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Top Reasons to Use an Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

October 1st, 2010

Effective and efficient – these are some characteristics that a medical practice should have in order for it to succeed in today’s  fierce competitive world. If you don’t feel that your medical office possess the two traits yet, it’s high time you invest in an online patient appointment scheduler. If you need more convincing, these are some reasons that should help you decide better.

1. Time and Cost-effective

Using an online patient appointment scheduler means providing ample time for your staff to focus on their core tasks. Understandably, it goes without saying that every phone call should be answered. But if it means distracting them from doing other important jobs, such as tending for the patients, then you should definitely have them do the former. The online scheduler is an effective backup that can replace most things that your receptionist can do. This includes taking phone calls from patients, as well as allowing patients to make appointments. You are saving both you and your patients’ time.

The fee for using an online appointment scheduler service is affordable and it can be renewed on a monthly basis. If you feel that it is helping your medical practice, which no doubt it will, then you can use it for the long run – as recommended.

2. Turn your office into a paperless one

Using an online appointment scheduler means turning your office into a paperless one. The use of paper can be reduced significantly, which in the end will boost productivity and save money. Since everything is done automatically by the computer and is stored electronically, you can easily get a patient’s file by a click of a button. No longer will you have to scour thousands of hard copy documents when a patient comes in.

3. Comes with a reliable patient reminder feature

An online appointment scheduling system also comes with a built-in patient reminder. This means you can significantly cut down on patient no-shows in your medical practice. Patients can set how they’d like to be contacted – either by phone call or text and e-mail messages. When you can reduce or eliminate patient no-shows, no doubt it will increase your bottom line.