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Why A Virtual Medical Receptionist Makes a Great Backup and More

December 6th, 2010

Given the fact that the service of your medical practice begins the moment patients step into your office, it is imperative for you to create a great first impression; and follow it up by providing high quality medical service. This makes your front office staff — in this case your medical receptionist — an important part of your business strategy. Hiring a competent receptionist sometimes may not be enough, because they are still prone to breakdown when things get too hectic in the office. In addition, they are also prone to a multitude of personal problems that may reduce their performance level. This is why you need to have a virtual medical receptionist in place.

It’s a good thing that your medical practice is enjoying a steady influx of patients. But it’s not a good thing when you are struggling to meet the needs of your patients because your staff is overworked. You know you need some help when calls being left unanswered and patients being put on hold for what seems to be an infinity. If you want to lighten the load of your staff — getting a virtual medical receptionist is the ideal solution. By having one in place, your staff can focus on providing the best of service for incoming patients, because calls will be automatically picked up by the virtual receptionist.

A virtual medical receptionist allows patients to book, chance or cancel appointments with ease. It can even answer multiple calls at the same time — so no longer will your patients get a busy tone or being put on hold when calling your office.

The service that a virtual medical receptionist provide is constantly reliable. You can be sure that it will always respond to the patient’s call in a friendly manner. The fact that it is able to hold a natural dialogue in English, French, Chinese, and Spanish is a bonus. The same thing can’t be said about human receptionist. When they are tired or when it’s almost home time, they may start answering the phones in an unprofessional and unfriendly manner.

Aside from being an excellent backup when things get too busy in the office, using the system also allows you to run your office 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You have a dependable system that can respond to your patients’ needs — whether they want to make appointments or change them — all day and night. Additionally, there’s no maintenance fee involved when getting the system and you can let it run without any supervision. Instead of hiring more staff, getting a virtual medical receptionist is a definitely a more cost-effective solution.

How to Turn Medical Office Chaos Into Order

November 14th, 2010

There is more to running a smooth medical practice than just providing a quality medical service. In many instances, trying to keep up with the regulation of the state is enough to keep your office manager and staff occupied — not to mention other typical medical office problems such as patient complaints, staff conflicts and many more. If you feel things have gotten too out of hands, it is best to seek assistance to get these challenges more manageable and under control. Using a virtual medical receptionist will help you turn your medical office chaos back into order.

Virtual Medical Receptionist

If you want to improve the workflow of your medical office, using a virtual receptionist is one of the best ways to achieve that goal. Don’t confine your staff into doing time-consuming clerical works, when they could be out and about providing better care and service for your patients. When you have a virtual receptionist in place, all incoming phone calls will be promptly answered by the system. Because the virtual medical receptionist can receive multiple calls at the same time, your patients will no longer complain about the phone lines being busy or staff not picking up the phone.

It’s also worth mentioning that the system is multi-lingual. It can communicate with your patients in English, French, Spanish and Chinese. The virtual receptionist can help you run your office 24/7 — thus allowing your patients to make or change their appointments even when the sun has long been replaced by the moon.

Worried about maintenance and the possible high investment you’ll have to make? Not to worry, you don’t have to invest in additional hardware to use a virtual receptionist. What’s even better, the system is 100 percent maintenance-free.


Given the many benefits that a virtual receptionist can provide to your medical office, it will be a missed opportunity for you not to get one. You can improve the workflow at your medical practice, let your staff focus doing their core tasks and enhance the satisfaction level of your patients. When your staff is happy and your patients are satisfied, your medical practice will reap the rewards.

Why the Complete Satisfaction of Your Patients Matters

October 30th, 2010

Newsflash, there’s more to a medical practice than just providing quality and accurate medical help and advice to your patients. While their health is the main concern, your patients would definitely appreciate an improved service in all fronts. These are some main sour points that patients usually have to deal with and what your medical office can do to avoid being in such a situation.

Calling your office is a nightmare

This is a classic problem that many medical offices face. Some offices don’t pay too much attention to the staff placement in the front desk, this despite the fact that it will be the first point of contact with patients and potential patients. You may have a similar bad experience before when you call one company only to be greeted with an unfriendly receptionist in a hostile manner. Sometimes, it’s enough to put you off from doing business with the company. You should put your shoes in your patient’s place and always remember that first impression does matter in the service industry. Now, human receptionist is prone to mood swings and personal problems. Though they may be friendly and bubbly in the morning, once things get too crowded and busy, there’s a good chance that the receptionist will start answering the phone calls in a less than polite manner.

Then we have the problem of patients not able to reach your medical office because it’s either too busy or nobody picks up the phone. When you fail to pick up one phone call from potential patient, you are already losing revenue. There are many reasons why these things happen, but mostly it’s due to your staff being too overwhelmed with the influx of patients.

