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Using Technology to Improve the Quality of Your Medical Practice

November 21st, 2010

Technology help simplify many aspects of our lives. One technology that you can use to enhance and improve the performance of your medical practice is the online appointment scheduler. Using the scheduler means providing your office with the necessary ammo to put you ahead of the competition. Read on to learn the many features of an online appointment scheduler and how it can help improve your bottom line.

Self-service booking

When you have an online doctor appointment scheduler in place, it allows patients to log in to the system and book the appointments themselves. They can simply choose a booking slot that is available and is the most convenient for them. In addition, they can also make changes to their appointments as easily as making them. Giving the patients the ability to do these things helps you avoid the dreaded patient no-shows.

Customizable question form

Doctors can create forms that the patients must answer when they book their appointments. The questions can range from essential patient information, such as their insurance detail, to specific question about the nature of their visit. The best thing about the feature is that it is highly customizable, which means different doctor can ask different questions.The finished form will be sent to both the patient and doctor. By asking these questions in advanced, doctors will be able to provide better medical advice.

Remind patients about their appointments

An online scheduler also comes with a feature that reminds patients about their appointments. The system can be set to remind patients by calling them — on their landline or mobile numbers, or send e-mail and text messages. This is a great feature that, again, can cut down patient no-shows significantly.

Streamline your medical office

By having the system in place, it allows you to streamline your medical office. Since everything is done electronically by the system, it means no longer must your receptionist write appointments down manually. Every appointment that is made on the system will be recorded and placed on a secured database that is HIPAA compliant. Things will run more effectively and efficiently.

To conclude, an online appointment scheduling system is one investment that you will not regret making.

Making the Most of Your Online Appointment Scheduler: More Features to Know

October 23rd, 2010

We have covered some of the features that you should definitely know to use the online appointment scheduling system to its true potential, which includes the automated appointment system, customizable form, and the online patient reminder. Here are more features that you can utilize to improve the bottom line and quality of your medical practice.

Prepaid appointment

You have provided an easy access for your patients to book appointments. Moreover, you also have an online patient appointment reminder in place that can remind them about their appointment. But life is still full of uncertain circumstances that may force your patients to not show up. In such a case, you can avoid incurring losses by using the prepaid appointment feature.

This is a nifty feature that allows you to collect payment from your patients prior to their visit. When they book their appointment, in order for them to secure an empty appointment slot, you can set the system so that they will have to pay for the appointment in full first. This means even if they don’t show up, you will not be incurring any loss of income.

Google calendar synchronization

Do you have trouble getting yourself up to speed to the appointment schedule of your patients? You’d be glad to know that you can use the online calendar synchronization feature to make sure that you have the latest schedule with you wherever you are. This feature is possible if you have a Google calendar account, as well as a smartphone such as a BlackBerry, Android, Windows Mobile or the iPhone. Even though you are out of the office, you can have access to the patients’ schedule data.

Virtual Receptionist

Ever made a phone call to a company only to be greeted with a grumpy voice on the other line? No doubt you will be less keen on dealing with said company. Now, try to see things from the perspective of your patients. How would they feel if the calls that they make to your office are answered by your receptionist who happens to be in a bad mood? This would certainly give out a bad impression. A virtual receptionist, on the other hand, can always answer in a consistently friendly and warm voice. Further, it is multi-lingual and can handle multiple calls at the same time.

Let Your Patients Fill Forms before Appointment

October 1st, 2010

While the use of forms in medical practice is not new, you do not have to use the forms in the same old way. Use this tried and tested method in a new way to serve your patients even better, which is what will bring the desired revenue. You should not wait until a patient has booked an appointment for you to use a form to collect necessary data. Let the patients fill the forms before coming for appointment by integrating the forms into your online medical scheduler.

The forms that you integrate into your medical appointment scheduling program will give you several advantages. They are easy to customize to suit the types of services you are offering. This means that the patients will fill forms that are specifically targeted to their needs. The forms will ask questions that are directly related to the type of appointment they want to make, and all they have to do is fill in the necessary details.

You will thus have pertinent information about the patients before they come for appointment, putting you in a better position to serve them more effectively. In addition, you will save time, as you will not try to get the details during the appointment. Appointment scheduling software that uses customizable forms will therefore help you to ‘kill two birds with the same stone’, as it were. You will use less time while you serve more patients better.

Such an online scheduler will help you to get more accurate information. The patients will take time to fill the necessary details, so you will not need to rush to take notes by hand, which is prone to errors. The electronic forms will also remove the need for paper forms, something that will not only help your medical practice but the world at large. You will play an important part in placing less demand for resources and helping to have a cleaner environment at the same time.

