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Cut down on human error with a virtual receptionist

November 25th, 2008

Human error has long been recognised as one of the biggest obstacles to improving productivity, efficiency and quality of service. Just look at the improvements inventions such as cash machines, vending machines and now self-service supermarket checkouts have made to our quality of life.

The same principle can be now be applied to a medical reception desk using an automated answering service.

Upgrade and improve

Whether someone is looking to improve on the service their front desk currently offers, or simply to provide an out-of-hours service for patients, a virtual medical office receptionist will be there to help with every need.

A virtual medical receptionist will man your front desk 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It can schedule appointments, provide natural conversations with patients in their own language, divert emergency calls to the correct number when necessary and even remind your patients of their appointments, thus slashing the costly no-shows from which practices currently suffer.


You can often try a service for free with a one-month trial, and should you decide to keep it, you could find it is a much more cost-effective option than a live agent.

A virtual receptionist will never call in sick, never be late for work, never need a holiday and never go on strike! It is easy to use and maintain and exceptionally reliable.

You will find that your practice improves, both in terms of business efficiency and also in patient satisfaction, because a virtual receptionist works the hours that they do. Whether they call at four o’clock in the morning or 10 o’clock at night, it will be there to take their call.

Never miss a call

A virtual receptionist can distinguish and therefore separate emergency calls from non-emergency calls, so only really urgent situations will be diverted. And you can be assured that when they are, they will be connected to the correct number without any delay.

No longer need you be interrupted by unnecessary calls, or risk missing a vitally-important message, your 24/7 medical answering service will take care of it for you.

Multi-task without hiring more staff

Your current receptionist can only handle one call at a time. This is no slight on them, they are only human, but it means that if you have an exceptionally busy day, some patients may not be able to get through to you.

There are no such problems with a virtual receptionist, which can handle multiple calls regardless of the call length or reason. You need not worry about loss of calls due to telephone congestion any more, as all calls with be handled simultaneously, and with exceptional service and dependability.

No longer will there be the constant sound of ringing, unanswered phones from your medical reception desk, as instead of your staff constantly being on the phone making appointments and generally attending to the callers, the virtual receptionist will be there to handle their every need. This means that your reception staff will have the time free to concentrate on patients who are actually in the building.

Why you need to consider investing in a remote receptionist service

November 21st, 2008

Most businesses if not all require excellent customer relations in order to flourish and a healthcare business is no different. Businesses interact with people on many levels; from the customers to the suppliers and everybody else in the supply chain. One area though, that requires well polished people skills is the receptionist desk. The front desk receptionist can break or make a company. This can’t be truer for a medical practitioner’s business.

When clients visit your medical facility the first person they meet with is your office front desk receptionist. They get clearance from the reception desk before proceeding to be served by you. A bad experience with the receptionist substantially reduces their desire to visit your clinic again. Apart from clearing clients, it is the work of the front desk receptionist to schedule appointments with various clients, remind others of upcoming visits, handle cancelled appointments, receive calls from potential and existing clients etc. To manage all this well needs you to find a very good receptionist. That however does not guarantee you that you will not have chaos in case there is an upsurge in the number of clients visiting your facility. At one time your medical front desk maybe required to handle more than three calls as well as other clients who maybe on the line waiting to be served. This creates a very charged atmosphere at the work place and at the end of the day you will also breathe a sigh of relief!

While your health care receptionist may try all that is humanly possible to handle the situation there is no doubt that he or she will only do what is humanly possible. It is probable that during a busy working day an important call won’t get through to you because your receptionist just can’t handle the work. It is human; and humans will only do what is humanly possible. So, what do you do to prevent your health care business from undergoing this negative downward spiral? The first thing that usually comes to your mind is to hire another medical office assistant. ‘He or she has to be very good in multi tasking’, you whisper to yourself. The truth however, is that at one point in time the two receptionists will have more than they can handle. It is bound to happen unless your business is not growing. That is why the idea of a virtual medical office receptionist is a very viable option.

A 24/7 medical reception is a sure way of relieving yourself, other staff and even clients of undue stress that characterizes modern day work environment. A medical office assistant online allows you and your staff to concentrate on important issues that involve serving the patients as the more mundane activities are handled by the remote receptionist A good virtual medical office receptionist will receive calls from your clients, schedule appointments, make reminder calls, handle cancelled appointments and most importantly make your clients happier. A service based industry should always count it as a plus when the clients register their satisfaction. They will be very willing to use your service again. An excellent online medical office receptionist can do even more and will sure be an asset to your business. There are many remote receptionist service providers but few can actually deliver what you would really want.

Therefore, do some thorough background research and find a good 24 hours a day, 7 days a week medical reception service provider for your business. It will proof to be the thing you have always wanted. You will always look forward to a new working day!

