The Advantages of Using An Online Patient Appointment Scheduling System

August 16th, 2010

Though you feel that you are already running your medical office efficiently, you do know that there’s always room for improvement? One way to make it run even more efficiently and effectively is to make your medical office automated. Not to say that you will be hiring robots or the likes, but simply get a system that can replace some of the manual processes usually involved in running the office. You shouldn’t shy away from technology, especially one that can increase your bottom line. One of the best systems that you can use to achieve that goal is the online patient appointment scheduling system.

The online patient appointment scheduling system has been recommended by doctors and medical offices around the country due to its reliability and dependability. When you have the system in place, it can schedule your patients’ appointments accurately. Meaning, there won’t be one slot occupied by two patients. The best thing about the system is that it can run unsupervised and with no human interference at all. Thus, reducing the risk of human errors. Patients can easily log in to the system and book the time slot they feel convenient the most. Easy, simple and efficient — both to your medical office and your patients.

Wait, there’s more! Using the advanced feature, the system will automatically synchronize the data with your online calendar, such as Google Calendar. Both doctors and patients will be able to view the data using smartphones, such as the iPhone and Blackberry. If somehow the doctor need to make some changes to the appointment, he can do so just by logging into the website. The changes made will also be informed directly to the patient.

If your medical office has been plagued by a large amount of patient no-shows,  you’d be glad to know that the system also has a feature that will remind the patients about their appointments. No more burdening your medical staff to do mundane works of manually calling the patients one by one to remind them of their appointments, the patient reminder system will do it automatically. Best of all, your patients can select how they would like to be reminded — either through text and e-mail messages or phone calls.

All in all, getting the online patient appointment scheduling system will not only make your medical office run more effectively, but it will also improve your bottom line — as you can reduce patient no-shows significantly.

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