The effective solution

In order to avoid such catastrophe, your medical practice should be equipped with a virtual medical receptionist. It’s one of the best and most cost-effective solutions to all the problems mentioned above. By having a virtual receptionist in place, you have a reliable and dependable system that can consistently answer the phone in a friendly and warm voice. Even better, the virtual medical receptionist can communicate in many different languages, which include English, Chinese, French and Spanish.

A virtual medical receptionist can also take multiple calls at the same time. This means patients calling your office will never experience a busy tone anymore. When things get very hectic in your medical office, the virtual medical receptionist can take over and become the oil that smoothen the operational wheel.


You may not think that it’s important to provide an added value to your medical service, but the little things mentioned above can make your patients even more satisfied. When they are happy and completely satisfied, it will no doubt has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Easy Clinic Management by Office Automation!

July 24th, 2010

If you think that managing the health care center is quite a difficult task, you are absolutely right there! Managing the medical center requires multiple skills that include arranging the patients’ schedules without any time overlapping, calling them and informing them about their visits (also regimen, dietary suggestions etc) and top of all, answering the patients’ calls without getting frustrated.

As the luck would have it, there are many software tools that help in managing the medical center effectively. Nevertheless, choosing the best one is the key to success. Typical online patient appointment scheduling system would have several features that you require in a day-to-day health center management. The system not only helps in management and generating revenues but surprisingly some of the features save the clinic from financial loss. Let us learn how this tool is helpful in automating medical office…

Online Doctor Appointment Scheduler

ODAS works as medical virtual receptionist wherein it fixes the appointments as sought by the patients. Simply put, the patients can directly log into the system and book their appointments. A two-way Google Sync feature would directly send the data to web that is accessible using iPhone like hand-held devices. You, being the health care provider, can manage and reschedule the patients’ appointments according to you plan.

Patient Reminder

Reminding patients could be a challenging task, especially when the number of patients is significant. The human medical desk receptionist may forget to have a follow up and inform the patients about their due visits, body tests or any important information to be conveyed. ODAS can also work as patient reminder system that can do things for sure!

Medical Answering System

During some events, where great flow of patients is expected (such as free medical camp), answering the phone calls throughout the day becomes difficult task for human medical receptionist. Online patient appointment system can do this job in quite a better way. It can answer any number of calls (no matter one or more patients calling at a time) without getting tired!

You can take clinic management as duck takes to water since medical answering cum online patient appointment system comes with multiple features such as multiple languages (setting different languages to communicate foreign patients) and prepaid appointment (that saves revenue loss because of no-show cause patients) etc.

Medical Virtual Receptionist Makes Happy Medical Office!

July 18th, 2010

Do you really get out of character when some patient complaints about not getting proper reply from the front office when they called to book their appointment? Do you really care patients and think that they, just beyond prescribing drugs, require personal care and attention? If your answer to all these troublesome questions is a BIG YES, I suggest you to go for Virtual Medical Receptionist that can make you, your patients and your staff happy. It will leave you  to enjoy your medical practice treating patients other than always banging your head against wall to manage the medical office with incapable human staff.

Medical Virtual Receptionist, as the name suggests, takes off all the worries you got for managing the medical office, clinic or health care center. The best part of this uniquely designed virtual medical front office tool is its capability to book patients’ appointments online! It is a web based online patient appointment system that allows patients to book their appointments online, without contacting human medical staff at front desk! Overcoming the issues of time-overlaps, patients’ appointments are scheduled perfectly. A prepaid option in same system reduces the chances of losing the revenue due to no-show cause patients as it asks for consultation fees in advance before patients see health care provider.

Online doctor appointment scheduling system can also synchronize the entire data with Google Calendar. It can then be accessed using any handheld devices such as Smartphone, iPhone and Blackberry. Simply put, no matter where you are, you can always access the data of patients’ schedules at clinic and can reschedule according to your plan for the day or week.

Other benefits that come with medical virtual receptionist is it can answer patients’ calls with sweet voice. No matter how many patients call at a time, all get lovely answers as fed by you as health care expertise. Events such as medical camp require such kind of facility where human medical staff is found incapable attending more than one call at a time, throughout the day.

Also, online doctor appointment scheduler can be used as patient reminder service wherein it can call patients automatically and remind them about their forthcoming or due visits to health care center. Furthermore, it can be used to remind patients about their body tests, dietary regimen and other important advice by concerned doctors.

All-in-all, online patient appointment scheduling system is best medical management tool that you can have to make medical office automated.

Save Time and Money, Use Online Medical Management System

July 8th, 2010

When your health care center is as busy as GrandStation, there are a few, if not many, chances that the medical front office executive staff fails in managing the patients’ flow. Simplest example for this mismanagement is time overlapping when the appointments are allotted to the patients. Also, the patients may complain about getting busy telephonic tone for quite a long duration. On the other hand, the staff is incapable handling many calls at a time and hence, cannot satisfy all customers calling at health care center.

The solution for these hurries and worries is Automated Medical Management System which is popular as Online Patient Appointment Scheduler. Using Online Patient Appointment Scheduling system, you can not only manage the appointments as asked by patients but can also use the system in many ways.

