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24/7 Virtual Receptionist Makes Reminder Calls Easy!

July 26th, 2009


“I don’t have enough time!!”. 

Have you ever heard that from your dedicated office staff?  After all, think of all the work your doctor’s office staff has to accomplish.  They are the front lines – the first people who come into contact with your patients.  And, they have to keep all of the paperwork straight, be friendly to patients and help facilitate office exams.  And make daily appointment reminder calls.

The doctor’s office staff is extremely important but many times they are simply overrun with too much to do; they are constantly on the phone making appointment reminder calls.  They try to fit in the calls throughout the day whenever they get a minute.  And, sometimes they get busy signals on those calls, or they can’t get through, or other annoying obstacles.

Understandbly, when they are so tired and overworked – they may not be putting their best forward on the phone, or to the patients at your waiting room or front desk.  The poor service at your front desk reception, in turn, may annoy your patients and send them elsewhere. 

If you feel like something MUST done done to fix this. You should consider use a virtual receptionist for your reminder service needs! 

What if I told you that your doctor’s office could have a reminder service that takes care of reminding your patients when their appointments are with very little hassle to your office? 

What if I told you that the reminder service could be done in a variety of different languages so you can communicate with your patients on their terms?  

What if I told you that a pleasant female voice could be programmed to call your patients with a recorded message of your choice? And that your office staff would no longer have to worry about making the appointment reminder calls throughout their busy day? 

Well, that is what I am about to tell you.  With a 24/7 virtual receptionist making all of your appointment reminder calls, your can make your problems a thing of the past.


The virtual receptionist has an extremely pleasant voice.  The virtual receptionist delivers your appointment reminders in English or Spanish, depending on your patients needs.  What’s more: your office staff will never have to worry about calling patients and reminding them of appointments ever again.  This frees up your office staff to interact directly with patients when they come in – and focus on more important jobs in the office.  What’s more – the 24/7 virtual receptionist is always calm, never rattled and delivers exactly the message you want them to.


All of this is not to mention the fact that a 24/7 receptionist that reminds your patients to come in cuts down on no-shows.  No-shows can cost your practice thousands of dollars a year, and a simple automated call can cut down on all of that.  The appointment reminder service is very easy to program, too.  Your patient’s phone numbers and appointment times can easily be entered into the system, and the rest is taken care of!  What’s more- you can attache a physician notes with the reminder calls and communicate a few details before your patient’s visits.

Try it out! This one is a no-brainer, a win-win for everyone!

Which Medical Appointment Reminder Suits your Practice; the Email Reminder or Telephone Reminder?

July 14th, 2009

When you decided to become a private practitioner you probably started out with a handful of patients. Appointments were easy to keep track of and you probably thought that your medical receptionist was the most efficient front desk receptionist available. You knew each patient down to their dog’s name and so did everyone in the practice.

Your practice has probably grown since then and keeping track of your patients and their appointments is becoming more of a challenge for both your patients and especially for your medical receptionist. You can help ease the burden on your front desk receptionist and the rest of your medical staff by investing in an email reminder or telephone reminder. A telephone or email reminder will remind patients of their appointment either online or via a telephone call according to your preference.

The success of your reminder service will directly affect the success of your practice. Deciding on which type of appointment reminder service will suit you best will be influenced by your practice and your patients. Check your patients’ personal records for their contact information. If most of them have email addresses then an email reminder would be suitable. If most of your patients do not have email addresses then a telephone reminder would be more logical.

You ought to consider the type of practice you are running and the type of people you receive as patients. If majority of your patients are elderly or from poor neighborhoods, an email reminder may not reach as many of your patients as you would like. Even if these patients had email addresses they would not spend much time surfing as they either cannot afford to or do not know how to. An email reminder would be suitable in a practice where the patients have access to the Internet and check their emails regularly.

Doctors should also consider the preference of their patients. Some patients will be irritated by receiving telephone calls reminding them of appointments at regular intervals. Such patients would much rather have an email reminder sent to their email addresses. Others would prefer to be alerted via telephone as they are probably prone to forgetting about their appointments easily. This is especially true for elderly patients.