This Medical Front Desk Receptionist Never Leaves the Office

November 21st, 2008

Every medical office strives to have the most competent and capable front desk receptionist personnel possible but humans being human we have failings that will sometimes effect our employment. We are not always operating at 100% efficiency. As an employer we must give a certain amount of latitude to our staff and excuse “off days” when they occur. When the problems are a result of the medical practice itself not offering proper support to existing staff then a problem exists that must be resolved.

Medical front desk receptionists are under the gun in a stressful environment daily and having proper back up is imperative for the smooth running of your operation and the mental health of your employee. Automated assistance may be just what the doctor ordered to relieve the stress for your medical receptionist. When your medical receptionist is busy talking to patients at the front desk, answering phone lines, scheduling appointments in person or over the phone, and generally looking after a potentially packed waiting room full of patients, help should be available to them.

Automated medical front desk receptionist systems are being used now more than ever with an aging population and multicultural patients requiring medical services more frequently, your medical front desk personnel will have an ally they can count on when the going gets tough. Answering phones, scheduling appointments, making appointment reminder calls and after hour back up assistance are all available in a professional and customizable software technology that is extremely simple to own and operate.

Imagine the benefits of knowing you will never miss an important call because your back up medical front desk receptionist is on duty supporting your human medical receptionist when things begin to get frantic. As a medical practitioner you are busy treating your patients and necessarily so, but you must take an objective look at the operation of your practice and make decisions that could affect the overall fitness of your business.

By testing and introducing medical office assistant software, you are making a sensible decision that will bode well for your office efficiency and the general well-being of your other employees. They will be reenergized by the fact you recognize their plight on a daily basis and appreciate the fact you took the lead in choosing to move forward with a solution to the challenges they face.

Could you count on your current medical front desk receptionist to come to you with a complaint about being overworked and stressed out? Not many employees would have the nerve to make such a suggestion and would rather fall on their sword than suggest a solution that will cost you money. As a business owner AND a medical professional you have an obligation to your staff to observe their performance and commit to solutions to enhance office profitability and proficiency.

Being a capable medical front desk receptionist requires a skill set that not everyone has. It may appear to be a simple job but it is challenging, and one that requires oversight and back up that can be counted on.

What Can a Virtual Medical Office Receptionist Do For Your Practice?

November 13th, 2008

A virtual medical office receptionist can be a virtual money saver for the physician’s and healthcare providers. It will be a virtual timesaver for patients and medical staff. With this type of system you have a 24/7 medical receptionist at your service for a minimal cost compared to having a live agent answering your calls, setting appointments and doing reminder calls.

The automated medical office receptionist software is designed to be a backup to the medical front desk receptionist. It will not interfere with or affect the routine of the staff doing this task. It is created and designed to answer calls only when the person calling your office can’t get an immediate answer. This enables the automated health care receptionist to handle calls when the regular medical receptionist is away from the desk or after-hours.

Virtual medical receptionist systems that are web-based are the best choice due to the fact there is no hardware to maintain and no complicated software to install. These types of services that are fee based are cost effective and can have all of the advantages of a hiring a medical receptionist without the expense or having to train someone.

An online scheduler can be a time-saving tool for both medical staff and the patients. This software is customizable and can be used by traditional physicians and other healthcare professionals including chiropractors, psychologists, and massage services or all types of spa treatments. Automated online appointment scheduling allows a patient or client to set appointments by interacting with the voice recognition software and using user friendly interfaces.

Systems which have high tech innovative features will also include automated appointment reminder software. Using this type of system can decrease the amount of no-shows which will affect your bottom-line. It will also decrease the time that the front desk medical receptionist has to spend trying to reschedule missed appointments. The extra time this software saves the staff can be used to increase overall patient satisfaction. It allows more time to do spend with the actual patients and not on the phone.

The high-tech automated reminder programs have features that will relay messages in several languages. The software is customizable so the physician or healthcare provider can set options to the specific needs of their patients. Some services offer features which gives you the option to relay personalized messages that are put into the system.

By using a virtual medical receptionist you would have a system which would handle online appointment scheduling, appointment reminder calls and be a phone answering service all-in-one package. This would reduce cost and time spent interviewing and training additional employees. The medical staff would spend less time on tedious and mundane tasks and be able to spend more quality time with patients.

Patient satisfaction would increase due to the fact they would have the option of scheduling appointments online and be able to reach the physician after-hours incase of an emergency. Overall this type of solution would lower over head costs and increase the bottom-line of the business.

Optimize Your Medical Practice with a Virtual Medical Receptionist

November 12th, 2008

What do most people do when they can’t get through to their doctor’s office to schedule an appointment? Or when they need to speak to the doctor right away but they’re put on eternal hold?

