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Finally, the solution to the ‘new patient curse’

May 3rd, 2009

Paperwork, loads and loads of paperwork! That’s what goes through the mind of many doctors in private practice without a virtual medical office receptionist when a new patient walks in the door. Of course there is the initial excitement of your practice growing but then the reality sinks in a short time after that.

There is a routine common to every new patient visiting a privately owned medical practice for the first time. The paperwork and the processing involved is time consuming and can be cumbersome for both patients and medical staff. Patients have to fill forms that allow the release of information, insurance forms, forms about their medical history and HIPAA agreements. If your practice is receiving a steady flow of new patients and you would like this trend to continue, do not let the paperwork overwhelm you and your staff. It’s time to let technology work in your favor.

A virtual medical office receptionist will ease the burden of paperwork for both your patients and your staff. Your patients will especially enjoy the convenience of scheduling their own appointments with the help of a medical assistant online. What’s more they can do this from the comfort of their homes as opposed to spending several hours in a medical reception.

A remote receptionist service allows new patients to enter their insurance information and other medical history into a HIPAA compliant website. This virtual receptionist saves you the cumbersome task of having to cross check the new patient’s health insurance to ensure that it can be accepted at your practice. A virtual medical office receptionist will do the cross checking of the new patient’s insurance as well as ensure that the HMO that covers the patient approves you as a physician. When the patient is sure that their visit will be covered by their health insurance they can go ahead and schedule an appointment.

Your remote receptionist service will also act as a backup receptionist. In any busy medical practice a front desk receptionist is required to attend to patients waiting in the lounge as well as answer phone calls. This can be cumbersome and your medical office assistant may not be able to work efficiently enough. A virtual medical office assistant can greatly ease this burden. When your regular receptionist is busy attending to the needs of patients waiting in the lounge, the backup receptionist can answer any incoming phone calls. This remote receptionist service can assist both old and new patients in scheduling appointments. The virtual receptionist will forward any calls that are of a more complex nature. Your regular receptionist will also be spared the burden of having to assist new patients in filling out bulky forms, processing and filling them.

Remote receptionist services are also 24/7 backup receptionists. Patients can call any time of the day to schedule appointments or log in online to do the same.

Many doctors reading this may be tempted to shrug off the idea of a virtual medical office assistant as an unnecessary luxury. It is a necessity to those who want their practice to run efficiently. Once you give the virtual receptionist a try you will be left wondering how you ever got by without it in the first place.

Virtual medical receptionist chiropractic life support for recession

January 10th, 2009

With many forecasts predicting that the US and global recession could last through much of 2009, consumers are watching their wallets more than ever. Recent reports have suggested that some are even avoiding medical care and attention in lieu of the expense. This is not good news for chiropractors. Chiropractic care is a medical practice still considered by some people to be more of helpful treatment than a medical necessity. While providers are working to market their businesses, they should also be looking for more efficient means of operation. The virtual medical receptionist presents a tremendous opportunity for chiropractors to deliver quick and accurate customer service while saving on costs and stress.

A virtual medical receptionist is an advanced technology that enables clinics to work with fewer live receptionists, or to offer a great backup receptionist in the event the live agent is busy with patients. The virtual medical office assistant is quick to fill in when needed. It can respond to multiple phone calls at once and assist callers in scheduling appointments and other basic needs, while also being the most efficient connection between a caller and a professional. Though personal attention is nice, most patients would agree that having a quick response to their needs is better than being left on hold or ignored by an overwhelmed live agent.

The virtual receptionist is also the best option for an after-hours response to legal requirements or patient needs. Many small to medium sized chiropractic clinics cannot justify the expense of paying someone to answer phones 24/7. The virtual medical receptionist can easily manage appointment calls and emergency connections when the office is closed.

What makes the virtual receptionist a great value for chiropractors looking to stem the tide of a slumping economy is that it requires little upfront cost and very low maintenance. The technology cost is moderate and other than basic programming and setup, there is no ongoing hassle to get the benefits of the virtual technology. This is not generally the case with live receptionists. In addition to paying the labor and benefits costs for an employee, the provider must also manage employee emotions including stress and exhaustion that are common to medical practices. Additionally, the virtual medical office assistant does not have the same human limitations and it operates with maximum efficiency.