Both a telephone and email reminder are only 90% effective. No doctor can be assured 100% of the successful delivery of all reminders on either service. A telephone reminder may not be delivered as the patient may not answer the telephone. An email reminder may not be read as the patient may fail to check his or her email in good time.

It is therefore advisable for a doctor to invest in both a telephone and email reminder. It may seem expensive in the beginning but the returns will be well worth it. Both services are inexpensive to maintain and working together will guarantee you a more successful delivery. Your patients can even choose the reminder service they prefer.

Don’t Let “I forgot” ruin your practice. Get Appointment Reminder Service!

June 22nd, 2009

“I forgot”. How many times do you hear from that from your patients (if you’re a doctor) – or other clients if you own or run a small business? It happens all the time. Just think of how many hours your staff puts in simply reminding patients and clients about their appointments. It is dozens of hours a week. That’s hundreds of hours a year. These are hours that the staff could be using to make the practice better, or improve the customer service. Well, fear not, because with your virtual assistant and appointment reminder service – all of these problems are a thing of the past.

Above and beyond patients and clients forgetting about appointments, keep in mind those who call your office and become quickly annoyed. Many times, patients and clients have to be put on hold. Occasionally, whomever answers the phone in your office will be having a bad day, and that translates in tone to patients and clients. Between being put on hold, and dealing with a potentially angry staff member, there’s a risk in annoying your patients and clients! That’s why an appointment reminder service is vital to every medical practice and any small business who deals with appointments.

It is simple, easy, and much cheaper than paying someone to call patients and remind them to come in. With the appointment reminder system, everything is done electronically. Patients and clients will hear a friendly, calm voice telling them about their upcoming appointment. The friendly voice will also direct them to other services and even direct them to an interactive website where they can enter in all of their information. Not only are you getting an self-service online appointment scheduler, but it links in with a round the clock online system. This way patients and clients can go online and enter in insurance information, appointment preferences, and even send a note to the practice! This is personalized, convenient service at its best. And, the patients can do it all in the comfort of their own homes – anytime day or night! Patients like it because the automated patient reminder is fast, efficient, and doesn’t waste anyone’s time. Office staff like it because they don’t have to spend valuable time confirming appointments and you will like it because it will cut down on “no-shows” and help the bottom line!

Keep in mind all of the options you will have as well. The appointment reminder service can be programmed to say whatever you want it to say, in any language you want to say it in! And, clients and patients can log in and set up future appointments 24/7 as well. All of this for a fraction of what you pay office staff to perform these duties. And don’t forget, all of this syncs up through google sync with your handheld device so you will know exactly when you can fit in an extra appointment and exactly what your day looks like at a glance!

Busy holidays remind psychiatrists of importance of reminder calls

January 10th, 2009

The busy holiday season means more than just people rushing to complete last minute shopping and attending lots of holiday parties. It is also one of the busiest times for certain healthcare providers who deal with patients that suffer from both physical and mental stresses.

Along with cold and flu viruses that run rampant during the winter holiday season, mental and emotional stressors also fly high. Unfortunately, for many psychiatric patients, there is so much going on that it is easy to forget visits to the psychiatrist. Thus, the always important appointment reminder call is especially vital during this period of high stress and multiple distractions.

It sounds simple enough – have a receptionist make daily appointment reminder calls to let patients know of upcoming visits. The efficiency and accuracy of this process is often up for debate when reminder calls are delivered by live receptionists. Just as providers are busy during high traffic times, office staff is easily overwhelmed. Many psychiatrists rely on one receptionist, or a small staff, to manage in-clinic visits, call answering, paperwork, errands, and other office tasks. This can be stressful and challenging during heightened busy seasons. Medical office staff has a traditionally high turnover rate because of the amount of stress and exhaustion.

What is a psychiatry practice to do then? Reminder calls are necessary to ensure appointment times are filled and follow up visits are kept, but the challenges have been identified. What if there is a solution that allows the practice to efficiently and accurately deliver telephone reminder calls every day, with confirmation or cancellation options, appointment notes, and other vital details? Fortunately, there is. A best in class automated appointment reminder software solution can be programmed to efficiently make appointment reminder calls every day, and at a very moderate up front cost and with little to no ongoing maintenance requirements.

