Virtual Receptionist Combines Online Scheduler For chiropractors, massage and spa services

June 9th, 2009

Many people who have come across virtual receptionists and online schedulers mistakenly believe that they can only be used within the doctor’s private practice. After all, the designers and distributors of the all-in-one virtual receptionist and scheduling software mostly target doctors and dentists in private practice. However, such scheduling software is also widely used by healthcare facilities such as chiropractors, massage and spa services.

In fact the all-in-one virtual receptionist and scheduling software were designed with features that serve this healthcare service sector. An example is that in a chiropractor’s office, spa and massage service center, patients or clients who seek treatment in these areas usually require recurrent or multiple follow up treatments. Recurrent appointment feature in the virtual receptionist and online scheduler saves user’s time and is therefore very much appreciated.

Chiropractors, masseuses or spa managers can set their own schedule. The scheduling software allows you to customize your appointments. You will therefore be able to easily define the appointments to your specific service, location, time and son on.

If your business have been plagued by appointment no-shows by clients, the solution is available. The appointment reminder software can be set to remind you of scheduled appointments either online or on your phone. With the inclusion of the Google calendar sync in the online appointment scheduler you are in no danger of forgetting or double booking your appointments. Google sync allows access to Google calendar. You will be able to synchronize your private and professional appointments and set online and mobile phone reminders for them.

Your virtual receptionist can also be your marketing tool. Patients and clients appreciate being called back for follow up appointments or being reminded about appointments for further treatment. The patient appointment reminder will automatically call back your patients and clients and alert them about upcoming appointments or the need to arrange for follow up appointments. Clients who may have forgotten to book appointments or not have made up their minds to book follow up appointments may do so as a result of the reminder.

The virtual receptionist will also be a relief to not only your staff but also your patients. The online appointment scheduler allows for self-service patient appointment scheduling. Your patients will not have to come all the way to your office just to book an appointment. With the self-service patient appointment scheduling service, your patients and clients can book appointments in the comfort of their own living rooms at any time of the day or night. The process is simple and involves no paperwork. Your clients and staff will enjoy a decongested reception and your staff will be able to assist the clients in the reception better. A reduction in paperwork will mean better organization in the practice and more time to deal with emergencies and other matters that may require attention from your staff.

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