The online scheduler that medical providers value

November 12th, 2008

The movement of consumer activity to the Web as a trend that has been on the upswing and is expected to continue. Some analysts predict online sales will continue to grow at a 20-25% clip over the next few years. Currently, internet sales account for six percent of all business transactions, up from just 2-3 percent in 2006.

In a true sign of the times, it is no longer just online companies that are leveraging the increase in internet-based consumerism. Medical providers are finding the web can be a great connection point to gain new patients and to efficiently manage relationships with existing clients. The web-based patient scheduling software is growing in use as an efficient and self-service opportunity for busy consumers.

Modern patient scheduling software has grown by leaps and bounds in capabilities. Web-based patient scheduling software is intended to offer a quick and easy way for people to schedule appointments and avoid dealing with busy signals, being left on hold, or hassling with overwhelmed live agents. Additionally, online patient scheduling software offers tremendous upside in customer relationship management. Top of the line appointment scheduling software also comes with an automated telephone reminder solution. This enables the virtual online scheduler to not only maintain a provider’s schedule, but also removes the burden of completing reminder phone calls from live agents, freeing them up to deal with personalized care and insurance paperwork.

Based on its director interface with patients, automated appointment scheduling software also allows the provider to collect data about patients. It also enables automated setup email contact information for automated email reminders as well. This potentially multiple-reminder process lessens the potential of costly no-shows that drive medical providers crazy. Missed appointment times are big revenue drains on medical practices and any ability to lower the amount of no-shows has excellent effects of revenue and profit.

Top self-service patient appointment scheduling solutions should have other benefits as well. In today’s high-tech internet environment, security and privacy with data is a must. Daily database backup protects collected data and details about patients. Most important, though, is the interaction that builds between the web-based doctor appointment scheduling user and provider. A good online scheduler should come complete with 24/7 online support to make sure the provider is always experiencing the benefits of the software solution and that customers never lose out.

Customer service comes in several shapes and sizes now. Personalized attention is still in demand. Live agents must help consumers deal with immediate and complex needs. However, many consumers now demand efficient and accurate service when prompt personalization is not an option. The automated appointment scheduling option enables busy people to schedule appointments on their own time. Because of the moderate cost and little to no ongoing maintenance requirements, the online scheduler also gives great cost advantages to the practice. It may alleviate the need for some live agent staff, or it may enable the live agents to perform better at the more demanding parts of their jobs.

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