The benefits of using an automated reminder solution are more than just delivery of the reminder calls. Sure, improving rates of customers showing up for scheduled appointments is important. But, office morale is also given a boost when the automated reminder call solution kicks in. The receptionist is able to focus on giving personal attention to sometimes fragile customers and their needs. He or she can also accurately and effectively complete important insurance claims paperwork. The psychiatrist benefits as well. Psychiatry professionals already operate in a high stress environment. Removing some of the stressors of managing tough office situations makes things even more difficult.

Reminder calls are not just an effective tool for reminding patients of upcoming visits. The automated reminder includes a confirmation or cancellation option that lets the provider know the patient’s intention. The solution can also be used, though, to follow up with patients to remind them to schedule their next visit. With distractions abound, patients can easily lose track of the need to schedule their next visits which can cause bigger issues down the road. The multiple capabilities of a top automated reminder solution, combined with its moderate cost and office benefits, makes it a great investment before, during, or after the stressful holiday season.

Telephone reminder vital to chiropractice success

December 4th, 2008

Chiropractic care is still very much a controversial medical practice. Though popular opinion seems to be moving more and more toward acceptance of muscle and bone manipulation as a medical treatment, there is still a large segment of people who are opposed to the use of chiropractic care. While chiropractors are certainly investing time and resources into educating the public on the benefits of treatment, they should also be focused on maintain relationships with people who have already demonstrated a willingness to receive care. A simple patient appointment reminder goes along way toward keeping patients coming.

There is now a large enough population of people that are comfortable with chiropractic care to satisfy the business needs of many providers. The challenge for providers is to make an immediate connection with patients and establish ongoing relationships. For some people, chiropractic treatment is used as part of rehabilitation from injury or as a one-time use. Others, however, are turning to the industry to assist with ongoing physical ailments. People with chronic back pain, muscle soreness, and other aches and pains recognize the long-term effects that consistent treatment can give them.

It sounds simple enough – deliver a patient appointment reminder to people about upcoming appointments or to schedule follow up appointments, and they will come. This is true. Reminder calls can help reduce patient no shows which are a revenue drain and can help with getting repeat visits from patients after initial care. The challenge lies in having a receptionist who has the time, ability, and inclination to consistently and effectively deliver phone reminder calls every day to confirm appointments or schedule follow ups. In many chiropractic care facilities, one receptionist is relied on to manage the office. This includes in-clinic patient assistance, answering phone calls, filing, completing insurance paperwork, billing, running errands, and more. There is not always time for an accurate and thorough deliver of an appointment reminder call.

Enter the automated reminder program. An automated appointment reminder software program is a tool that can be customized to deliver efficient and effective appointment reminder calls every day, without fail, and a cost-effective manner. Reminder calls are delivered through an automated system that enables the patient to confirm or cancel an appointment. This helps ensure the appointment time is filled by that patient or another. Notes can also be included with the call based on particular needs or direction for the given patient. Additionally, reminder calls can be used to follow up with patients to encourage them to schedule their next appointment.

The best news about the great benefits provided by a patient appointment reminder solution is that it been be obtained with a moderate investment. Top systems typically come with an up front cost and little to no ongoing expense and maintenance. Given the significant business advantages addressed, especially the one about the importance of maintaining patient relationships, an investment in an automated appointment reminder solution seems like one sure to pay off for most chiropractic offices.

Reminder call program keeps patients coming back for eye care

December 2nd, 2008

Eye care clinics are recognizing increased competition and the need to drive consistent revenue and maintain patient relationships. As is the case with other medical providers, optometrists depend on consistently utilized appointment times to collect revenue from patients. Patient no-shows or missed follow up business can harm the long-term viability of any practice. A virtual reminder call program has become the answer for many of the top optometrists. An automated reminder call service is the most efficient, cost-effective, and accurate way to deliver telephone reminders to patients, thus reducing the number of no-shows and last minute appointment cancellations.

