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Making the Most of Your Online Appointment Scheduler: More Features to Know

October 23rd, 2010

We have covered some of the features that you should definitely know to use the online appointment scheduling system to its true potential, which includes the automated appointment system, customizable form, and the online patient reminder. Here are more features that you can utilize to improve the bottom line and quality of your medical practice.

Prepaid appointment

You have provided an easy access for your patients to book appointments. Moreover, you also have an online patient appointment reminder in place that can remind them about their appointment. But life is still full of uncertain circumstances that may force your patients to not show up. In such a case, you can avoid incurring losses by using the prepaid appointment feature.

This is a nifty feature that allows you to collect payment from your patients prior to their visit. When they book their appointment, in order for them to secure an empty appointment slot, you can set the system so that they will have to pay for the appointment in full first. This means even if they don’t show up, you will not be incurring any loss of income.

Google calendar synchronization

Do you have trouble getting yourself up to speed to the appointment schedule of your patients? You’d be glad to know that you can use the online calendar synchronization feature to make sure that you have the latest schedule with you wherever you are. This feature is possible if you have a Google calendar account, as well as a smartphone such as a BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or the iPhone. Even though you are out of the office, you can have access to the patients’ schedule data.

Virtual Receptionist

Ever made a phone call to a company only to be greeted with a grumpy voice on the other line? No doubt you will be less keen on dealing with said company. Now, try to see things from the perspective of your patients. How would they feel if the calls that they make to your office are answered by your receptionist who happens to be in a bad mood? This would certainly give out a bad impression. A virtual receptionist, on the other hand, can always answer in a consistently friendly and warm voice. Further, it is multi-lingual and can handle multiple calls at the same time.

Top Reasons to Use an Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

October 1st, 2010

Effective and efficient – these are some characteristics that a medical practice should have in order for it to succeed in today’s  fierce competitive world. If you don’t feel that your medical office possess the two traits yet, it’s high time you invest in an online patient appointment scheduler. If you need more convincing, these are some reasons that should help you decide better.

1. Time and Cost-effective

Using an online patient appointment scheduler means providing ample time for your staff to focus on their core tasks. Understandably, it goes without saying that every phone call should be answered. But if it means distracting them from doing other important jobs, such as tending for the patients, then you should definitely have them do the former. The online scheduler is an effective backup that can replace most things that your receptionist can do. This includes taking phone calls from patients, as well as allowing patients to make appointments. You are saving both you and your patients’ time.

The fee for using an online appointment scheduler service is affordable and it can be renewed on a monthly basis. If you feel that it is helping your medical practice, which no doubt it will, then you can use it for the long run – as recommended.

2. Turn your office into a paperless one

Using an online appointment scheduler means turning your office into a paperless one. The use of paper can be reduced significantly, which in the end will boost productivity and save money. Since everything is done automatically by the computer and is stored electronically, you can easily get a patient’s file by a click of a button. No longer will you have to scour thousands of hard copy documents when a patient comes in.

3. Comes with a reliable patient reminder feature

An online appointment scheduling system also comes with a built-in patient reminder. This means you can significantly cut down on patient no-shows in your medical practice. Patients can set how they’d like to be contacted – either by phone call or text and e-mail messages. When you can reduce or eliminate patient no-shows, no doubt it will increase your bottom line.

Let Your Patients Fill Forms before Appointment

October 1st, 2010

While the use of forms in medical practice is not new, you do not have to use the forms in the same old way. Use this tried and tested method in a new way to serve your patients even better, which is what will bring the desired revenue. You should not wait until a patient has booked an appointment for you to use a form to collect necessary data. Let the patients fill the forms before coming for appointment by integrating the forms into your online medical scheduler.

The forms that you integrate into your medical appointment scheduling program will give you several advantages. They are easy to customize to suit the types of services you are offering. This means that the patients will fill forms that are specifically targeted to their needs. The forms will ask questions that are directly related to the type of appointment they want to make, and all they have to do is fill in the necessary details.

You will thus have pertinent information about the patients before they come for appointment, putting you in a better position to serve them more effectively. In addition, you will save time, as you will not try to get the details during the appointment. Appointment scheduling software that uses customizable forms will therefore help you to ‘kill two birds with the same stone’, as it were. You will use less time while you serve more patients better.

