Take Advantage of Automated Appointment Scheduling Software

November 2nd, 2008

These days, any kind of medical service knows how difficult it is to keep up with the demands of a fast-paced society. Unfortunately, even the best medical office assistant can’t always keep up with answering the phone to reschedule or cancel appointments. On top of that, your part time or a full time medical office front desk receptionist has her hands full every day. There are still patients to take care of, daily filing, billing and patient care, as well as ordering equipment and supplies… the list goes on and on.

These days, some of the best automated online appointment scheduling software and online medical scheduling technologies reduce:

· Cancellations

· No shows

· Annoyed patients

Spend your time doing what you were trained to do – taking care of patients. A HIPAA compliant online doctor appointment schedule offers a wealth of services, including but not limited to:

· 24/7 support

· Self service patient appointment booking and scheduling

· Automated email appointment reminders

· SSL secured website access

· Database backup and support

When looking for just the right type of automated reminder software or virtual medical office receptionist, look for various features that may be customized to your particular medical office practice needs. For example, does the software allow:

· Automated telephone appointment reminders in a patient’s preferred language?

· A detailed reminder call log?

· Virtual 24/7 appointment and after-hours manager capabilities for solo or multi-practice offices?

Many types of automated reminder software are great for a solo practitioner, but don’t adapt well to multi-doctor or dentist scenarios. Make sure that the 24/7 medical answering services that you choose will adapt to your patient load, demands and situations.

Also check to make sure that any virtual answering service you choose also offers:

· Free trials

· Patient self-appointment by telephone

· Modification capabilities for emergency or call back numbers

· Caller controlled call forwarding to emergency numbers

Also ask automated software representatives if you can add on or delete the services you don’t need or want. Most features in virtual medical office receptionist software offer free customization.

Automated backup receptionist software will not only help your front-office staff operate more efficiently, it will also help save you money in overhead and overtime. So get more for your money. Increase patient satisfaction by limiting office over-scheduling. Studies have shown that patients who are allowed to schedule their own appointments tend to keep them. In addition, your staff will be happier.

Take some of the load from your dental or medical office receptionist and allow her to do what she was trained to do – take care of patients. No more patients left waiting on hold while your receptionist takes care of someone in the office. No more unhappy patients tired of waiting for a now-show or cancellation to mess up the office schedule.

Whether you need an appointment reminder, an after-hours answering service or a 24/7 backup receptionist, automated appointment scheduling software has got you covered.

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