Finding effective ways to control costs is important for any organization during tough economic times. As consumers are looking to manage resources, operators must figure out ways to manage their expenses, yet provide quality service. This is why the virtual medical receptionist is such a huge opportunity for chiropractors. It offers a way to manage labor costs and deliver more efficiency with basic services, yet does not adversely affect the overall performance of the clinic. In fact, most often the best in class virtual receptionist enhances overall office staff performance. Live agents appreciate the reduced stress and support, and they are better able to focus on personal care and necessary insurance paperwork.

Doctors use virtual receptionist to improve office morale

November 25th, 2008

Doctors’ offices typically face a common challenge of high employee turnover. Because of the stress and fatigue than can come with multitasking and running a healthcare office, live agents often get burned out. Receptionists are usually the first point of contact for patients that come into a clinic or physicians office. They sometimes deal with concerns and complaints. Live receptionists also must answer phone calls, complete routine office tasks, and file important insurance claims paperwork. Though many great front desk receptionists can deliver all these tasks, they can become stressed and tired, and their personalized service can suffer. Plus, other important tasks, like daily appointment reminder calls may get neglected.

The best solution to improve office morale, lower turnover and employee stress, and drive better performance is a virtual front desk receptionist. A virtual receptionist is an advanced technology that operates as a backup receptionist when a live agent is busy, on the phone, or making reminder calls. The virtual medical office assistant can be programmed to complete all important daily reminder calls and relieve that burden from the live agent. A good virtual receptionist can also answer multiple phone calls at once and prevent callers from getting busy signals or being left on hold. It can assist with appointment scheduling and conduct immediate transfers to doctors for emergency situations.

A virtual front desk is also a great value as a backup receptionist compared to hiring another part time or full time employee. A best in class virtual medical office assistant has a moderate up front cost with little to no ongoing maintenance. Whereas employees are costly and have stress, exhaustion and human emotions, the virtual front desk multitasks accurately and efficiently without getting tired or offering up complaints.

More importantly, the virtual receptionist makes both patients and live agents more satisfied. Patients are glad to have their needs addressed immediately as opposed to having to wait. Live receptionists like the backup receptionist support as it reduces their burden, freeing them to deliver excellent customer service and accurate insurance paperwork which drives important revenue. Overall staff morale is greatly improved with happier employees and patients.

There are other great advantages as well with a broad-based virtual front desk. The virtual medical office assistant can complete those tedious reminder calls quickly and accurately everyday. They also allow the patient to confirm or cancel the appointment and can deliver important notes to the patient based on the appointment situation. These are capabilities that are often not delivered or inconsistently delivered by live receptionists. Appointment reminder calls are an important task in any physician’s office as they prevent missed revenue opportunities from patient no-shows or last minute cancellations. Though important, reminder phone calls are sometimes overlooked by the live receptionist. The virtual medical office assistant makes the reminder call process simple and effective.

All of these benefits of the virtual front desk receptionist make it a worthwhile investment for any medical office. Employee morale, customer satisfaction, and overall business performance will all be improved through a virtual receptionist.

Dentists make most of resources with virtual medical office assistant

November 24th, 2008

Dentists are like other professionals in that they must manage their resources and make wise investments in order to achieve business success and profits. Labor is one of the most costly items that dental practices must pay for. Dental professionals cannot operate a clinic on their own. They rely on a staff of receptionists and frost desk help to manage patient relationships, phone calls and completion of laborious insurance paperwork. A good front desk receptionist is often what makes or breaks the success or failure of any clinic. The live receptionist is the first point of contact for in-clinic patients, phone callers, and other parties. However, in today’s fast-paced environment, some consumers find it difficult to wait on the phone to talk with a busy receptionist. Also, stressed and overwhelmed receptionists may not offer the personalized attention and care necessary. These factors have contributed to the rise in use of the virtual medical office assistant.

