Top 3 Patient Complaints Regarding Doctor’s Offices

October 28th, 2013

As the healthcare industry changes, doctors and medical practitioners have to stay on top of their game in regards to patient service and best practices. Not only do they have to stay abreast of all medical discoveries and process changes, but they have to constantly look at the way their practice treats its patients to make sure they are providing the best service. With more and more health practices popping up, potential patients have plenty of choices. Here are the top complaints people have about their doctor’s office.

My Doctor Thinks His Time is More Valuable Than Mine

This is the top complaint across the board. Whether patients are talking about their primary care physician or their dentist, nothing frustrates people more than showing up 15-30 minutes prior to their appointment only to wait an hour or more to be seen. Many large practices allot only 15 minutes for appointment, which should open the market up for smaller practices, but the ins and outs of running a practice limit a doctor’s time as well. That’s why a service like Angela can help you serve your patients. You and your staff spend less time on administrative duties so you can spend more time with your patients.

Poor Communication

Patients complain about doctors who take a long time to call with test results, or practices who don’t have staff available after hours to schedule appointments. While Angela doesn’t deliver test results, she takes care of the scheduling so that the doctor can spend more time following up with patients.

Rude or Disconnected Staff

Unfortunately, human error can impact even the service your patients receive when they call your practice.  Studies show that medical employees who have to spend time with scheduling, cancellations and no shows have less tolerance for patients who call with questions or patients who are physically in the office. Angela takes the scheduling, cancellation and no show pressure off your practice staff so that workers have more time, and hopefully more patience to deliver the service people really want.

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