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Online scheduler allows psychiatrists to focus on patient care

November 26th, 2008

It is well documented with research that psychiatrists are among the more stressed and emotionally burdened professional groups. They work with clients that range in mental and emotional needs and sometimes find it difficult to not get caught up on the burden they bear in managing patients with such challenges.

Often though, it is the overwhelming process of managing the business side of the clinic that makes patient care stressful for providers. Many practices operate with one or a few receptionists. This means that the receptionist is responsible for appointment scheduling, answering calls, greeting patients and walk-ins, keeping files, and completing paperwork, along with any other office tasks. Turnover is high in medical receptionist positions because of the stress of multitasking. Similarly, providers must cope with constant hiring, training and managing of employees.

The online scheduler has been a great relief for both receptionists and psychiatrists, not to mention patients.

An online scheduler is an scheduling program that enables patients self-service appointments. This frees up the receptionist from having to manage this entire process and allows him or her to focus on more personal care or paperwork requirements.

Additionally, many patients prefer the ability to use web-based scheduling program if it means avoiding busy signals, being left on hold, or dealing with stressed-out receptionists who are sometimes helpful and sometimes not.

Automated appointment scheduling is extremely efficient and the best 24/7 appointment scheduling solution can be customized to fit the schedule and appointment parameters of each given psychiatry clinic. Online appointment scheduling also fits well with improved internet technology. Many patients may have Blackberry devices or other handheld devices that enable them to quickly and easily schedule an appointment, even on the go.

Efficiency is not the only advantage with an online scheduler. Patient relationships are important to the long-term business success of a psychiatry practice. With an appointment reminder software program, the patient’s data and email can be easily collected at the point of scheduling. This enables the provider to track patients and maintain a backup database with all patient details. Thus, patients that have not been in for a while can be contacted. Additionally, automated email reminders or phone reminders can be used to remind patients of pending appointments to reduce no-shows.

Web-based scheduling program is only going to grow in interest from consumers. Any psychiatrist can benefit from the value created by an online scheduler. Doctors today can chose scheduling program with great features such as new patient registration, automated telephone reminder and email reminder.

Modern scheduling program is not only excellent with regard to scheduling and maintenance of patients. It is also very affordable. A 24/7 appointment scheduling solution can be purchased with a moderate up front cost and requires little to no ongoing maintenance. Additionally, a good online scheduler comes with a database backup and advanced privacy features to protect the personal data share by your patients. Patients benefit from the efficiency attained in appointment scheduling. Receptionists are able to focus on important tasks. The psychiatrist is less overwhelmed with managing the practice and can focus more on patient care. Everyone wins with the online scheduler.