The efficient after-hours answering service

November 12th, 2008

Many medical providers operate in industries and areas that require them to offer a 24/7 medical answering service. This can be quite challenging for some doctors, optometrists, chiropractors, dentists, and other healthcare providers. There are many issues that make providing an efficient after-hours answering service difficult. Hiring additional receptionist staff to provide a live answering service after-hours sounds great, but can be a practical nightmare.

Employees are costly. Additionally, some full time and part time employees require benefits. Employees are also real people with real emotions. Even good employees grow tired, have stress, and can be overwhelmed.

All of these live answering service challenges can potentially be overcome with a best in class virtual after-hours answering service. A virtual answering service use advanced technology to answer phone calls from live patients. It can effectively handle and manage appointment calls, emergency calls, and other common needs phone calls. A virtual answering service can multi-task and answer several calls at once. This means that patients will not be turned off by delays in setting up appointments in the evening. More importantly, it means that patients in an emergency do not have to wait for busy or slow live agents to connect them with a busy provider. The virtual answering service can directly connect an emergency caller to the appropriate provider.

There is more good news about the 24/7 medical answering service. Since it is an intelligent technology, the virtual medical answering service does not struggle with human emotions, stress or fatigue. It can work tirelessly, accurately, and efficiently, day or night. Though there will be a modest up front expense or a modest ongoing service fee, a virtual answering service requires very little to no ongoing maintenance. The ongoing expense and time involved in using and managing the virtual answering service is much less than it would be with a live agent.

Customer service has taken on a new meaning in today’s fast-paced and internet-driven environment. People still do appreciate a quality, personalized service experience. Sometimes, only a human can respond to the unique needs of a given customer. However, busy people also would prefer the efficiency and accuracy offered by a virtual answering service if it means they could avoid time consuming phone calls, being left on hold, being treated abruptly by a stressed employee, or the like. The virtual after-hours answering service can meet these demands of the busy person and is an essential part of operating a well-rounded customer service medical practice with costs and resource requirements that are doable from a business standpoint. The virtual answering service is also a great friend to the live agent who can focus time and attention on more demanding patient needs and completing laborious insurance paperwork and filings.

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