When you are shopping for a medical appointment program, look for one that integrates customizable forms that allow you to collect relevant information before appointment. Such an apparently simple add-on will go a long way in improving the efficiency of your medical practice.

Features That The Best Medical Management Software Should Have

September 7th, 2010

Getting a medical management software is a good solution if you feel that your medical practice is beginning to experience an overload of patients — one that might jeopardize the quality of your service. Upon searching for the software, you may come across those that are free to use. However, they will not have all the features that your medical practice can really benefit from. These are the features that the best medical management software should have.

Online scheduler, as part of the medical management software, should be high on the list of things that your medical practice should have in place. With the online scheduler, you can let your medical staff concentrate on providing the highest level of care for incoming patients, instead of being confined to taking phone calls and writing down notes. Further, patients can simply go online to book appointments, pick from the available time slot and have the system remind them as the date of the appointment nears.

That’s right, the best medical management software should have an automatic patient reminder feature that can remind patients, according to their preferred method, that their appointment is coming soon. This way — not only will you be doing your patient a favor by making sure that they are not missing their appointment, but you will also improve the bottom line of your medical practice — as you cut down patient no-shows.

Another important feature that the system should have is the ability to take prepaid appointments. For example, let’s say that a patient is making their booking online. The patient can only secure an available time slot if they pay in advance for the future medical service — or called as prepaid appointments. So if for any reason the patient couldn’t make it to your medical practice, you are not losing the revenue since it’s already been paid.

The best medical management software should also be affordable and flexible in how they charge the service. you should  look for services that doesn’t require any long-term contract (Thus service is renewed on a monthly basis )– depending on the needs of your medical practice.

There you have it, some features that can improve the quality of your medical practice and make it run more efficient.

Add Customizable Forms to Your Online Scheduler

August 18th, 2010

When you are looking for the best  online appointment scheduling program for your medical practice, there are a number of important things you will need to consider. Your appointment scheduling software should be convenient to your patients, staff, and yourself. One of the ways through which you can achieve this is to use an online scheduler that gives you plenty of room in customizing it to suit your individual circumstances.

There are different types of customizations that you should be in a position to carry out. For instance, your medical appointment scheduling software should let you define the names, duration, time of service of your various types of appointments so that the patients will clearly know which type they need to book.

Wait, since US and Canadian doctors are using so many type of forms to collect information from their patients, what about we customize those forms and let patients fill the form BEFORE the appointment time?

GREAT! Another important feature that your self-service patient appointment scheduling program should give you is the ability to customize a form with questions that are relevant to each type of appointment you have. The patients who are booking their appointments via the service will get a form that asks them particular questions related to the appointments they are making. They will simply fill in the details that you need.

Using such a form during appointment scheduling has several benefits.

Since you will customize the questions depending on the type of appointment, you will be able to collect info on target questions. Say good bye to standard paper form. You collect your info efficiently, accurately and electronically.

When patients fill out the required form prior to appointment time,  you save time on appointment preparation and will be able to serve them better during appointment.

Looking for a online scheduler that allows you to add customized appointment forms for each type of appointment. Such a feature improves your business efficiency and patient service and will be a valuable add-on to have.

Easy Clinic Management by Office Automation!

July 24th, 2010

If you think that managing the health care center is quite a difficult task, you are absolutely right there! Managing the medical center requires multiple skills that include arranging the patients’ schedules without any time overlapping, calling them and informing them about their visits (also regimen, dietary suggestions etc) and top of all, answering the patients’ calls without getting frustrated.

As the luck would have it, there are many software tools that help in managing the medical center effectively. Nevertheless, choosing the best one is the key to success. Typical online patient appointment scheduling system would have several features that you require in a day-to-day health center management. The system not only helps in management and generating revenues but surprisingly some of the features save the clinic from financial loss. Let us learn how this tool is helpful in automating medical office…

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler

ODAS works as medical virtual receptionist wherein it fixes the appointments as sought by the patients. Simply put, the patients can directly log into the system and book their appointments. A two-way Google Sync feature would directly send the data to web that is accessible using iPhone like hand-held devices. You, being the health care provider, can manage and reschedule the patients’ appointments according to you plan.

Patient Reminder

Reminding patients could be a challenging task, especially when the number of patients is significant. The human medical desk receptionist may forget to have a follow up and inform the patients about their due visits, body tests or any important information to be conveyed. ODAS can also work as patient reminder system that can do things for sure!

