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Online Scheduling Software with New Patient Registration A Breeze!

June 9th, 2009

How many times have patients sat in your office taking up valuable time filling out page after page of paperwork? And, how many times has your office staff had trouble reading the patient’s handwriting on the important documents as well? Not to mention how difficult it is to transfer all of this paperwork into electronic form and to transmit it to the insurance company! Well, that is all about to change with new online scheduling software with new patient registration. It’s the latest innovation that add to your online scheduling software . It is a unique feature you will wonder how you ever lived without.

This new program makes new patient registration a breeze! Patients can log on anytime during the day or night and fill out all of their paperwork online. Not only does this save time in the office, it saves the environment because everything is done electronically!

Patients simply fill in all of their personal information including name, address and Insurance Company and submit it via the 24/7 online patient registration system. What’s more: patients can also send a personal note to the doctor, and the doctor can send a personal note back. Not only does all of the patient’s information come across in a clear and concise way, the system also allows patients to schedule appointments online right then and there! This way, all of the patients information is stored electronically including all insurance information, medications the patient is taking, etc.

And, at a glance, patients can see what appointment times are available, and doctors can see what the day looks like. Another important part of this system is that once a patient registers, all involved parties are emailed. The patient receives an email reminding them of their appointment time, and includes a map and directions about how to get to the office! The office staff gets emailed a reminder that all of the paperwork is ready to be processed.

One important part of this 24/7 new patient registration system is that it improves communication between the patient and the doctor’s office. If a patient has a specific request for the appointment (for example- I need blood work!) then they can type that directly into the system and the doctor and his or her staff will see that. In addition the doctor can send a note that says, “don’t forget to fast for the blood test!” This is a great way to keep up good communication between doctor and patient.

Finally, all of this information can be synched with the office computer system and handheld devices if need be. This way, a doctor can see exactly who is coming in when. And, don’t worry – in this age of medical privacy, only the highest-level security programs are employed to keep everyone’s information safe.

Medical Appointment Scheduling For the 21st Century

December 4th, 2008

Patient satisfaction or employee well-being…if you had to choose one over the other, patient satisfaction would have to come out on top. Medical scheduling means you don’t have to choose one over the other. Patients should be happy making their own medical appointment scheduling and your front office staff can be freed from the stressful non-stop calls that interrupt their other office tasks.

Online scheduling has come a long way since it first came on the market in the 1990’s. Technology advancements are happening fast and furious and new versions of medical appointment scheduling voice recognition software with added features are reaching the market regularly. Beta testing new components is an ongoing occurrence. This is good news for forward thinking medical offices that are using older versions and looking to upgrade.

If you are in charge of a busy medical practice imagine the advantages of having an automated email appointment reminder available to your patients saving you time and keeping your office staff free to focus on more important issues. You would be able to track all outgoing emails and verify scheduling changes and cancellations. You would simply preprogram your automated medical appointment scheduler software and let it take care of business for you.

Medical scheduling with automated systems is big business and vendors have made sure they comply with those agencies with a vested interest in the medical community and patient care. That’s why you should consider purchasing your medical appointment scheduling system from a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act [HIPAA] compliant vendor who specializes in online doctor schedulers.

These medical appointment schedulers are designed to be safe and secure even though they are handling the most basic of patient information, you can be assured it will be locked down. In basic terms, SSL security means if you need to comply with privacy and security requirements an SSL Certificate enables encryption of sensitive information during online communication. Each SSL Certificate contains unique, authenticated information about the certificate owner and has two Keys, public and private. The public key enables encryption of information and the private key allows for deciphering of encrypted message at the server level. Patient information is safe.

Your medical appointment scheduler also comes with a feature that will provide data back ups for your peace of mind. In the event of a server malfunction or some other service interruption, you can rest assured that your online information could be reproduced with little fuss.

Customization of the features includes but is not limited to language preferences so you can communicate clearly with those patients whose first language is other than english. Messages can be changed to suit your practice or purpose.

Medical scheduling has never been more innovative and if used only in a back up capacity can change the morale of an office overnight. You will be content with the knowledge that your phone calls are being handled 24/7 by modern technology designed for your industry.