Such an online scheduler will help you to get more accurate information. The patients will take time to fill the necessary details, so you will not need to rush to take notes by hand, which is prone to errors. The electronic forms will also remove the need for paper forms, something that will not only help your medical practice but the world at large. You will play an important part in placing less demand for resources and helping to have a cleaner environment at the same time.

When you are shopping for a medical appointment program, look for one that integrates customizable forms that allow you to collect relevant information before appointment. Such an apparently simple add-on will go a long way in improving the efficiency of your medical practice.

Embrace Technology by Using An Online Doctor Appointment Scheduling System

August 23rd, 2010

If you are still running your medical office the medieval way, in other words, doing things manually; you may need some reminding that the year is now 2010. It is about time that you embrace technology to manage your medical office run more efficiently! If you are still on the fence about making that leap to the 21st century, understand that when you move to an automated system; it will definitely affect your bottom line positively — among other things. One such technology that has been used by thousands of those in the health-care industry is the online doctor appointment scheduling system.

The online doctor appointment scheduling system has all it takes to transform your good medical management into a flawless one. Basically, the system will allow patients to make their appointments at a time they feel most convenient. Your patients can log on to the appointment scheduling system easily and choose a time that they are free. Since everything is done automatically, you will not have to deal with errors and mistakes usually associated with manual management. There won’t be any overlapping of appointments, so both patients and doctors will truly benefit from the system.

The online appointment scheduling system can also be used as a medical answering service. This is especially useful if your medical office is bombarded with patients. Instead of burdening your medical staff to answer phone calls — when they should be focusing more on giving care to the patients — you can let the system answers every phone call with no hassle. What’s even better, the system can take more than one call at a time. So your patients will never experience any busy tone ever again while calling your medical office. The system can communicate in multiple languages, which include French, Chinese and English — the latter is the default language setting.

Another useful feature that the online scheduling system has is the patient reminding feature. This is very useful to cut down patient no-shows, because patients will be automatically reminded by the system about their appointments. They can choose to be contacted through different means at a time they feel most convenient.

To conclude, it is up to you to whether or not you want to embrace technology so that you don’t get left behind by your competitors. But we believe that you will make the right decision and choose to embrace it.

Add Customizable Forms to Your Online Scheduler

August 18th, 2010

When you are looking for the best  online appointment scheduling program for your medical practice, there are a number of important things you will need to consider. Your appointment scheduling software should be convenient to your patients, staff, and yourself. One of the ways through which you can achieve this is to use an online scheduler that gives you plenty of room in customizing it to suit your individual circumstances.

There are different types of customizations that you should be in a position to carry out. For instance, your medical appointment scheduling software should let you define the names, duration, time of service of your various types of appointments so that the patients will clearly know which type they need to book.

Wait, since US and Canadian doctors are using so many type of forms to collect information from their patients, what about we customize those forms and let patients fill the form BEFORE the appointment time?

GREAT! Another important feature that your self-service patient appointment scheduling program should give you is the ability to customize a form with questions that are relevant to each type of appointment you have. The patients who are booking their appointments via the service will get a form that asks them particular questions related to the appointments they are making. They will simply fill in the details that you need.

Using such a form during appointment scheduling has several benefits.

Since you will customize the questions depending on the type of appointment, you will be able to collect info on target questions. Say good bye to standard paper form. You collect your info efficiently, accurately and electronically.

When patients fill out the required form prior to appointment time,  you save time on appointment preparation and will be able to serve them better during appointment.

Looking for a online scheduler that allows you to add customized appointment forms for each type of appointment. Such a feature improves your business efficiency and patient service and will be a valuable add-on to have.

The Advantages of Using An Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

August 16th, 2010

Though you feel that you are already running your medical office efficiently, you do know that there’s always room for improvement? One way to make it run even more efficiently and effectively is to make your medical office automated. Not to say that you will be hiring robots or the likes, but simply get a system that can replace some of the manual processes usually involved in running the office. You shouldn’t shy away from technology, especially one that can increase your bottom line. One of the best systems that you can use to achieve that goal is the online patient appointment scheduling system.

The online patient appointment scheduling system has been recommended by doctors and medical offices around the country due to its reliability and dependability. When you have the system in place, it can schedule your patients’ appointments accurately. Meaning, there won’t be one slot occupied by two patients. The best thing about the system is that it can run unsupervised and with no human interference at all. Thus, reducing the risk of human errors. Patients can easily log in to the system and book the time slot they feel convenient the most. Easy, simple and efficient — both to your medical office and your patients.

