The Advantages of a Virtual Medical Receptionist for Doctors and Patients

November 20th, 2009

While it is necessary to have a human receptionist, using this option alone has a number of limitations that will affect your medical practice. A good virtual medical receptionist will benefit both you as a medical professional and your patients as well. What you will spend on such a medical office assistant is minimal when you compare it to the benefits you will gain. Here are some of the practical ways in which both you and your patients will benefit from this setup.

Advantages to the patients

A virtual medical receptionist will give the patients an easy time in a number of ways.

• In case the lines are busy, no patient will be put on hold. Some medical conditions are emergency cases that need immediate attention. Instead of being placed on hold or being redirected to a voicemail system, the backup medical receptionist will direct the emergency call to the relevant destinations immediately.
• A modern speech-recognition based virtual receptionist has the ability to set appointment using natural language dialog with caller. Isn’t this a HUGE convenience to your patients and business advantage to you?
• The 24/7 backup medical receptionist will allow the patients to get in touch with your office at virtually all times, even when your staff has left for the day.

Advantages to you as a medical practitioner

On your part, you will also receive a number of advantages when you set up a good medical office assistant. The following are a few examples.

• A medical office assistant will free you from taking some of the duties that you can automate. As a result, you will have more time to focus on your patients. You will thus be able to deliver better services that will improve customer confidence.
• Your medical staff will also have more time to concentrate on other matters such keeping of accounts.
• The cost of using a virtual medical receptionist is relatively low, which means that you will be able to make significant savings.
• You will also save in the sense that you will not have to incur maintenance expenses.

A good virtual medical receptionist will give you a free trial period so that you can verify its effectiveness for yourself. Do not take these benefits for granted.

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