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Bettering your health care center using pre-paid appointment system

November 15th, 2009

Online pre-paid appointment scheduler is a system that allows patients or customers to pay in advance to their health care providers or doctors. The pre-paid services are common to services by Chiropractics, Massage Clinics, Beauty salons. In US as most medical insurance requires patient to make co-pay on their clinic visit. Pre-paid appointment could also be applied to help doctors to collect the co-pay on appointments.

If your business cases include the ones cited above. You should consider using an online scheduler with pre-paid appointment function to implement and support your business model for pre-paid services.

In some other business situations, you might have lost money and time with no-shows by patients who were less than commited to their appointment. Impose a no-show charge after they miss the appointment is often a cause for poor customer relationship. Pre-paid appointment scheduling can be a fair and smart solution to a headache like this; you can collect the penalty for no-show without causing bad-feeling on patient’s part. It will also help encourage patients commitement for appointment and getting the medical treatment they need.

An online scheduler that can handle pre-paid service can be easily found. Using such a scheduler is equally easy. All patients need is to just log on to the website of health care center or clinic and click the option that reads prepaid appointment payment. The visitor, or the patient, is then directed toward secure online payment system –PayPal where the money is deposited into doctor’s, healthcare provider’s or the center’s account. Once the payment is successfully done, the receipt is generated and appointment becomes fixed.

Advance pay appointment scheduler comes with many benefits. to summarize:-

  • To prevent your financial loss caused by patient no-shows
  • Allow you to collect a no-shows penalty from customer without causing bad-feeling on business relationship
  • Advance paid appointment encourage patient (customers) to commit to the care they need.
  • Pre-paid appointment can be also used to collect partial payment. Patients who have partially paid fee for advance appointment are more likely to pay full for other clinic service.  

Online pre-paid appointment scheduler is a good business tool as it assures the genuine customers and filters off potential financial loss. Every doctors and healthcare service provider should consider using it.