The Ideal 24/7 Receptionist – No, You’re Not Dreaming

February 14th, 2011

You may already have the medical front desk staff of your dreams – And that would be? For the most….Mistake free 100% of the time: Incapable of ever needing an off day due to illness etc and more etc: Available 24/7 without the need for refreshment or respite: In addition to low cost and low maintenance – But the chances are you do not: That is, not unless you have an automated appointment scheduling system. Automated schedulers can fulfill all these dream requirements, giving you the 24/7 receptionist your medical practice needs – If it is going to offer the best levels of customer service and patient care.

Filling The Gap

Medical Practice staff turnover is above average – Patients waiting, the phone ringing, appointment scheduling to be done, reminders to be sent and bills to be invoiced. It is a tough environment, particularly in a busy office. Taking on more staff to help fill the gap during busy periods can be expensive: Beyond budget therefore not an option. Automated appointment scheduling systems can fill that gap. They can deal with patient appointment scheduling and reminder calls efficiently, professionally and extremely cost effectively. And by freeing your front desk staff from these essential although time consuming chores they have time to deal with more demanding tasks and issues.

Everything You Need

While there are some tasks that are best left to human beings the simple fact is that some things are better dealt with by machines. Automated systems can deal with several incoming calls at once: Nobody is left hanging on the end of a line – Patients can make an appointment, reschedule as well as cancel an up and coming doctor appointment using the automated system. They also allow them to do this 24/7. Patient appointment reminders can reduce no-shows but sending out cards and making calls is time consuming for staff. Automated patient appointment systems can make automated patient appointment reminders in a fraction of the time as well as in several languages. Web based appointment systems can also send emails as well as SMS text messages to patients at a scheduled time. Automated patient scheduling systems are the cost effective solution for today’s modern medical practice.

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