Use Instant Messaging to Check Your Patient Appointments

October 26th, 2009

If you use a good online medical scheduling program, you will have a variety of options to check your appointments. i.e. you can check it from any computer that has Intenet. If you are lucky and you scheduler can sync with Google Calendar, you can check it from iphone, smartphones. etc..

BUT, Do you know THE MOST convenient options you could have is to use your cell phone to sent a single-word-text command and get instant text message reply that give you the appointment info you requested?. You don’t even have to be connected to the Internet to do just that!

The ability to check your patient appointment via instant text messaging service is a HUGE convinience to many doctors, why?

No more login…

When you use an online scheduling program that is capable of this text messaging service, you don’t have to login to your scheduler in order to access your medical appointment records.

Intenet connection or a smartphone is not required

A cell phone is all you need. This means that you don’t necessarily have to be connected to the Internet in order to get the details you want. So long as you can send an instant text message, you will be able to get your medical records irrespective of where you are.

Easy and Fast…

If your online scheduler integrates the instant text messaging service, accessing the records you require is very simple. You just need to send a single-word text message to the designated number. Then you will receive an instant text message with the relevant details.

Always being up to date

No matter where you may be, the instant text messaging service will always keep you up to date with your medical appointment records. You will thus be able to adjust your plans accordingly so that you don’t keep any of your patients waiting. Remember that one disappointed patient translates to lost revenue. And the patient will undoubtedly tell others about his or her disappointment.

As you search for an online scheduler, you should ensure that you find one that integrates with the instant text messaging service. A great scheduler with cool instant text message feature is not just convinient, it help you better manage your medical practice, which translate to a better business bottom line.

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