioned, it is difficult to collect the fees you may charge for such no-shows.

• Making the patients be more committed:

It will be less likely for the patients to fail to show up while they have already made some prior payments. This will help to reduce patient no-shows, thereby increasing your revenue.

• Maintaining good relations

Since the patients make the payments beforehand and wilfully, there will not be any sour taste between you and them.

A pre-paid appointment program is a boon to your business that you should take advantage of in order to protect yourself from financial loss.