Virtual Medical Receptionist Keeps Appointments for You

November 19th, 2008

If you’re a busy Doctor, patient no-shows can cost you time and money. Medical office receptionists can be inundated with making reminder calls throughout the day to make sure patients keep their appointments.

What if you could free up your office staff and still make sure patients show up for their appointments? Many automated telephone reminder call services are available via the internet so there’s no need for expensive hardware or software. An automated reminder program is likely maintenance free and available 27/7 to meet all your needs. Some services also offer reminder emails. An automated reminder call or email service will send out a message to your patients with the date and time of their next appointment eliminating the fuss and hassle for your staff. You can customize and record your messages, personalize them, deliver them in different languages and include other useful information. An automated email service can also send your patient’s appointment reminder directly to their inbox. An email message can also include other important reminders such as flu shot schedule times, upcoming clinics or seminars.

Your receptionist or office staff has more important things to do than spend the majority of the day making reminder calls. An automated reminder call service allows your staff to spend time on billing, insurance filing and other necessary office tasks. It’s like having an additional employee on your side. Another added benefit, your staff may not be so disgruntled making routine, mundane patient reminder calls. Your staff can focus on patient care or other high priority jobs.

A reminder program also offers reliability and convenience. Your staff will no longer be waiting on the phone or searching for patient contact information. An automated reminder service will do all the work for you. An automated call or email program is the most efficient, cost-effective way to get appointment reminders completed as the software can handle multiple calls at once. An automated call service or email eliminates the need for costly postage and postcards too! If you’re facing a staff shortage, an automated telephone service can provide you the answer while providing a long-term solution at an affordable price.

Automated reminder call services are competitively priced and you can often take advantage of free-trial offers. Some companies also help with automated appointment scheduling and some provide back-up answering services during high-call times in your medical office. You might also want to consider call-forwarding for patient emergencies or voicemail for after-hours so patients can leave a message. All these services will help maximize your services for your patients. You can think of your automated reminder call service as a “virtual receptionist” or online physician assistant. It can take away the headaches of the time-consuming task of calling patients to remind them of appointments and help make sure there are no holes in your busy schedule. The result can be increased revenue, efficiency and quality patient service.

As a busy doctor or dentist, an automated telephone reminder call service can ultimately save you time and money and keep you in the business of taking care of your patients.

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