This Medical Front Desk Receptionist Never Leaves the Office

November 21st, 2008

Every medical office strives to have the most competent and capable front desk receptionist personnel possible but humans being human we have failings that will sometimes effect our employment. We are not always operating at 100% efficiency. As an employer we must give a certain amount of latitude to our staff and excuse “off days” when they occur. When the problems are a result of the medical practice itself not offering proper support to existing staff then a problem exists that must be resolved.

Medical front desk receptionists are under the gun in a stressful environment daily and having proper back up is imperative for the smooth running of your operation and the mental health of your employee. Automated assistance may be just what the doctor ordered to relieve the stress for your medical receptionist. When your medical receptionist is busy talking to patients at the front desk, answering phone lines, scheduling appointments in person or over the phone, and generally looking after a potentially packed waiting room full of patients, help should be available to them.

Automated medical front desk receptionist systems are being used now more than ever with an aging population and multicultural patients requiring medical services more frequently, your medical front desk personnel will have an ally they can count on when the going gets tough. Answering phones, scheduling appointments, making appointment reminder calls and after hour back up assistance are all available in a professional and customizable software technology that is extremely simple to own and operate.

Imagine the benefits of knowing you will never miss an important call because your back up medical front desk receptionist is on duty supporting your human medical receptionist when things begin to get frantic. As a medical practitioner you are busy treating your patients and necessarily so, but you must take an objective look at the operation of your practice and make decisions that could affect the overall fitness of your business.

By testing and introducing medical office assistant software, you are making a sensible decision that will bode well for your office efficiency and the general well-being of your other employees. They will be reenergized by the fact you recognize their plight on a daily basis and appreciate the fact you took the lead in choosing to move forward with a solution to the challenges they face.

Could you count on your current medical front desk receptionist to come to you with a complaint about being overworked and stressed out? Not many employees would have the nerve to make such a suggestion and would rather fall on their sword than suggest a solution that will cost you money. As a business owner AND a medical professional you have an obligation to your staff to observe their performance and commit to solutions to enhance office profitability and proficiency.

Being a capable medical front desk receptionist requires a skill set that not everyone has. It may appear to be a simple job but it is challenging, and one that requires oversight and back up that can be counted on.

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