Upgrade your Medical Office with Online Patient Scheduling Medical Software

December 8th, 2009

Technology has left its impact in each and every area of our day to day lives. It is also becoming a vital part of medical offices these days. Today there are software available that can manage a medical office end to end by automation. It doesn’t matter whether you are a dentist or psychologist these software have the ability to adapt themselves to serve your practice needs.

Have you ever thought how much time the receptionist spends in managing appointments, replying to patient queries and coordinate with you to maintain a glitch-less operation in your office? You can save a lot of human time by using virtual receptionist in doing the day to day routine jobs and manage your workforce more efficiently. It will be certainly a great idea to upgrade your old office into a new one equipped with the most up to date technology. You just have to be aware of a few nitty-gritties which will help you in deciding the right online appointment scheduler for your office.

  • If there are multiple doctors using the same office space then it should have features of multiple account creation. If the doctors using the same area have a different stream of medical practice then the scheduler should also let you customize itself according to different practice specialty.
  • The scheduler website should be supporting HTTPS protocol or in other words should be a secured website using SSL certificates. This lets the transfer of information in a secured manner over the internet.
  • With capabilities to let the user schedule their own appointments, it should also have reminder services for both the doctors and patients. There should be support for reminders in various forms such as emails, and phone calls.
  • Scheduling service is not HIPAA covered by law. As user you do not have to use HIPAA compliant scheduling service. However, many service providers take initiaitive to work with medical practice with regarding to HIPAA. Ask for their initiative that ensure full security and confidentiality of scheduling information.
  • If you have customers that are from all other countries. It’d be will be an added advantage to find a scheduler that support additional languages like Chinese, French or Spanish .
  • Your online scheduler should be easily compatible with your mobile device and let you manage all the appointments through them. For example some of the software updates all your schedule information on the Google calendar and you can access it from any place using a handheld device like iPhone, BlackBerry or Smart-phone.

When you decide that time to upgrade your office and make it more user-friendly by introducing automation, you should definitely spend some time in finding and selecting the best available option.

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