Let us learn how Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System helps in overall medical office management…

Online Doctor (Patient) Appointment Scheduling System allows the patients to directly log on to the system and book their appointments without calling the human medical front desk executive. Advanced feature called Google Sync transfers the entire data (schedules) to the Google Calendar, which is accessible using hand-held devices such as Blackberry, HTC phone, Smartphone and iPhone. Furthermore, a 2-way sync allows the user to manipulate (reschedule or cancel) the appointment without contacting health care center. This is a kind of having clinic management in hand wherever you go!!!

Specially designed appointment system can also work as medical answering system. It can answer patients’ calls the way doctor wants. Also, the doctor can feed the answers according to her/his expertise. No matter many patients calling at same time, no one of them would get busy tone!

Medical answering system can also work as patient reminder wherein the system automatically calls the patients and notify them about their due visits. The doctor can build a rapport as patient would feel being personally cared. They can be informed about their dietary chart and any regimen too.

A prepaid option in appointment schedule can reduce the chances of losing the money in case of no-show patients as it asks for the consultation fees before patient arrive to the center to see doctor.

All-in-all, a web-based appointment scheduling system is worth to turn medical office automated for taking it to a skyrocketing growth.

My Observation on Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

June 27th, 2010

Last week, I visited one of my friends who is a general practitioner. I was surprised seeing him as happiest person and could not believe that he was the one who always shouted at his medical front office staff for every second reason! The only thing he did was turning his medical office automated using online patient appointment scheduler. I wondered about its feature and system’s capability to tackle multiple tasks in day-to-day medical management.

As my friend explained, online patient appointment scheduler –also known as online doctor appointment scheduling system is the best tool to schedule patients’ appointments without involving human medical front office executive. In other words, web based online appointment system serves as virtual receptionist that serves all sort of duties without any hassles.

The features I liked about the system is its capability to send the entire data/content to Google Calendar using Google Synchronization mode. The data can be accessed using handheld devices such as Blackberry, iPhone and Smartphone –no matter where we are! A two-way synchronization is advanced feature that allows us to modify or reschedule the appointments without giving instructions to the medical front office executives at our clinics.

A doctor can use online doctor appointment scheduler as medical answering system wherein it answers patients’ calls without getting them boring busy tone. Also, it can answer more than one patient at a time! What else we require during big events such as free medical camp where the center is flooded with patients calls?

As I read about online doctor appointment scheduler cum medical answering system, I came to know that we can also use the system as patient reminder! The system can automatically call patients and remind them about their forthcoming visits to the health care center for body tests, follow ups etc. Furthermore, the system can be set as per doctor’s expertise. A multilingual option is very useful tackling foreigners as patients as the system can work in different languages such as French, Chinese and Spanish.

Certainly, I would like to use this wonderful system that serves as virtual medical receptionists. Why to opt for more staff when you have an all-in-one medical office helper?

Medical Answering System –A multitasking medical management tool

June 22nd, 2010

Gadgets and software have changed our lives from complicated to simple! The task that involved a lot of calculations took too much time before to get done but with revolutionary computer machines, now we can perform it in seconds or minutes. For medical practice, medical answering system is the best example of cutting edge technology that helps not only in tackling patients but can also serve as medical virtual receptionist.

Medical virtual receptionist is far better than human medical front office executives as the former does not get tired or does not take decision driven by emotions! Also, it can get you 24/7 service without any hassles. The system with medical answering service comes with multilingual options wherein the health care provider can set languages (French, English (default), and Chinese etc) for better communication with foreigners as patients. Also, the system can be tuned and used as per doctor’s expertise.

When it comes to multitasking at medical office, specially designed medical answering system wins the race! It can be used as patient reminder tool wherein it can automatically call patients and inform them about their due visits to the center for various reasons such as body tests, follow-ups etc. Also, the patients can be reminded about their dietary plan and any regimen as suggested by doctors.

The best part of medical answering cum patient reminder system is its capability to serve as medical virtual front desk manager. It can book patients appointments without any human front desk staff’s interference. Called as online patient appointment scheduler, the system allows patients to book their appointments online (using web) from anywhere, anytime! Advanced online doctor appointment scheduling system can synchronize with Google Calendar that sends the entire schedule of patients to Google account automatically. You, as a user, can access the schedule from handheld devices such as Smartphone, iPhone or Blackberry. Furthermore, a two-way Google Calendar Synchronization allows you to reschedule the appointments without communicating with receptionist or staff at health care center. This feature of medical answering system is very useful for the medical practitioners who frequently travel out of their town.

All the benefits apart, medical answering cum online patient appointment scheduler can reduce the chances of loss of revenue to the center because of no-show cause patients (the ones who booked their appointments but never turned or turned late wasting needy patients’ time). An option called Prepaid patient scheduler asks for the consultation fees in advance and hence, patients are very likely to arrive on time.

Using patient reminder cum medical answering service is like hiring perfect manager for medical management.

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