The Business Value for Setting up a Comprehensive Automated Reminder Service

February 11th, 2010

If you have a medical clinic, it automatically follows that patients will be making appointments. While this is good, it is not enough by itself. Why? Simply put, no one is immune to forgetfulness. Some of your patients are going to forget about their scheduled appointments and that no-show is going to be hurting your business income. which is why you need to set up a patient appointment reminder service.

There are different types of reminder programs that you can use. If you would like to have the best deal, the appointment reminder service you go for should include a variety of options. Let us take a look at three of the most common appointment reminders in the market.

Telephone Reminder Service

You have just about 100% of your patient use telephones, which means that you will have the potential of reaching most people with this type of reminder program. You will be able to get in touch with both young and old people, who do not rely on other modern methods of communication.

The problem with phone reminder is that the patients need to be physically present at the time of call in order to receive the reminder. Although some people have telephone answering systems to save a message, this is not true for everyone.

Email Appointment Reminders

With the advancement of Information Technology, the use of email has become very common. Very many people use emails every day all over the world. The patients can check their mail boxes at any time and receive their appointment reminders, making it very reliable as reminder service.

One major problem with emails is the prevalence of spam, which has made many email programs to have different anti-spam features. Unfortunately, there are times when even genuine emails are labeled as spam, which means that they will not be delivered to the inboxes. Another disadvantage is the fact that you will leave out those patients who have not climbed the steep technological ladder, particularly the elderly.

Text Message Reminder Service

One of the most reliable patient reminder programs is the use of instant text messages, which enables the patients to schedule their reminders to just a couple of hours prior to their appointments. The mobility of cell phones also makes it possible to reach the patients whenever they may be.

However as common as the system is, you should not assume that every patient has a cell phone, or every cell phone can accept instant text messages. In addition, the patients will be charged for the messages they use.

Point is, if the patient reminder program that you use depends on just one method at the expense of the others, you will be suffer a small percentage of reminder failure one way or the other. To ensure your business will not loss income, you should therefore choose a comprehensive automated reminder service that includes all the various methods.

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