Wait, there’s more! Using the advanced feature, the system will automatically synchronize the data with your online calendar, such as Google Calendar. Both doctors and patients will be able to view the data using smartphones, such as the iPhone and Blackberry. If somehow the doctor need to make some changes to the appointment, he can do so just by logging into the website. The changes made will also be informed directly to the patient.

If your medical office has been plagued by a large amount of patient no-shows,  you’d be glad to know that the system also has a feature that will remind the patients about their appointments. No more burdening your medical staff to do mundane works of manually calling the patients one by one to remind them of their appointments, the patient reminder system will do it automatically. Best of all, your patients can select how they would like to be reminded — either through text and e-mail messages or phone calls.

All in all, getting the online patient appointment scheduling system will not only make your medical office run more effectively, but it will also improve your bottom line — as you can reduce patient no-shows significantly.

Features of the best patient reminder

July 4th, 2010

On the market, you find many software tools that help in medical management. Nevertheless, if you get into the wrong hands, you lose money and the patients. It is, therefore, very important that you choose patient reminder that not only takes care about your patients but also helps your medical front office staff in day-to-day medical office management.

It is all about choosing the right tool on right time! You are utterly fed up tackling issues at your health care center and due to limitations of medical receptionist; you do not feel comfortable as there are lots of patients complaining about getting busy telephone tone most of the time. Right from booking patients’ appointments without overlapping the time to remind the patients about their forthcoming visits to the clinic, all these acts are to be done perfectly. Let us learn what an ideal patient reminder should do for you…

An ideal patient reminder should be capable to call the patients automatically. This should be done without any human interference. Setting the date and time, the system should call patients with its own and should remind them about their next appointments. Also, it should be able to notify them and remind them about their dietary plan and regimen as suggested by concerned health care provider.

Patient reminder system should also perform multiple tasks at health care center. For instance, it should be able to answer the patient serving as medical answering system. No matter how many calls the center receives at a time, the system should answer them all, altogether! No caller should receive the boring busy tone. This feature is useful during the programs such as medical camp (especially free of cost). Advanced feature like multiple language support (Spanish, French and Chinese etc) is also preferred to tackle foreigners as patients.

The system should be able to book patients’ appointments online. It should also have prepaid appointment system to avoid no-show cause patients that contribute in the loss of the revenue. Preferably, online doctor appointment scheduler should also have Google Sync option through which, the data is sent on handheld devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and Smartphone. A two way Google Sync is preferred as to modify the dates and timings according to the user’s schedule.

It is important to choose the system that help in medical management as well as generating revenue. It should work like a typical medical virtual receptionist.

Online Appointment Scheduler that Enables you Managing Clinic in Best Way

June 22nd, 2010

If you are not aware of what all tools are available on the market for better clinic (or medical office) management, it is high time to look into it and learn what you might have been missing since years! Specially designed online doctor appointment scheduler is a kind of virtual medical receptionist that not only tackles multiple tasks required in day-to-day medical office management, but can also help you generating more revenue without compromising the service quality.

In the field of medical practice, the management of scheduling the patients’ appointments, answering patients’ calls, reminding them about their diet and other regimens suggested by health care providers do matter to build good relationship. Online patient appointment scheduling software is the best way to deal with all things listed here.

Making medical office automated using online appointment scheduling system is useful to arrange the time allotted to patients to see the concerned health care provider. The patients can log in to the system and book their time slot according to their convenience without contacting the human medical front office executive. In this way, chances of miscommunication and time overlapping are reduced. A unique feature called Google Synchronization enables the user (you, as a doctor) to access the patients’ schedules online! The system synchronizes with Google Calendar and sends the data into your account that you can access using handheld devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and Smartphone. Also, a two-way synchronization allows you to reschedule the appointments as per your plan for the day or coming week.

Another features that come with virtual receptionist (online doctor appointment scheduling system) are its use as patient reminding system and medical answering tool. Setting the system as patient reminder can make you free from informing patients and reminding them about their diet, forthcoming visits to the clinic as it is done automatically by the system. Also, medical answering helps you to answer patients’ calls without any hassle. No caller would get busy tone in spite of all calling at the same time. You can also use multilingual function (setting it in different languages such as French, Chinese and Spanish etc).

Using Online Patient Appointment Scheduler cum Patient Reminder System is indeed a great step toward smooth and effective medical office management.

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