Historically, receptionists have been responsible for making reminder calls in optometry clinics. However, turnover has been fairly high in many healthcare offices because receptionists are stressed, overwhelmed and fatigued. Many practices operate with one or two receptionists who are responsible for managing in-clinic patients, telephone calls, office communications, and insurance paperwork. The burden of doing all of these things, plus taking the time to making daily reminder phone calls can wear any person out. Even though good receptionists may try to accomplish all of these things effectively, at some point their stress causes them to lose effectiveness in handling personalized concerns of patients and accurately completing tasks.

The automated appointment reminder solution does not struggle with stress or fatigue. More importantly, it potentially relieves some of the stress and fatigue of the other members of an office staff. An optometrist relies on patient relationships for long-term success. An automated reminder helps reduce the number of forgotten appointments and helps increase revenue collection. Additionally, the reminder call enables the patient to either confirm or cancel. An early cancel allows the practice to schedule another patient during that time slot and not miss out on the revenue earning opportunity. The appointment reminder is also a good way to deliver important notes on what to bring or other instructions to patients based on their particular needs.

Automated reminder call program can perform these daily phone reminders efficiently and accurately without the possible irritability that accompanies some calls from receptionists. Top reminder call software programs also offer multilingual call capabilities to help serve a diverse population. The good news is that an automated reminder program does not have to cost too much. Solutions can be purchased for a moderate up front cost and typically require little to no ongoing maintenance. For many eye care practices, the use of an automated appointment reminder program can potentially mean the elimination of the need for a backup receptionist or part time receptionist to help with managing office tasks.

Additionally, the reminder call program not only performs its duties without fail, it also frees up the receptionist to complete his or her more important tasks efficiently and with less stress. The overall morale of the office is improved, patient care is more personable, and the practice benefits through a reduced number of patient no-shows and better long-term relationships with its patients.

Appointment reminder software drives optometrist revenue

November 25th, 2008

From a consumer standpoint, an eye doctor appears to be someone there to perform eye vision screenings, give us glasses, and manage our ongoing eye care needs. These are all elements of an effective optometry practice, but optometrists are also business people who must earn revenue and manage costs. One of the biggest drains on eye clinics is missed appointments and lost opportunities for follow up appointments. Though many clinics rely on appointment reminders to handle these challenges, the effectiveness of an appointment reminder is questionable at best given that they are sometimes missed or poorly delivered by stressed and overwhelmed receptionists. This is why many eye doctors are looking to a best in class appointment reminder software solution to perform daily patient appointment reminder calls.

Patient no shows are a burden for any optometry practice. Each scheduled appointment time is important to the clinic as completed appointments are the key driver of revenue for the business. When a scheduled time is missed or empty, the practice does not collect that revenue despite having to pay for the costs to earn it. Employees are still present, utilities and other resource bills are still paid. Thus, avoiding patient no-shows or last minute cancellations is critical. A top automated telephone reminder program is an efficient and accurate way to cut down on missed appointments. The phone reminder is not only an appointment reminder service, it also allows a patient to confirm or cancel an appointment. Earlier detection of a cancellation allows the eye clinic to fill that time with another patient, thus avoiding the lost revenue. The telephone reminder can also be a way to deliver quick notes about the appointment as it pertains to the patient’s situation.

Another important use of an automated telephone reminder in the eye care profession is to encourage patients to schedule follow up visits. When patients have treatments, new prescriptions, or other issues handled in an office visit, the eye doctor generally likes the patient to return for a follow up visit. This is a way for the provider to ensure everything is going well and it is also an important way for the practice to maintain an ongoing relationship with its clients. The phone reminder can be used as a tool to prompt the patient to schedule a follow up visit and it can give them specific reasons to do so.

The efficiency and accuracy of the automated reminder is what separates it from a live agent in delivery effective telephone reminder calls. People struggle with stress and fatigue and must also manage personalized situations with in-clinic visitors and complete tedious paperwork. The appointment reminder software can be programmed to perform reminder calls quickly, accurately, and in a way that works for the provider and patients. Some even come with a multilingual appointment reminder feature that allows the clinic to manage the telephone reminder with a multilingual population. Best of all, the reminder service is a moderate up front investment with little ongoing maintenance.