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Psychiatrists helps patients and cash in with virtual receptionist

November 18th, 2008

Psychiatrists, and their receptionists, often have very stressful jobs. Managing patients and business relationships with others that come to your practice to share their personal challenges can be stressful. Obviously, professional practices are the business of helping people with their mental and emotional challenges for a reason. However, the life of the live receptionist at a psychiatry clinic can be more difficult at times than that of the psychiatrist. The reality is front desk receptionists in many healthcare industries have a high rate of turnover. Receptionists are often overwhelmed with delivering personalized services to in-clinic patients, responding to phone calls, and completing requirement insurance paperwork. Psychiatric practices should do themselves, their patients, and their live receptionists a favor and look to the virtual medical office assistant as a backup receptionist.

The virtual receptionist can often deliver certain components of customer service better than a live receptionist, and with less cost and little to know maintenance. Typically, the virtual front desk receptionist requires a one time up front cost and little or no ongoing expense or resource utilization. The value the virtual medical receptionist provides is tremendous, though.

The virtual medical receptionist is the ideal backup receptionist because it offers the preferred backup to a personalized patient approach used by a live receptionist. Live front desk receptionists should be able to deliver personalized and helpful service to patients that are in-clinic and on the phone. They also need to complete insurance claims in an accurate and timely manner in order for the practice to collect important insurance revenue. Unfortunately, many live agents are consumed with patient concerns, phone calls and other office tasks, making them stressed and overwhelmed.

The virtual medical receptionist can answer multiple phone calls at once. As opposed to patients being left on hold, getting a busy signal, or being ignored, the virtual receptionist can help patients quickly and accurately schedule appointments, while at the same time offering the most efficient route to the psychiatric professional in an emergency. Many emergency phone calls are ineffectively managed by live front desk receptionists because they are busy, distracted, or cannot track down the professional. The virtual medical office assistant can be programmed to automatically connect callers with the psychiatrist in an emergency situation. This ability of the backup receptionist to efficiently help busy patients is a tremendous relief to the live receptionist, enabling them to focus on personal care and important paperwork.

The value of the virtual medical assistant is extreme. It is an efficient service program for patients and an excellent complement to a friendly and helpful live receptionist. The virtual medical receptionist can also be expanded to deliver other excellent benefits to a psychiatry practice. Many medical professionals are required to offer after-hours answering service support for patients. The virtual medical receptionist can be a great phone answering service because of its ability to manage anything from the simply patient appointment situation to the true medical emergency. A virtual medical office assistant is benefits all key stakeholders in a psychiatrist office.