The virtual answer to your doctor answering service needs

November 5th, 2008

It is strange to imagine in a business world focused on customer relationships, database management, contact lists, and the like, but the best answer to the doctor answering service needs of many medical practices is actually a non-human entity. Whatever happened to personalized customer service? It still exists, of course. The live agent answering service is still a necessity for a medical practice. Consumers still prefer personalized serviced. But they also enjoy efficient service, no hassles, convenience, and a quick solution. This is where the virtual answering service is called to action. The virtual agent specializes in efficiency, quick responses, multi-tasking and more. If that is not enough to get the job as a backup receptionist, the virtual answering service is also much less expensive and easier to maintain than its live agent counterpart.

There is a significant cost advantage with the best in class doctor answering service. A live agent requires labor expenses in an ongoing fashion. Full time and some part time live receptionists also receive costly benefits. Additionally, humans have emotional and physical limitations and challenges that are not present with the virtual medical answering service. People get tired and can be irritable, short, and unhelpful when fatigued. A live agent also can become stressed and overwhelmed when faced with multiple patients, phone calls, interruptions and insurance paperwork. This is why employee turnover is often fairly high in the medical industry. On the contrary, a virtual medical answering service does not wear out. It performs consistently, tirelessly, and does not complain or get short with patients.

Unlike the live agent, the virtual doctor answering service is also able to help multiple callers effectively, at once. The top call answering service can help multiple callers with appointment scheduling, emergency transfers and other basic needs at once. Without the virtual medical answering service, callers will be left on hold, get a busy signal, or be ignored when the live agent is on the line with another patient.

Most consumers today agree that a quick response from a virtual agent is a preferred alternative when the personalized services of a live agent are unavailable. Customer service today is a balance between a personalized approach to the patient and a quick response backup to protect people’s time.

All of these factors contribute to the fact that many medical practices, including doctor’s offices, optometrists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, dentists, and more are turning to the virtual call answering service when a need arises for additional call support. The virtual answering service can also be the solution to the 24/7 medical answering services that many providers are required by law to provide to patients. A live agent is often not a practical solution to the after-hours answering service because of the cost to demand ratio. In some markets, there is simply not enough demand for after-hours service to pay the labor costs for a live agent. The virtual answering service is a great low cost solution to this important legal and service requirement.

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