They hang up and call another doctor.

Sometimes getting through to the doctor’s office to schedule an appointment, or speak to a staff member can be very frustrating. The staff is backed up with work trying to file, process insurance claims, schedule appointments, and check patients in and out. It can be frustrating for the patient, and even a nightmare, if the patient’s call is urgent.

Many medical receptionists will tell you that they leave the office at the end of the day feeling mentally and physically exhausted. The front office staff can easily get pulled in many different directions throughout the day, and the demands of the field can leave them feeling overwhelmed, cranky, and unappreciated.

It is often said that the medical receptionist is the glue that binds a physician’s practice together. They are the ones that are responsible for keeping the office flowing and working like clockwork. But if the attitude of the receptionist fails due to being overworked, or understaffed, it can have a variety of affects on the practice, including the office coming to a stand-still.

There are a number of reasons for a breakdown in an office:

(1) The office is understaffed and the receptionist is overworked.

(2) There is a sudden overflow of workload. i.e. everything happens at the same time.

(3) Too many responsibilities put on one person.

If the workload is dispersed evenly, the medical receptionist will be more apt to get the things done she needs to, to keep the office functioning at its optimum level where patients will get the attention they need and deserve, and the doctor will be able to dedicate his time to patient care. That is where a virtual medical receptionist comes in. An automated receptionist can do what most receptionist do: She can take calls and make appointments, and give appointment reminder calls. For the patient, they always are able to get hold of someone. Even if the office staff is busy, the virtual receptionist will answer the call and either take your appointment or connect you to the right person.

For a busy medical practice, a virtual receptionist will keep the office running smoothly, stepping in when everyone else’s hands are tied. Furthermore; she is never rude, curt, or in a rush. She will handle the situation with efficiency and will make running a medical practice of any sorts, easier, and with less stress for everyone.

Physician will soon see a virtual receptionist the best employee they ever hired; A virtual receptionist works 24/7, cost a fraction of minimal wages, will never take sick leave, requires no on the job training.

A medical assistant will find benefits from her help too; virtual medical receptionist means no more interruptions for non-emergency calls. She will get the calls to the right person all while the medical assistant is able to keep up with her responsibilities in patient care.

The virtual medical secretary is a cost effective way to enhance your office and give it the efficiency of having more staff, without having the extra staffing costs. With its easy set-up, and low set-up fees, can your practice afford not to have one?

Benefits to Using a Virtual Medical Receptionist

November 11th, 2008

A virtual medical receptionist is an easy cost effective solution to assist physicians, clinical staff and patients in a healthcare facility. A virtual medical receptionist uses a speech recognition based scheduling system which can handle appointment reminder calls. The web appointment scheduler can be used as a backup receptionist and there is the ability to have after-hours answering service.

These types of solutions are usually fee based. The medical practice pays a monthly fee and has the opportunity to choose from a variety of packages which will fit the needs of their particular facility. The physician is able to pick and choose which type of service is right for them. They can choose to use only one solution or to use all of the services available.

The benefits of using this type of solution are many, including; being an economical solution for a medical office which has a shortage of staff. It can decrease patient no-show revenue losses with the use of the appointment reminder. The medical staff is able to spend less time on the phones scheduling appointments and making reminder calls which leaves them more time to interact with the patients. Patients have the ability to make appointments anytime and are not limited to just office hours.

Most appointment schedulers are customizable and have the ability to work for all medical specialties and for all types of healthcare service providers including chiropractors, spa and massage services. The systems allow for customizing the name of the service, when the service is available and what type of appointments can be set by a patient. Once you have set up specific and defined appointment profiles the software will function according to the restrictions you have set.

Automated telephone reminder applications have the ability to call patients and remind them of their scheduled appointments. The innovative ones will be able to provide reminder calls in various languages and provide the healthcare provider with logs detailing exactly when the call was made and if the reminder was delivered.

Telephone reminder applications with sophisticated technology will be able to detect the difference between a person’s voice and an answering machine or message service. Usually these systems will recall patients at different times until they have delivered the message. By using this system healthcare providers can dramatically cut costs and time spent manually making appointment reminder calls.

The automated response front desk backup receptionist and after-hour answering services usually provide the physician or healthcare provider with a telephone number and they have the ability to choose when the back-up service is to be used. This service can be used immediately, when the office line is busy or if there is no answer. Applications which have high-tech innovative software can take care of patient calls for appointments, emergency calls and voicemails. This type of service is very cost effective compared to the cost of having a live agent answering service.

Any medical practice or healthcare provider can benefit by using a virtual medical receptionist. These types of solutions can cut cost by doing tasks which frees up the medical staff so they can focus on patient care. There isn’t a need to worry about high medical staff turn-over rates or the cost and time needed to train new personnel. Patients are happier due to the fact that they wont’ be waiting on hold or repeatedly getting a busy signal. This type of system will save time and money for any type of medical practice or healthcare provider.