Medical Answering System

During some events, where great flow of patients is expected (such as free medical camp), answering the phone calls throughout the day becomes difficult task for human medical receptionist. Online patient appointment system can do this job in quite a better way. It can answer any number of calls (no matter one or more patients calling at a time) without getting tired!

You can take clinic management as duck takes to water since medical answering cum online patient appointment system comes with multiple features such as multiple languages (setting different languages to communicate foreign patients) and prepaid appointment (that saves revenue loss because of no-show cause patients) etc.

Why Free Online Scheduler Should be Avoided

July 18th, 2010

As more and more medical practices turn to technology as ways to streamline their business operations, practical applications such as the online scheduler services have fast becoming a necessity to stay ahead of the competition. Online scheduler can be your trusted partner in improving the medical care you provide for your patients. However, if you choose one that does not live up to its promises, as well as your expectations, the online scheduler can become your downfall. This is especially true if you choose to take the cheap route of using free online scheduler for your medical practice.

It is in our nature to gravitate towards things that cost us nothing. Free things or services make us feel good because we are not spending anything on them. But do you really want your medical practice to rely on something that is not reliable and pose some liability risk? Think about it for a second. Why would a service provider offer their products and services for free? What’s the catch? This is something that you should definitely ask yourself when you have to make that decision between a free or regular online scheduler.

You may come across free online scheduler services on the Internet. Some may be – at a push – quite reliable and serve their purpose, but most likely they will fall short on your expectations. However, be aware that even the reliable one still poses some risk for your medical practice. As a way to generate their revenues, free service providers usually sell your data freely. We’re talking about confidential information of your patients; their names, phone numbers, addresses, email, and even medical history. This serious violation of patient privacy could land your medical practice in hot water when the case is brought to the court of law.  When the news spread out, you can just imagine the negative effect it will have on your medical practice and how your loyal patients would react to it.

Instead of looking for a free scheduler to cut business cost, why not look for something that pays itself? What about get an online scheduler that use email, telephone and mobile text message reminder to cut down your appointment no-show?

Such scheduler will pays you handsomely as its monthly fee is usually the cost of  ONE no-show; all it takes to pay itself is to cut  one missed appointment per month!

A great online scheduler service doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. However, given the many benefits that the service has – you will wonder why it doesn’t cost more. A good scheduler can provide the flexibility for your patients to make, change or cancel their appointments by themselves – at anytime of the day or night. A reliable online scheduler will have a reminder service feature that can send out reminders for your patients about their appointments through different means; from email, phone service to text messages and more. Ultimately, online scheduler can make your medical practice runs more effectively and efficiently.

Medical Virtual Receptionist Makes Happy Medical Office!

July 18th, 2010

Do you really get out of character when some patient complaints about not getting proper reply from the front office when they called to book their appointment? Do you really care patients and think that they, just beyond prescribing drugs, require personal care and attention? If your answer to all these troublesome questions is a BIG YES, I suggest you to go for Virtual Medical Receptionist that can make you, your patients and your staff happy. It will leave you  to enjoy your medical practice treating patients other than always banging your head against wall to manage the medical office with incapable human staff.

Medical Virtual Receptionist, as the name suggests, takes off all the worries you got for managing the medical office, clinic or health care center. The best part of this uniquely designed virtual medical front office tool is its capability to book patients’ appointments online! It is a web based online patient appointment system that allows patients to book their appointments online, without contacting human medical staff at front desk! Overcoming the issues of time-overlaps, patients’ appointments are scheduled perfectly. A prepaid option in same system reduces the chances of losing the revenue due to no-show cause patients as it asks for consultation fees in advance before patients see health care provider.

Online doctor appointment scheduling system can also synchronize the entire data with Google Calendar. It can then be accessed using any handheld devices such as Smartphone, iPhone and Blackberry. Simply put, no matter where you are, you can always access the data of patients’ schedules at clinic and can reschedule according to your plan for the day or week.

Other benefits that come with medical virtual receptionist is it can answer patients’ calls with sweet voice. No matter how many patients call at a time, all get lovely answers as fed by you as health care expertise. Events such as medical camp require such kind of facility where human medical staff is found incapable attending more than one call at a time, throughout the day.

Also, online doctor appointment scheduler can be used as patient reminder service wherein it can call patients automatically and remind them about their forthcoming or due visits to health care center. Furthermore, it can be used to remind patients about their body tests, dietary regimen and other important advice by concerned doctors.

All-in-all, online patient appointment scheduling system is best medical management tool that you can have to make medical office automated.

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