The virtual medical office assistant is the closest thing to a live receptionist, without actually being a live receptionist. While it may lack the personal qualities of a live agent, a virtual receptionist makes up for its deficiencies with awesome efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The virtual medical office assistant can answer multiple phone calls at once while a receptionist is preoccupied with one. The virtual front desk receptionist can also assist callers with routine processes like scheduling appointments, while providing the most efficient connection to a provider in an emergency. Live receptionists often are delayed or forgetful in getting emergency messages to the dentist or provider.

The cost advantages of the virtual medical receptionists are remarkable given the benefits best in class virtual receptionist solutions provide. The up front cost to purchase a quality virtual medical receptionist are modest and there are little to no ongoing maintenance requirements. Whereas employees require ongoing pay, benefits, motivation, and personal management, a virtual receptionist performs its duties consistently and accurately every day without fail and without getting stressed or fatigued.

Human emotions and limitations prevent live agents from always meeting the timeliness and accuracy expectations of patients. Patients generally prefer personalized attention, but they also are willing to take the efficiency of a virtual medical office assistant if the alternative is time consuming. Live agents are sometimes flooded with patients, calls, and paperwork. The stress that results contributes to the high rate of turnover that is common in the medical industry. With the help of a backup receptionist in the form of a virtual medical office assistant, a live receptionist is free to offer personal assistance and is more efficient with other office tasks because they are less stressed.

The virtual medical receptionist is the perfect complement to a quality dental receptionist. The virtual dental receptionist is an excellent value and can greatly improve the morale of any dental practice. Investing in a virtual dental receptionist is a good move from a business standpoint and enables all members of the dental practice to perform up to their potential.

Psychiatrists helps patients and cash in with virtual receptionist

November 18th, 2008

Psychiatrists, and their receptionists, often have very stressful jobs. Managing patients and business relationships with others that come to your practice to share their personal challenges can be stressful. Obviously, professional practices are the business of helping people with their mental and emotional challenges for a reason. However, the life of the live receptionist at a psychiatry clinic can be more difficult at times than that of the psychiatrist. The reality is front desk receptionists in many healthcare industries have a high rate of turnover. Receptionists are often overwhelmed with delivering personalized services to in-clinic patients, responding to phone calls, and completing requirement insurance paperwork. Psychiatric practices should do themselves, their patients, and their live receptionists a favor and look to the virtual medical office assistant as a backup receptionist.

The virtual receptionist can often deliver certain components of customer service better than a live receptionist, and with less cost and little to know maintenance. Typically, the virtual front desk receptionist requires a one time up front cost and little or no ongoing expense or resource utilization. The value the virtual medical receptionist provides is tremendous, though.

The virtual medical receptionist is the ideal backup receptionist because it offers the preferred backup to a personalized patient approach used by a live receptionist. Live front desk receptionists should be able to deliver personalized and helpful service to patients that are in-clinic and on the phone. They also need to complete insurance claims in an accurate and timely manner in order for the practice to collect important insurance revenue. Unfortunately, many live agents are consumed with patient concerns, phone calls and other office tasks, making them stressed and overwhelmed.

The virtual medical receptionist can answer multiple phone calls at once. As opposed to patients being left on hold, getting a busy signal, or being ignored, the virtual receptionist can help patients quickly and accurately schedule appointments, while at the same time offering the most efficient route to the psychiatric professional in an emergency. Many emergency phone calls are ineffectively managed by live front desk receptionists because they are busy, distracted, or cannot track down the professional. The virtual medical office assistant can be programmed to automatically connect callers with the psychiatrist in an emergency situation. This ability of the backup receptionist to efficiently help busy patients is a tremendous relief to the live receptionist, enabling them to focus on personal care and important paperwork.

The value of the virtual medical assistant is extreme. It is an efficient service program for patients and an excellent complement to a friendly and helpful live receptionist. The virtual medical receptionist can also be expanded to deliver other excellent benefits to a psychiatry practice. Many medical professionals are required to offer after-hours answering service support for patients. The virtual medical receptionist can be a great phone answering service because of its ability to manage anything from the simply patient appointment situation to the true medical emergency. A virtual medical office assistant is benefits all key stakeholders in a psychiatrist office.