An Unexpected Business Dinner

November 11th, 2008

Do you remember when you wanted to be a doctor so that you could help people and treat diseases? Did you ever anticipate the amount of “business” that would be required in order to practice medicine? I am hiring. I am firing. I am making out work schedules and calling in people to cover when the person on the schedule cannot come in to work. Okay, I know what you are thinking. You are thinking I should just hire an office manager (you could be right, but keep reading). I run a solo Internal Medicine practice and when I crunched the numbers (another business skill I never learned in medical school but sort of learned along the way) the cost of an office manager was not in the budget. I had to figure out what my overhead was going towards, what I could cut (or add) and what I could do to get out of the office before eight in the evening every day.

As I was complaining to a colleague over dinner (a colleague with a much more business-oriented mind), she suggested that I look into eliminating personnel. At first I could not imagine cutting back at all. I felt like a whirling dervish from the moment I unlocked the front door until the last note was signed or the last insurance form completed. Not only that, but I had trouble keeping staff, letting any go just did not seem possible. She must have read the perplexed (panicked?) look on my face. She suggested that I look into a virtual receptionist. I asked her half seriously, “You want me to hire a robot?” She laughed and I laughed but I still waited for her response.

She told me that she was able transfer the duties of a front desk receptionist to the equivalent of a virtual medical office receptionist. The best part was the service is that it is available 24/7. Apparently this one program could act as a patient appointment scheduler, appointment reminder, medical answering service and 24/7 medical reception. This colleague and friend asked me to consider what I was spending on a receptionist, office management software and a medical answering service combined. Then she told me what she pays for access to this web-based doctor appointment scheduling program. Even though I do not have the strongest mind for business, I know how to save money.

Of course I had a lot of questions. For instance, is this system secure? I did not want my patient information out on the ether for everyone to see. In turns out that many programs are fully HIPAA compliant and secure. Will my patients think this computer is an impersonal way of communicating? She first asked glibly, “How congenial is your front desk staff now?” Point taken. She went on to explain that her online medical office assistant has a natural voice dialogue and responds interactively. As far as the software operating as physician answering service, her program operates as a 24/7 medical answering service, schedules appointments (!) and even triages patient calls. I could not believe this it first, but when I investigated on my own (Yes, I checked. It seemed a little too good to be true), she was right. Some packages will identify emergent calls and put them through to appropriate emergency contacts immediately. The medical appointment scheduling feature was amazing. Parents can call my office or use an online appointment scheduler to set up a time to see me, essentially self-service patient appointment scheduling. I picked up the tab at dinner that night, but as far as I am concerned it was a business expense!

How to help your Medical Front Desk Assistant?

November 6th, 2008

When your office is ready to hire a medical front desk assistant you will need to know what to expect from the one you hire. Hiring staff is always hard to do because you want to find someone who is dependable, reliable, and plans to stay there with you for quite a while. In order to do that you will need to offer something in return that will keep them at your office and not looking for something better on the other side.

Your medical front desk assistant will be the one that will set the impression that your patients will have on you. The medical front desk assistant will be in charge of answering the phones, greeting patients, scheduling appointments, preparing charts, billing, and more. The medical front desk assistant becomes the heart of a doctors’ office.

Because there are so many different jobs for the medical front desk assistant things can become hectic at times which can cause a delay in signing patients in, answering phones, scheduling appointments and assisting in other medical needs of the patients. There are several different ways that you can assist the medical front desk assistant to help him or her run the office more smoothly. This will have a positive affect on your patients and an overall increase in business just due to the fact that it is organized and all your patients’ needs are met.

With an online scheduler patients can log onto your website in order to make or change an appointment. This will give your receptionist enough time to do other duties to keep your office running smooth. Online schedulers are also used for other reasons besides scheduling appointments. It can also call out to scheduled patients as a reminder of an appointment.

Other features of an online scheduling software includes tracking stats to let you know how many appointments were kept, how many were cancelled on time, and how many never called in to cancel or showed up. This will help you to reassess your business and make any necessary changes to be more successful if you need to do any changes.

The medical front desk assistant can have more time to handle your clients’ needs directly. There are other software programs out there to assist the assistant in running the office. These programs include virtual medical receptionist to help with the front office, and a medical answering service, just to name a few. A one time investment in a software program will keep your business running more smoothly and will reduce the chance of making costly mistakes and an overall loss in your business.

When your medical office assistant needs time off you will be able to count on the virtual assistant to help you through the day until your assistant can return. Your patients will be more satisfied with their overall visit to your office and will return.

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